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Americans are United by Our Reality

If Americans are united by our reality, how are we divided into many groups? The history of our divide started in the Garden of Eden. God allowed the creation of Cain and Abel. We became dead to God’s paradise and have walked into the valley of death. Satan has reigned our World for far to long.

Good versus evil. Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

Your understanding the days we live in. The knowledge of choice is born to all humanity. Two types of leaders have ruled humanity for all time. Evil versus Good, Leftist versus Right Wing, Global Governance versus National Sovereignty and Anti-Christ versus Christianity this is our human reality.

Our American history was defined and documented for the World to see. Our Constitution linked our nation to God our creator. We were granted self-rule and representative government that we have total control over. Our Founders fully embraced God’s will for our Nation. Our independence was born out of war to defeat a evil Tyrant. Good men broke the chains of slavery that bound our Nation to London and the Crown ruling class.

The Crown had a single mission to rule the World. They used evil class warfare to divide and conquer the World. Nations were forced to sell their citizens to the British ruling class. Political Ideology linked the Crown to the Vatican who equally shared their mission for the World. With the two most powerful politically motivated evils united humanity was enslaved. Our independence was short lived due to economic needs for trade and recovery from the Civil War. Look at the true nature of the Civil War (good vs. evil). Our agreements with the Crown and Vatican allowed their seizure of assets and agreement to corporate rule. Washington D.C. in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA became a Crown and Vatican owned Nation State. Our Free Republic was lost. Their design would never allow the truth to come to light of the slaves. This design advanced on an agreed time line. The end game was known and advanced by men and women who are traitors to the Republic. Their end game is Global Governance and a single seat of power.

Look at America and understand we accepted two party rules from Washington; our corporate masters. Regardless of which party had power freedom and liberty were slowly and continuously destroyed. The greed filled political class worked hand in hand to kill Americans. They are all working for evil. Power has been handed to Central Bankers who openly embrace Satan and are pure evil. 97% of all elected leaders are comprised and controlled by the evil.

The color revolution is a long held tool of division funded by evil.

Men like George Soros, Rothschild, Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Crown bloodlines and Vatican have funded this evil across the World. America is watching a Color Revolution. America is watching a planned Central Banker reset of debt. This reset is the designed collapse of the American economy thus the collapse of the World economy. The Central Bankers have full and total control of all American property. They will seize all assets of the Federal Corporation. Central Bankers are funding human trafficking and high-speed drug addiction. Central Bankers own and operate mind control media. Central Bankers own the military complex, CIA, FBI, IRS and every 3 letter agency on the planet. Central Bankers own every thing you see and hear. Central Bankers have total control of medicine and disease. All energy is controlled by Central Bankers. Globalist and their Central Bankers control every aspect of human existence. Your every move is planned and controlled. This evil feeds on the blood of the great sin of Abortion. This evil has removed God and his Word from America. This evil has destroyed the family unit. This evil has dumbed down the education of fact based history to American children and citizens. This evil paints Americans as evil. This evil kills in the streets, burns down our cities, feeds drugs to the addicted. This evil has Americans labor for fiat debt notes of worthless paper. This evil feeds fear and divide.

American Patriots have pulled the cover off this evil and their plans. American Patriots slowed the agenda and plan by electing Donald Trump. Donald Trump was selected to drain the swamp and start the destruction of the Deep State.

American Patriots have worked across the World to empower humanity to free itself of the evil. American Patriots have become the source of truth and have witnessed the Deep State efforts to silence and censor truth. Good versus Evil is being revealed. Donald Trump became the most hated man of the evil. Democrats used the controlled media to attack Trump 24/7. They used every tool of evil to destroy the movement of Patriots. Why did they hate Trump? On his first day Trump stood and told them your reign of evil control is over. Trump told every American you are now in charge. Evil used every agent they controlled to destroy Trump. What Americans failed to understand; it was not Trump they feared it was his followers and his message. His message was the message of restoration to a free Republic. He declassed truth and revealed their evil. He stood firm and revealed to them all he had evidence of their evil. He shared his knowledge of their worship of Satan, their treason, their murder of children, their starvation of humans, their use of drugs and chemicals to create illness and death. He told them “We Have It All”. He traveled the World and told every ruler, king or queen, the Pope and the United Nation “We Have it All”. Who gave this captured proof to President Trump? Great men of Honor our warriors knew the lies and evil, they witnessed the closed-door treason, they captured foreign Intel of Global evil. The witnessed murder and deception of humanity. These men enrolled Trump. Patriots have learned the truth of evils use of false flag events to control us. You have witnessed no major event of evil that was not created by these evil beings. Stand you in the knowledge that a false flag event will bring about their destruction! We have it all.

American Patriots are awake and working daily to share all truth. Our mission is to stand in truth. Our mission is the restoration of God’s Glory to our World. Our mission is to reclaim our rights as lawful citizens and not corporate legal citizenship. We are not lost at sea.

We are citizens of the land and we are coming to claim our status. We will not be stopped! We know elections are rigged. We know Central Bankers are working to depopulate the Earth. We know Democrats and some Republicans worked with China to unleash a Bio-Weapon. We know the vaccine is not needed to survive COVID. We know Media is evil and must be taken down. We know that Central Bankers will be destroyed. Our mission is enlightenment of the captured minds of the useful idiots and our indoctrinated children. Our mission is to tear down the corrupt corporate game of fear and control. Our mission is freedom for every American. Reclaim our God given freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to own and keep guns, freedom to live in a nation of borders, destruction of the corrupt justice department that does not represent justice for all equally applied. Our mission is to restore our currency to the control of our treasury and have it backed by metal. Patriots will not rest until all lies are revealed to the World. Capture of the traitors to our nation, worshipers of Satan and every corrupted politician that served the corporate beast!

Freedom has a cost. Every American must view the sins of our evil World. Patriots must stand to calm the fears and unite the divided citizens indoctrinated to accept evil. Patriots must gird them selves with the full armor of God. We did not ask for this War but we have a duty to stand and fight. We must win the battle of truth versus lies. We must never accept the message of evil. You are each lawful citizens captured by an evil system of Satanic control.

Where We Go 1 We Go All! Fly your American Flag! Let your neighbors know you are a Patriot. Stand firm in the Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We must stand united to defeat the evil that grips humanity. Our Restored Republic will unite our World for the Glory of God!

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