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Are You Watching the SHOW? Do You See the Truth?

Prepare yourself it is Time to Take the Red Pill!!!

Read Watch the Videos!!!!!!!

America is witness to a full-scale attack to complete the Global World Governance. Battle lines of evil and fronts have been drawn for decades. Capture and defeat of America is underway. Remember the tools of evil. Full control of the Economy, Health Care and Education has been completed. Media propaganda married to Big Technology mind control has expanded censorship of critical thinking. MEDIA expands pandemic fear and vaccine acceptance. Completion of mission has been fast tracked to completion during the first year of Biden.

"Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul. But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand." --Ezekiel 33:1-6

America is watching a SHOW. Communist Democrats are revealing their evil. Evil this way comes.

Racist Political power brokers are driving an evil lie. Americans are told of our systemic racism. We witness BLM funded riots and violence continuing. ANTIFA trained thugs are back in action. Profit driven Marxist Leaders of BLM hold no promise to our communities of color. Communist Democrat Leaders continue their efforts to Federalize Police. Make no mistake they are driving toward destruction of community policing. Their lie of race is being sold to the ignorant. Communist Democrats are fully funded by your tax dollars paid to your owner. Racism is a Lie of division. This lie is anti-American and a criminal tactic of central bankers. Divide and conquer their weapon of ownership of humanity. Riots and protest are organized and totally funded by Leftist. Useful indoctrinated idiots are pawns of destruction. Critical Race Theory must be removed from the education system. Controlled MEDIA is fueling the lie and expanding the false narrative of a non-existent race war. The racist Joe Biden is a lair. Communist Democrats are feeding on the poor and captive communities that they enslave. Prepare for days of violence and crime supported by democrats. Maxine Waters is a criminal encouraging violence and sedition. Where is the outrage from Republicans? How can she be allowed to hold any office? Congress knows her hate and racism, if anyone needs to shut their mouth it is Maxine.

The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.

The godly are assured that the power and craft of the wicked will not prevail against them, but fall on their own necks and therefore should patiently abide God's time, and in the meanwhile bewail their sins, and offer up their tears as a sacrifice of their obedience.

Decades of failed profit driven immigration by our Central Banker controlled Congress. Here comes the Lie again. Flooding humans to the US Border. Human Trafficking of families and children is fast tracked for evil profit. Understand you are funding human trafficking, death, rape and suffering of God’s children. You have a choice to stop the evil. Secure borders are the choice of the American taxpayer. Central Bankers control the Communist Democrats and RINO Republicans. They are using your taxes to open borders and advance destruction of America. We listen the words and speeches of these evil controllers while we see truth of suffering with no action. What is our true duty? What action to stop the suffering can we take? Stop funding and electing evil. Dividing America on multiple fronts is underway by the Central Bankers. Every person coming across the border is a victim for profit.

Human distraction is used to allow drug trade and supply while attempting to spread COVID.

How many COVID positive children are being shipped across America? Kamala has shown her lack of concern for the funded effort to traffic children. Make no mistake we are watching a Democrat Party funded human trafficking mission of destruction.

Revelation 6/8

I looked, and behold, an pale horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

Central Bankers funded the study of Bio Weapons to create fear and death. American tax dollars expanded funding of weaponized virus. Our military complex supported Dr. Fauci and NIH to study and create coronavirus variants that could be used as Bio-weapons. When that work was stopped in the U.S. it was shipped to Canada and back door funding shipped to China. COVID 19 was shipped across the World by China. The spread of COVID 19 was the perfect weapon to defeat Trump. Much evidence is being captured to link Central Bankers, Big Pharma and Technocrats working to create a false flag Pandemic. Fear of death and infection shut down the planet. Lock downs of small business and select sectors of the economy have been used to centralize control.

Great Doctors worked to find effective treatments. There are highly effective treatments.

Why create mRNA vaccines? The mission is control and tracking of humanity. Forced acceptance of central control of all human movement. Introduction of Vaccine Passports to travel, enter events, go to school, eat out or shop. Where and when will they force the requirement of your Vaccine passport to buy sell or trade? Perhaps you will accept a digital ID tag that would allow you just to scan a wrist or forehead. The greatest control system ever created. If you do as your told and think as they tell you your life is their new normal. If you fail to accept the vaccine you won’t be allowed to travel or work.

If you don’t receive the vaccine you will receive limited health care and government pensions. How many injections are required to fully allow the messenger RNA to control humanity? When will they release the next virus that attacks those vaccinated for COVID 19? Will these evil godless men flip a switch to activate control? Why would healthy humans accept a vaccine for a treatable flu? They created a false fear and limited the research that verified effective treatments. Evil is hidden in what they don’t report or allow the world to see. Our reality is that over 350 thousand Americans could have been saved if treatment was given early with safe drugs. Doctors were not allowed to share the research and work on treatments. Why would MEDIA and Government hide effective treatments? What is the intent of vaccination when treatments are available?

Our economy was crushed with job losses during forced lock downs. Our Children have been harmed by not being allowed education in the classroom. Forced mask wearing of children in school. We must stop allowing anyone from forcing a child to wear a mask! Our Churches have seen a decline in attendance of services. At a time when we need God most we were locked out of worship. Our religious leaders did not unite to stop this scam. We accepted wearing a mask as a path slowing the spread. Humans simply wanted to be guided to safety. What we have learned is they have a hidden agenda. Control and tracking is the mission. This control is required as they fully implement a new system of economy without cash.

Economics is simple at its core. Sound money supply leads to stability across all sectors. Greed drives corporate leaders to push expansion of the money supply. They can never buy or own enough to satisfy their greed. As Central Banks advance spending and added debt government pushes control. Inflation cannot remain hidden. We all feel the pain of inflation no one more than the poor. Central Bankers have their government mouthpiece Congress selling Marxist have versus have not’s civil unrest.

As unrest grows gun control will be advanced. They create the suffering that drives weak minds to violence. As violence increases they will preach fear to the weak indoctrinated.

Fear sells their agenda of total control. That total control will not happen without removal of guns.

The Great Reset must take place for Central Bankers to maintain their evil enslavement of humanity. Let me share the truth they are loosing the war. Our President (Donald J. Trump) has secured the proof and is taking them down.

Have you seen the massive increase in human trafficking arrest around the World? Each day child trafficking is being defeated. Why would they now flood the border with children? Their supply of children has been limited and must be replenished. Evil feeds on children. Children will be sexually abused and used for satanic worship. Do your research on the stuck ship EVERGIVEN!

Massive spending and dollar collapse only require another 6 to 7 trillion within the year. Court Packing and legislative changes are being completed. Under this reality America will not recover.

Americans are slowly coming to the battleground. Enlightened citizens are claiming their freedom. Numbers are growing and we have a path forward. America lacks warriors willing to stand united. Each day Patriots question why are our numbers not growing? I offer that numbers are advancing as the evil is revealed. It is sad that LIARS hold power.

Your job is to look past the SHOW to reveal each lie. What if there is a hidden reality? Americans have a reality that will defeat this evil.

Yes we have a tools being placed into the hands of Americans every day. You have power that you simple must claim. Americans can reclaim this nation. United we have a path to defeat this evil.

A great sadness comes over me when I see the evil being revealed each day. Our Patriotic hearts break when we see the loss of God’s nation. Americans are still sleeping in their self-driven material world. Children have no concept of patriotism and many have no understanding of God. After decades of sharing truth clarity allowed many to know this day was coming. Many have battled the liars and criminals that run the entire system. I ask myself why read, dig through history to share with humans what is coming? Many know yet they have no connection to reality. There is no fire in their belly to take a stand. As the Patriots that started this mission of truth have aged there is no one stepping up. America lacks the passion to defeat this evil. As long as they get the shot and have mail box money they are happy.

Patriots must lift prayers to God to shake our nation to its weak core. Pull back the curtain on the evil of what is happening to our children. Pull back the curtain on our sin of greed and material self worth. Pull back the curtain on the slave masters of the central bankers.

Pull back the curtain on our Communist elected President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Pull back the curtain on the murders of President Kennedy. Pull back the curtain on fake federal government. Pull back the curtain on the pandemic created to inject gene altering control system. Pull back the curtain on the plans to kill millions of humans. Pull back the curtain on false fake news.

Pray to God that Americans will stop taking the unapproved vaccine. You can reach out to warrior for humanity for treatment. Seek out the American Frontline Doctors. You can get the treatments that have a 100% effective rate of recovery. D3, D3, D3 is a must have your doctor test your blood level of D3. Don’t be forced to take the vaccine. American Frontline Doctors are kicking ass in courts across America. You cannot be forced to take the vaccine. Frontline Doctors have a legal team that will guide you on the efforts to stop the insanity. Take a stand! You must seek out the truth. Truth exist, your job is to become a educator of your fellow Americans. My circle of friends refer to each other as having taken the RED PILL of enlightenment. A new World is coming the American Great Awakening is underway. The SHOW you see is meant to force America to see just how close we were to losing this nation. Prepare for the shocking truth of the evil that has ruled our World.

Prepare yourself to witness the evil of children trafficking and the brutal truth. Who owned EVERGIVEN? How many children and humans were recovered? How many died?

Use these links EDUCATE YOURSELF and anyone that will listen. We have won and that truth will be revealed.

Learn the truth about the vaccine and the COVID lie. Fight for your health freedom. There are Doctors in every state that will prescribe treatments for you to keep on hand.

Q is not a Conspiracy! I have seen the proof and know the truth. Great freedom fighters are busy working to save you and the World. It is time for you to help share this labor to share the truth.

You are a slave and have lived your life as designed by a Satanic CABAL. That existence is ending. Learn how to claim your freedom.

Follow these digital warriors of truth. Remember the truth is hated by Big Tech platforms. They often pull down channels. These men are warriors who find ways to get past the blocks.

Lin Wood

Patriot Streetfighter (Scott Mckay)

Phil Godlewki on DLive, Rumble, YouTube

Charlie Ward YouTube and Rumble

Robert David Steele

WWG1WGA never accept the SHOW find the truth!

God Bless America! Love one another and remain peaceful! Like any War if things go side ways we must know who we can trust. Build your community of like-minded people. Share the Red Pill!

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