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Americans Logic will move our Nation forward! A Citizens Plan!

Again today America will have more babies born than die. What a great joy that our God creates life and gathers his children to his side. Our nation is battling against COVID 19. America standing United will not be defeated by a man made virus.

American Conservatism still today recognizes and stands up to tyranny that stands against our founding documents. We witness attempts to maintain a high level of fear by many States. We also witness Governors willing to limit their State powers of control over citizens. Science is used as a weapon to limit free movement of citizens, demand wearing of mask, advancing large positive testing numbers and shouting hospitals pushed to capacity. Reality is that mortality rates remain very low. Treatments are advancing daily to save lives.

COVID 19 is not a Hoax! It is real. It was lab created in China with some funding from NIAID that is being hidden. It is deadly to anyone with comorbidities at any age. Doctors can ID and excuse these citizens as needed to self isolate. Anyone 60 years of age or older has a higher risk of a bad outcome. Our doctors know the positive outcome for healthy young citizens is 99.9%.

So why are we shutting down our economy if the young have a better outcome for COVID vs those who get the flu?

Real Logic

The drive to open our economy was real. Rest assured those who knew the second wave would be unleashed; traitors working with the Communist. Covid 19 virus could have easily traveled into the USA by young Chinese college students prior to the travel ban. This cannot, nor will it be verified; just a fact that any virus can easily be transported undetected.

Logical plans for moving from fear to reality.

Protect those with higher risk. Have this population provide documents from their doctor. This group should be self-isolated and follow federal and state guidelines. Be certain you under stand self-isolation is critical. Once we have a solid treatment that reduces the mortality rate for all citizens stop the self-isolation of all Americans.

Return all the youth of America back to normal life. Unleash the Louisiana workforce. Allow them to get on with life. Put them back to work. Put in place simple lessons so that these young Americans can protect Mom and Dad and anyone isolated. If you are out living your life respect the self-isolated, stay away. Have healthcare professionals establish protocols for preventing spread in the home. Limit exposure and sanitizing of hands and clothing. Americans are an exceptional people we can do anything when given good directions.

Government should fund every self-isolated citizen. Citizens isolated who are unemployed or required to care for a self-isolated child. The youth who are working should have zero to no tax taken from their wages during this time. Stop the insane MEDIA fear mongers. Demand government work for us. Stop waiting on these clowns to direct your life. Direct them by using a firm loud protest of ignorance. They work for you only when you force them to hear you. Enough with the bull shit fear and lies. Get off your knees, stand up and tell them they had their turn and it is crap. Give average American Citizens and our Doctors to fix this China created mess.

Destruction of the US economy only serves the political needs of the Socialist Democrat Party. They had zero hope of defeating President Trump with his robust economy. All sectors of the American economy were on a historical expansion. We must stop this economic destruction. Your suffering and pain are real. Your fear of economic destruction are real. Concerns for your children and their safe education at school is well grounded.

The evil Socialist Democrats and weak Republican swamp creators don’t give a damn about you. Those men that stand by our elected President hear you. For the love of God and Country please contact them by e-mail, phone or letter. Tell those men working with our President we can put a plan in place within 1 week that will unleash this nation. We the People want our turn. Keep Doctor Brookes and tell the rest of them to listen and carry out our plan. Americans endowed by our God with the wisdom to preserve life, our schools, our churches and our local communities.

I ask that you share my post and just simple hit the like button every time (thanks Chad, Elden, George). My work and yours is slowed or often stopped by social media FB and Google. Seems they hate and are working over time to limit conservative speech.

God Bless You! May God grant you the will to stand and take action.

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