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America and the World at Great Risk

Let each man and woman know and speak only truth. Our world is witness to a battle of good versus evil. Every human feels the birth pains of the end of days. America is a Christian Nation torn by those who are children of Satan. These days are revealed to all by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ in the Holy Bible. Are we witnessing to the end times spoken by Christ?

America has been ruled by a Deep state Cabal for over a century. As Americans took on the evil we elected President Trump a warrior of the People. President Trump warned America what was going to happen with our 2020 election. We watched in disbelief as the election was rigged for Joe Biden a Deep State criminal. America watched as Joe Biden expanded the murder of babies on his first day in office. We watched as Biden attempted to dismantle all Trump policies. We are witness to the largest human trafficking agenda in history. Trump secured the border, stopping the human trafficking and drug cartels. Trump stopped American support of the murder of babies. Trump kept every promise to the people. Trump stopped funding of the Cabal efforts to destroy the American Working Class. Trump elevated all Americans with job programs that worked for every American. The Election was stolen and the evil believes that they have defeated the free will of the American People.

Humanity is in a great struggle, spiritual lairs, natural disasters, earthquakes, decease, wars rumors of wars, starvation witnessed by all.

Could it be that the pale horse of death is next? Watch Israel for all prophetic word tells us what must happen. Our Savior awaits the birth of a true Jewish nation. Once revealed God will set in motion the driving of Satan from his World for 1000 years!

We must always remember all things are revealed on God’s time. We have watched hundreds of years of Satan’s plan to rule earth. The many beast of Satan rule our World with the mission to enslave humanity. What surprises might await the planet? Follow the Word of God all things have been shared that we may know these days. Many Americans have fallen to a New Age belief and turned their backs on the one true GOD.

Let us unite in truth. Let us share discerned truth to one another. What is the battle we are watching? What is the known ending of this battle? Our World is not what we have been told by our abductors. Secret Societies have controlled all we see. These Societies are Satanic they feed on anger, hate, war and God’s children. They use mind control technology to advance acceptance of a evil master. Christians have always been the target of lies and deceit. America’s great Beast is the Federal Government, which is today fully controlled by Satan’s designers of a World Order. It is time for the children of GOD to unite that we might defeat the Beast.

Turn off the mainstream media. Propaganda of Satan is broadcast 24 hours per day. Evil Technology controls and eliminates messages of truth. Censorship of conservative Christians and Doctors of truth takes place everyday. A Bio Weapon, Election fraud and foreign interference are known to the World. Millions of humans have been murdered using COVID as a tool of fear. This fear was required to inject humans with a control device developed by evil men and women. COVID can be treated early with great success. Treatments are safe and highly effective. Why does Media hide and censor truth? They work with Satan and his evil followers. What will the World look like if the so-called vaccine is a tool of death? How many humans would die each day if the vaccine is a tool death? Read the message of Jesus concerning the pale horse.

Prepare your community for what could happen. Use the tools of freedom that exist today. The World has many digital warriors willing to speak and share truth. Alternative platforms are coming on line. Become a sharer of truth within your family, your church and your community. Become GOD’s warriors against the evil. Across America Christians are advancing the message of truth and battling evil daily. Keep your eyes on Arizona. Learn what really happened with the Ever Given cargo ship. Look at why Bill Gates and his bride are really getting a divorce. Always follow the money. Learn the reality of the power that has been handed to the United Nations.

Satan operates in full view. Satan is bold and has revealed his mission to control and feed on humanity. Our World Wars, our economic system of worthless paper, destruction of God’s domain (our churches), advancing acceptance of the mark of the beast, division of humanity by race and dumbing down all children have been revealed. The Great Awakening is upon us.

You must choose to remove the tools of Satan from your life. Do not accept the lies. Do not kneel to the control systems of man. You must learn that 95% of what you know is a lie. Humanity has been fed poison, starved, held captive by systems of governance.

Our minds have been weakened to eliminate critical thinking. We are watching a SHOW that is not reality. Americans have accepted programing that limits reality. How many times have you shared the truth with someone only to learn they really don’t care? Americans have fully bought into the comforts granted by the Beast. The Beast offers all things of comfort to the willing. The Beast offers a vision of a better World, yet only delivers pain, suffering, anger and hate. Satanic humans feed on the blood of children so that they achieve energy and youth. Each day truth is revealed of who these people are. We all know their names by their evil deeds. Defeating the Beast only requires GOD’s people to stand in his love. Americans must raise a prayer of love while putting on the armor of GOD. We must stand prepared to shine GOD’s light of truth to all evil we see. The temple of the Beast our Capital, the power base is the Federal Reserve preparing to reset America to a cashless society. You witness the mission to end law enforcement on the local level. Their mission is a Federal Police designed for full control and implementation of their World Order. You must remember the murder of all men who have resisted their mission for a single World money system. Violence, hate and death feed their souls. Keep your eyes wide-open watch the water!

Warriors are busy around the World destroying evil. Many men are putting their lives at risk each day. They are freeing the captive children. Saving the Children has many powerful men of GOD doing battle against Satan. These warriors have seized the assets of the Cabal. Communist are being defeated across the planet. World Leaders know the evil that has enslaved the World for the empowerment of Satan. We have it all. What you are watching is a effort to wake the World to just how evil this Cabal is. Truth is your only when you seek reality outside of the matrix of control. Your core being knows something is very wrong with the SHOW. All the evil is being placed in full view.

As the Great Awakening comes to light you will be called to calm Americans that are sleeping. Panic will overcome many humans. Disbelief will grip the deeply indoctrinated. Others will cry at their lack of understanding, they will be gripped with remorse. Prepare yourself for all that has been hidden from the World. Focus on the Word of God for your comfort. Lift your voice to give all glory to GOD. No man could accomplish this hidden battle without the hand of GOD. Understanding the long reign of evil and enslavement will shock humanity at its core. Human minds cannot easily accept what is going to be revealed.

Claim your power over evil. Stand against the Satanic Marxist ideology of Washington. Do not fund either Party. Starve the Beast of both parties that do the work of the Cabal. Call them liars when they lie. Claim your power over local government bodies. Unite in groups to fight schools of indoctrination. Fight all efforts to remove private property rights. Form groups willing to protest infringements on our remaining freedoms. Defeat all Democrats at every level of Government. Anyone that supports the Democrat Party is anti-American. We must stop efforts to censor any free speech. Only by open conversations will we find common ground. America is not a racist nation. Never allow anyone to define your belief. Our freedom and liberty is at risk. Patriots have always stood on the side of God to advance mankind beyond the evil controllers. Americans will never accept a King or foreign ruling elite satanic bankers. No American should be forced to receive a shot of any kind. Anyone that advances control over humanity is evil. If Americans don’t take a stand our nation will be lost. Speak truth, share your knowledge and educate each other. America is still a nation founded on God given rights for all. Don’t accept higher taxation, don’t accept government controlled health care, don’t accept that the problems created by racist Democrats within large cities rest with anyone but the elites. Honest conversations must address the destruction of the family unit.

Honest conversations must be had to eliminate indoctrination within our education systems. Start fact based history education within your communities. A child’s education is not the role of the failed systems of lies. Unions are weapons of Marxist used to control and capture free markets.

God Bless the United States of America. God empower you to join this battle. No one wanted these days to come. Yet we have witnessed 50 years of continuous erosion of rights and freedoms. The children of GOD did not start this battle, yet humanity now requires us to fight back. Remember you are not alone. Patriots out number all evildoers. Our mission is to defeat them. Greatness awaits the warriors willing to stand on GOD given truth. You are not crazy or conspiracy theorist you are the enlightened warrior of this age.

As per the murdered President John F. Kennedy stated. “Ask not what you country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. “

REMEMBER, WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL! We will not go without a fight. 17 holds power and soon the World will suffer the removal of the lairs and children of Satan. Watch the sky! Watch the water! All things have meaning. Pray for our warriors!

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