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America on the Brink of Communist Rule

Taking time to evaluate how our election process was rigged has taken time. We are required to remove the emotions attached to watching a fixed Election Process. Our enemies spent 4 years to accomplish our defeat.

Who are our enemies?

Deep state Federal Government agencies (DOJ, FBI, CIA and Communist Military Leaders

Globalist Bankers

Communist China

The Democrat Party USA

The Socialist Party USA

The Republican establishment (RINO)

Communist Controlled and owned Media (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and 99.9% print).

Social Media and Internet (Face Book, Twitter, Google).



NEA, Communist/Socialist College Professors (every campus). Indoctrination centers.

Wall Street Corporations doing business with and for Communist CHINA

Welfare Class Urban Centers / indoctrinated Youth / Rural ignorant non-voters.

America has been on a path to Socialism for decades. Democrats created a slave class of controlled (purchased voters). The slave class of citizens was created using the Great Society Legislation of LBJ. Welfare and urban capture centers are used to control Black voters and elect Democrats. Decades of Race theology have convinced Blacks that it is the White Working Class that holds them captive.

Democrats with each election offer ever failing programs to entice voters to the belief they will receive more free stuff. Democrats use the same tactic to purchase indoctrinated youth. Democrats have used their false promise of Progressive Ideology to feed the decline of America. Answer this very simple question. What policy or agency created by the Great Society Legislation has worked? No more history at this time.

2016 American Tax Payers turned out to defeat the Globalist (NWO) traitor Hillary Clinton. All of our enemies under estimated us. We had caught them sleeping and buying their own lies. Our enemies were WOKE! Their anger forced them to calculate how we defeated them. We had stopped their implementing the World Order. They devised a plan within months to defeat Trump and You.

Media would receive all marching orders from the DNC. Funding came from central bankers and Communist China. Congress would grind to halt. Both Democrats and establishment Republicans went to work to limit the Trump election. They used their rules for radicals to keep Trump on defense. Every single day they worked on two fronts; attack all things Trump and start the process to fix the 2020 election. The plan required use of Courts, Governors, Majors and Democrat controlled election centers. The tossed the Constitution into the trash heap (they could not use Republican controlled State Legislatures).

We watched all the establishment Republican smoke and mirrors shows. Republicans told us they would get to the bottom of the Clinton/Obama treason. Our justice system was going to be fixed and indictments were coming. We trusted just like our President that these evil men were on our side.

We watched how they played out Mueller and impeachment.

We listened every single day to the lairs of the Media. We were fed little carrots of hope that justice was coming. We spent hours watching Senate and Congressional hearings. We were fed a fake QANON great story of hope. We saw them give Trump short-term tax cuts. We watched our President keep every promise from his campaign. Establishment Republicans loved him and stood by his side to sell us their lie. Yet Republicans in fact accomplished nothing. Our enemies were told by Communist China to feed our belief and allow Trump his agenda. 4 years is a very short time to allow us freedom.

You must recognize our enemies were each day working with Communist China, Technocrats and Deep State Communist Controlled Operatives on election rigging. Millions of dollars were fed to Governors, Judges and Mayors to change election rules.

Communist China used funding from Doctor Fauci to advance a pin pointed virus. COVID was released on he World by China once all efforts to impeach Trump had failed. Think back to January 2019. Democrats knew they had no hope of defeating President Trump (strongest economy in history, lowest unemployment in history, the Wall was being completed, 401k and workers wealth was growing daily, American manufacturing jobs were exploding, Peace deals were being made across the World, no domestic violence). Democrats were doomed!

With failed impeachment our enemies plan had to be implanted. Communist China unleashed COVID. China sent thousands of Communist Chinese students into America from Wuhan. COVID was now a World Wide issue. This single event will go down in history as an act of war.

Enemies and traitors to this nation carried out China’s COVID19 virus attack. Our President took action before any leader in the World. He took the actions of a Leader to bring all government health advisors to the table. What should we do was his question? His failed belief that all those seated at the table were working for our nation was a fatal mistake (I hold that Dr.Fauci is a traitor). He was advised to shut down the World Greatest Economy. Lock down Americans for 15 days than 30 days. Media was used daily to spread FEAR (Satan’s most powerful weapon). So-called experts (not scientist) were walked out daily to feed our nation fear and mandates.

Democrats next used their old tool of violence and anarchy to deepen a needed racial divide. Media fed the murder of George Floyd to every home, cell phone and computer. Racist violence was required to create fear. Spread that the violence was a Trump issue. Call Trump and his supporter’s racist. Burn down urban centers that would carry out the steal. No white Trump supporter would volunteer to monitor polling locations. Once again fear of violent Black Americans would allow freedom to carry out the steal.

Technocrats were kicked into full-blown shut down of the American People. All social media outlets destroyed freedom of speech. Criminal actions were taken to stop our voices from being heard. These Technocrats are Communist NWO operatives working to enslave the world. They are traitors and like all Media are enemies of this Nation. Acts of Treason are punishable and these traitors should face a death sentence. Attacks on our Republic must not go without punishment.

Democrats had the tool required to complete the fix. Mail in ballots would be required to keep us safe. The weapons of voting machines were in place and could be used to recapture all states where Trump defeated Hillary. Every Democrat controlled city was taught the art of the steal. Democrats have decades of knowledge on voting stealing and ballot stuffing. Democrat controlled Courts were used to destroy Constitutional mandates of voter ID and in person voting. State legislatures accepted court ruling with no push back. Safety first! Criminal Democrats, China and Technocrats had the tools they needed. The fix was complete. Americans would loose and Communist would change the World.

Mission accomplished the system was now fully compromised and Democrats would and could win any election. With the traitors Biden and Harris elected establishment Republicans would do their part. Deny every effort to prove the fix. Dismiss all legal efforts to reveal evidence before the Courts. Teams of Democrat Lawyers knew in advance the tools to deny all efforts. Evidence was destroyed and elections certified by the States. President Trump and the American people were screwed.

Using thousands of mail in ballots completed by Democrat activist carried out the Georgia Senate election. Millions of dollars to purchase new Democrat voters is not new. No crime will be proved because they have perfected to steal. Republicans cannot and will not go into Black urban strong holds. Fear is a powerful. Georgia’s rural voters like rural voters across America failed to turn out the vote. Our Media enemies will offer all their pre planned talking points. Facts will be offered but truth will be lacking.

America has many States where captured urban Blacks control the outcome when they turn out the vote. If Blacks turn out 70% rural voters must turn out 90%. What Democrats learned in 2016 was their Black voters would not stand in line to vote. Democrats know if they carry the ballot to the voter and guide their voters they can turn out a massive mail in vote. It is a fix that these states have accepted.

Establishment Republicans failed to go and assist their voters with their mail in ballots. Republicans still waited for their voters to turn out on Election Day. Americans have been cheated once again by Republicans. Weak fake Republicans must pay the price and never be elected again.

Americans must now turn to the question. How do we resist and recover from this treason?

We must become the Patriots of old. We love our nation. We love our fellow Americans who work each day to make America Great. We are not going to run from this battle. We must become fighters at all levels. We must stand up against every attack of our God given freedoms. We must unite like never before to stop injustice. We must demand not ask. We must stop funding the criminal Democrat social justice movement. We must stand against every attack on our Constitutional Bill of Rights. They will not silence us. They will not shame our love of God. We will not allow fear mandates to destroy our businesses. We will march on every State Capital to shut down the Democrat Governors who are killing the engine of our economy you the American Working Class. No more shut downs! No more funding of CHINA! We will destroy FB, Twitter and Google must be destroyed. We will stand in protest at every Media outlet across this nation. We will not be suppressed in our thoughts or core beliefs.

We must reach out to each other. We must share our prayers and wealth to lift those trampled by these Tyrants. We must stand prepared each day to fight when and if that day comes.

God Bless you! We are united and fully engaged to Save America!

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