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America must embrace the Truth

It is time for every American to embrace truth. The truth is our nation witnessed the murder of a man by an evil police officer. His action shocked all God fearing Americans to their core. Watching the video no man or women of justice was not sickened. Americans did not view it by color. We viewed it as an evil act by a police officer. We viewed it with the hope that one of the officers watching the act would step in to stop the horror. Sad thing was we were watching the video knowing George was dead. Those men that did not step in to save George should pay a price. They failed their oath to protect and serve.

George Floyd was murdered for the entire world to see. Our hearts are broken for his family. Are prayers are for his eternal soul. Our Prayers are for his family that God will wrap them in the love of a nation who mourns their loss. No man should be executed in the streets of this nation.

Our American truth is we are a nation of laws that must protect every American from any act of violence by a police officer. Our truth is we have law officers who live their oath to protect and serve 365 days a year. Yet like our American society we have evil humans serving in the role of police officer. Our nation must unite to root out evil from every sector of our society.

Having the media paint America as a racist nation is sickening. While we are seeking the healing of God for the Floyd family we are being painted with a brush of lies. Who is being served by media’s expanding racial division? Our history has been that of a nation willing to endure great suffering to destroy racism. Our failure today is that we are buying lies of extremist seeking to divide and destroy our growth. America lives by the rule of laws that does not allow racist actions. Every American is protected by the rule of law regardless of skin color.

America will not allow radicals to destroy our rule of law. We will unite and stand against it. We pray for peace. We ask God to heal those with hate in their hearts. We are being robbed of the right to embrace the Floyd family with love. Justice will be handed down against the evil that robbed a family of the love of George Floyd.

Each day I have worked to explain who is feeding the true evil that hopes to destroy our nation. Fear driven souls will react to violence. Those funding the violence have used fear across our planet. Their funding evil fuels fear. Division and fear are tools of destruction of love, freedom and liberty. Fear is the most powerful tool of Satan.

America is a nation founded on God given freedoms. America’s energy is the light of Gods unending love. When I hear chants No Justice! No Peace! I am clear those are not the words of God love. Our energy is robbed by not standing in the light of God love. My chant is God let there be Light. Truth is the light of God in all things. God’s justice is swift! Remove yourselves from the darkness! There is no mystery that during the light of day America has focused on peaceful protest. When the darkness of night comes evil rules the criminals. We must not allow this dark evil to destroy our need and love for God’s justice. We must stand united in the light of God’s power over this nation. God has delivered this nation from great evil time and time again. God Bless America and shine your light on us.

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