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2022 Election Variants are on the WAY. Civil unrest will be persistent on many fronts.

As World Economies are crashing, inflation moves toward Hyperinflation America, prepares for food insecurity, loss of jobs and increased homelessness. As the impact of States legislating Abortion rights, prepare for continued unrest from Leftist. As crimes of selected President Biden become clear, prepare for DOJ attacks on Christian conservatives. As the Invasion of our Southern Border expands, prepare for additional crimes against all Americans. As Children return to school and the midterm elections get closer, prepare for advancing cases of COVID and Mandates. Election variants offer once again actions to subvert our voting process.

Americans will continue to see increases in violent crimes within urban Progressive Democrat controlled cities. America’s poor suffer the burden taxation of inflation. America’s failing Welfare system, the ponzi scheme fixed income social security system makes life difficult. Social systems of the Great Society Legislation are massive failures of Progressives Deep State elite. Americans must live with the knowledge that all Government created systems fail. We must also deal with the harsh reality that Government never admits failures. Great change is coming to America. Failing Federal Government, systems and programs are pushing America to economic collapse.

Loss of income and the ability to sustain life are no joke. Human suffering creates both physical and mental chaos. Designers of the failing economic collapse are attempting to drive our Nation to violence citizen against citizen. This violence is by design to create cries for government control. Control is the end game of the Central Bankers and Corporations. Fifty-Five years of progressive Deep State debt currency control have fueled corruption, collapse and control of every aspect of human existence.

Americans must confront the reality America today is not the Nation of our Founding. America today is a system of corrupt political elite seeking only power over the People. Civil Unrest and Violence, Power and Control, Track and Trace all driving America to capture. Military failures to secure the Constitutional Republic begs to question why are we funding a War machine controlled by foreign interest? Billions of debt dollars flowing across the World for war as Americans go hungry. Has the Military Complex abandoned their oath to defend and protect America first? A morally bankrupt elite class of ideologues seeking absolute power to rule the World has captured America. America holds massive natural resources one of our greatest resource is the American Farmer.

I speak not of Corporate Farmer but the family farmer. No American should suffer a single day of food insecurity. Government funding of the family farm was a miserable failure. Federal Government program farm loans trapped and destroyed the free market system. Government controls on farmers limited production and removed free market success or failure that occurs in farm production. Massive abundance of Rice price drops and farm income decreases. The farmer will decide that planting beans, corn, sugar cane, aqua culture or any crop will created the needed income. Corporate Farms prosper because they got cheap experienced labor (the family farmer). Government destroyed our Family Farms by continuous debt loans. No more 20 acres and a mule. Farmers must gain access to thousands of acres to provide a secure family income.

All natural resource dependent small businessmen fall prey to Government controls. Just ask the independent drillers and producers. The miners, ship builders, fishermen and food processors the impact government has on the free market. Debt currency will never create wealth. Debt Currency always leads to slavery.

America has a legal system foreign to our Constitution. Justice operates as an enemy to the People while protecting from Justice the tyrant ruling class and wealthy elites. Americans workers accept worthless debt paper that sells our children into slavery of the most evil kind.

Foreign control of the wealth of a nation is not by the consent of the governed. Debt slavery is abhorrent to God our creator and our Founding documents.

Americas ruling class has openly funded genocide across the World. Today and everyday our ruling class is funding depopulation of Earth. Agencies prosper on the weekly death and physical harm to the American People. Free Speech and knowledge of the death rates are Censored and deleted. Men and Women of science attempting to reveal Truth have been murdered to hide the ongoing genocide. Censorship of Truth is acceptable policy of our Congress.

Imposing taxation on Americans without consent is tyrannical. Governments of men that oppress the free will of God fail. Governments that rob the labor of man destroy the Will to work. Only when a man of God prospers from his labor and happiness exist. Corporate labor wage controls are abhorrent to every worker. Look at the wage disparity of the Corporate hierarchy in America. Workers build and create products that the CEO and Board could not produce yet they prosper at a 278% higher income rate. Two great realities Government and Corporation CEO’s work together and the workers get the shift from both. Who created the First Corporation?

JUSTICE and ORDER will set the World Free. You are called to stay in the high frequency of God’s Love.

As I examine my understanding and seek the will of God for my life, my flaws become clear. Imagine a perfect existence where all humanity carries and shares the Love of God daily. Imagine a World where Peace exists for all humanity. Think of a World where Natural Law ruled the lives of all creation. When you study our History this was the World of our Founders. Our Founders desired a nation free from hate and wars. Americans wanted simply to pray as they chose and live a life free of tyranny. Our Creators Natural Law became the American vision. Natural Law from the Word long handed down.

God our Father understood from the temptation in the Garden as his created children we are flawed. Our weakness is that we often like all things of nature seek the greener grass on the other side of the fence. From the sharing of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, mankind must make the free choice. The consequence of choice opens the mind and soul to love, peace and happiness or confusion, chaos and suffering.

From the Word we gain a deep understanding that when evil rules nature’s law of simply doing no harm is broken. Evil seeks the lowest satisfactions of self- gratification of the ego. Feeding self desires and wants without concern of harm to others is not of the father. Elevation of self always seeks approval and makes excuses for taking the easy path of self-gratification. Misery truly loves company.

God laws of nature are clear for all things of God that are positive there are negatives of evil. Love is the consciousness of God. God’s creation expands when all things exist in Love for each other. We do no harm.

God so loved mankind that he gave his only begotten son that we might see the example of perfect Love. Love always expands in the sharing of truth one to another.

Fear is the greatest negative standing opposite of Love. Fear is closed to truth. Fear seeks the unconscious mind to do its bidding. Fear is the open sharing of lies and deception. Fear prohibits the seeking of truth. Fear celebrates the captured controlled mind and soul of mankind.

Knowledge is the receiving of truth and understanding. Education based in truth expands knowledge thus empowering Love and defeating fear. Evil across all of history seeks to destroy the sharing of Knowledge. Knowledge captured leads to the direct opposite ignorance. Ignorance is willfully refusing Truth (nescience). Today our World is captive to men and women of knowledge seeking expansion of ignorance. Public education that seeks not the sharing of truth and knowledge desires control by ignorance. Ignorance of God’s Truth and Love are required to advance immorality, violence, hate and Fear.

Evil holds secret the Truth and Knowledge of God’s natural law. The hidden secret is our ability to connect to infinite Love and Wisdom. Evil removed and damaged our ability to connect mind and soul to God. Fact based knowledge, proof of God, History and heritage must return to education.

Personal Sovereignty is right from God the Creator of all things. Sovereignty allows you as a conscious being to chose to be ruler of your life. When you chose sovereignty, you are not a slave.

Directly opposed to sovereignty is Confusion that allows you to be ruled by fear and ignorance. As a Sovereign being, you chose to never accept a ruler. As a Sovereign, you allow no fear to determine your actions. As a Sovereign, seek knowledge and Truth do not remain ignorant.

Freedom comes with acceptance of Truth, Knowledge and Love. Our foundational documents held that Freedom allows Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness (right of title) as self-evident. The Creator endows all mankind with freedom. Governments seek to place liens on freedom. Our founders declared that God grants our rights these rights are unalienable. Direct opposition to Freedom is Control. Any man, government or ideology that places controls on human freedom is opposed to God.

History has recorded the horrors of Control. Slavery, Ideologies of forced servitude, many religions and governments have all used control to remove freedom.

Order comes when each lawful man or woman values Freedom. Systems of Justice maintain and guard lawful Order. Justice is blind when order prevails. Two-tiered Justice destroys all Order. Selective Justice opens Chaos and confusion. Chaos is the direct opposite of Order.

Look at our World today where rulers, Presidents, Congressmen and women, wealthy corporations suffer no penalty for crimes. Our masters seek total control while completing crimes against all humanity. COVID 19 and the Gene Therapy (vaccines) kill humans each day with no recourse for Justice. Continued treatment of humans with treatment drugs that kill 20-25% of everyone treated. There is not lawful order when trusted health providers murder. Chaos on the border by design is criminal. Order does not exist when chaos is the creation of Congress and the President. Illegals are invading our nation. Evil seeks to silence the God Gene and destroy the ability to connect to God Consciousness. WE CAUGHT THEM AND HAVE THE PROOF! Have you ever heard "WE HAVE IT ALL!"

We are each required to first place lawful order to our lives. We must seek Truth and knowledge. We must speak Truth that destroys confusion. We must stand against all things opposed to our freedom. Be accountable to God each day for our actions. Do no harm to God’s creation. Accept no harm that limits freedom for mankind. Wake each day to celebrate the Love of God.

God’s Natural Law is simple and requires only each of us to commit to the principals as core values. Live life in Love to one another. Seek Knowledge of all things by finding Truth and Understanding. Share openly and speak freely one to another. Chose as a conscious being to be a Sovereign child of God the Father, have no Fear for God guides your path. Give God the glory and only God can be the ruler of your life. Your Freedom comes by the acceptance of Love, Truth and Knowledge. Suffer no fools who live in fear and ignorance.

Freedom is God granted by living a life in unity in the agreement to do no harm.

You are born and created as a Free being. God’s Freedom accepts nothing of man that would harm a child of God. Never accept Control or limitations of your God given rights. Establish Order in your life. Demand by the peace in love of God that Justice would be acceptable to our Lord Jesus. Evil allowed to expand injustice creates confusion and chaos. Speak in peace and offer order to all things. Seek one another in council. We must live our lives as the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. All things are possible, our powers over evil exist as the living Consciousness of God the Father in the name of his beloved Son and standing in the energy of the Holy Spirit.

United We the People must shift gears to establish self -governance. We seek no permission of the governments of man. We will accept no control contrary to our Father love for each of us. Order will be restored when we stand firm on the foundational principles of God. Our Government is accountable for their crimes. This accountability will affect every American. You must stay calm and firm in your belief in God have no Fear. Assurances are in place to limit loss of life. Our criminal Government offered no quarter to civilians when we criminally attacked governments in the name of the Central bankers. Stand firm in your faith in God. TRUST GOD!

Elevate your conscious connect to God! Many ups and downs will occur, open your bible focus on the WORD! You are Loved and will be needed soon to share that Love with your fellow Americans. Remember you were selected to be in this World to serve God in this TIME! GOD WINS!


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