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Ascension from Darkness to God’s Great Awakening

You were born for this time in World History. God selected each of us for this battle. You must tune your mind and soul to the pure energy that is our creator. Pure energy, vibration and frequency describe our connection to God or Satan. Good versus Evil is the human existence.

Our World is witness to the power of evil working to gain control of humanity. Satanic powers have full knowledge that the revelation of John is playing out today. Knowledge of this time revealed that the Angels of God chosen for this day would share the Great Awakening. Transcending from a World of Satanic design to the Glory of God is taking place. You must learn to connect to your God, and elevate above the Darkness.

Satanic warriors wrote your history. Satan has full knowledge that when a human is connected with the pure energy of God; God wins. Every Human has the ability to connect to God. Love and the ability to see God in every human; is our connection. Truth is of God. Living in Peace and harmony says we will do no harm to any child of God. Our only fear must be that we would loose our ability to connect to God. All things of Satan seek to destroy our ability to connect our minds and souls to God.

Satan’s dark angels have gained power over education, books, science, technology and religion all to capture and murder God’s creation. Satan uses frequency and voice sound vibration to feed weakness designed to deplete your connection to God. Fear is the greatest tool of Satan. Tell-a-vision, Tell-a-phone, Internet and Wifi are weapons of evil satanic warriors to capture and control the children of God. These weapons are tools to feed you endless volumes of mind chatter that weakens your ability to listen God. You must make a conscious effort to live your life in Love and without fear.

You can check your conscious connection to God’s pure energy. You can make a conscious effort to check your ability to feel the positive energy of your body, mind and soul.

Allow me to offer some check tips. Learn to listen the chaos of gatherings where Tell-a-vision is the focal point. Listen the chaos of family gatherings where everyone is using our interacting on their Tell-a-phones. Make a conscious choice just to listen people. Listen your mind chatter volume increase and change. What is taking place in your body? Now simply remove the Tell-a-vision and Tell-a-phone. Start a conversation that simply ask; the question “how are you?” check in with each person. Is there a calmness and peace as you connect? Does the volume of the mind chatter go down? Connection to each other as equal creations of God empowers a positive flow of energy.

From the Word of God we know that with each visitation of God or His Angels there is a bright light. That light is the viewing of pure energy. Noah when God appeared to him, Moses in the burning bush, Mary and the angel of God each describe the light. When Jesus first revealed himself after his resurrection read the descriptions of the Apostles. Saul blinded by the light of Jesus and healed by the same energy. Throughout all recorded history captured by mankind the evidence of light has been drawn and recorded. God is pure energy of the universe creator of all things.

Retreat to your quite place, relax and exercise deep breathing with your eyes closed. When relaxed read the word of God. Read a chapter and again close, your eyes in reflect on what God has revealed to you. What is it that God would have you understand? Quite your minds chatter by asking God to speak to you and bless you with clarity. Humanity often refers to this exercise as mediation. Clarity and reality is this is learning to connect yourself to your creator God.

Our World is in the birth pains of the coming ascension of God’s children. We must disconnect from the tools of man and connect to our creator God. You must learn to silence the lies, fear and dark narratives of man. You have the ability to see past all evil. You have the ability to share Love, Peace and Truth. You can save your community by elevating others to God’s pure energy. Be not afraid for God is with you.

Satan rules all governments and corporations who have designed the control, capture and death of all creation. Satan has unleashed massive volumes of fear. Satan has advanced all manner of controls, mandates, money and food. Do as your told or government will remove you. Take the injection or you will not travel, work or exchange. War, death and the loss of money are real. Satanic men and women designed the indoctrination of humanity to be materialistic. Satanic men and women designed the removal of God. Satanic men and women know the frequency of God; they handed you the kill switch. They called it smart and progressive that everyone needs this hand held technology that kills the life force of God. THEY KNOW! You carry their track, trace and control; you have it inside every home. Satanic men and women have silenced the God gene by injection and infection. You have accepted the loss of your sovereign being.

Ending WWII allowed full empowerment of a 100-year agenda. World Governance was the mission. League of Nations became the United Nations. Under United Nation, agenda the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization were created. World Governance requires full control of all humanity. Always remember that these World Governance bodies have written and spoken the need to depopulate humanity to better control the chosen few.

Each time you uncover the Lies of government; you force the speed of their satanic end game. What is the End Game of the DEEP STATE, CENTRAL BANK, CABAL or The KAZARIAN MAFIA?

Our Federal Government Corporation removed America from the Gold Standard in 1971. Removal of sound currency handed total control of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION economy over to the Federal Reserve CENTRAL BANKERS of LONDON. Creation of money only required a print press. Creation of the 2nd leg of capture Corporate Central Bankers. The Nation State of Washington D.C. loved the ability to spend and tax Americans using worthless paper. The World however wanted stability and the Central Bankers sold the World on a World Reserve Petro Dollar. Inflation has been continuous since the creation of fiat (worthless) petro currency. Money is transferred to those selected to carry out the agenda. All money and finance flows from the satanic controllers. All Controllers are opposed to God’s Natural Law. Social Justice opposed to truth and knowledge. Our education system targeted our children for full take over in 1965. Indoctrination and dumbing down is the tool of evil. Social justice (man created) stands opposed to lawful order. Controllers seek to rule every aspect of human life.

Technocrats are the third leg of evil controllers. Advance mind control using technology as a weapon. Advancing science of control has been the objective of technocrats. Smart TV’s, Cell Phones, 5G implanting of lipid nanoparticles, creating tracking devices and medical treatments that allow the control of humanity. Medical devices and systems were advanced by military complex in the name of security are designed for total control.

Military Complex is the 4th leg of evil controllers. Simply humans that do not accept control will be forced or captured. As Americans, we funded the capture of all governments who resist control. Great sadness and great evil has taken place against humans living within nations not kneeling at the alter of fiat currency and gold forfeiture. Americans who sold the message of mind control media. Nations were captured in the name of Democracy. Democracy is mob rule. Dark satanic evil seeks total control of God’s creation.

LWN SHOW LINKS 6.21.2022

Liberty Warrior Nation and United to Save America and brother Steven have exposed every listener to Truth that is verifiable. Our love of God compels us to read, learn and search always for the truth. This journey is not easy because we have uncovered massive volume of proof that men of evil want to control or murder humanity.

Each week we reveal that our Congress, Doctors, agencies and President are injecting Americans with a gene therapy that will kill people. Each week we have connected the knowledge of a criminal endeavor for profit and gain. Covid 19 was a false deadly virus used to establish FEAR. Fear humans lined up to take the lie of a vaccine. Learning that this agenda was the plan of the World Economic Forum, United Nations, World Health Organization, CDC, NIH, DARPA and elected political class was shocking. Digging to prove their depopulation, tag, track, trace and control was not easy. Satan seeks to kill or full control the children of God.

Now here is the Truth, you must save yourself. Then save your families first. God created each of us with the ability to reason. We are born into a life as perfect images of the father. Our man created existence alters our consciousness. Salvation is ours when we connect to the consciousness of our birth rite. Then buckle up to warrior for America and the World. None of us asked for this battle. You are here and you are willing to listen the Truth. We share a bond of God our father and assured forgiveness by the blood of his pure son Jesus. Become connected to the full Knowledge of the Holy Spirit. We live in the Love of God, our families, this great nation and the World. We each have knowledge of truth. We are each born self-governing by our God. Man that seeks control feeds us a message of loss of freedom. Loss of freedom is not natural to our core being.

Evil is vibrational reality. Media and governments are flooding the World with a vibrational message of hopelessness. Fear is draining power from the children of God. We suffer when we listen the vibration of evil control. We suffer when we accept fear.

Governments feed lies. Government hides all truth. Justice and lawful order are lost. Evil has a deep hidden agenda. . Without Justice and lawful order, our sovereign existence is under attack. Media feeds unceasing confusion and open lies. It is time to create the shift back to our God given consciousness. We must elevate our ability to connect to each other as children of God the creator. We must not accept any laws opposed to our God given freedoms. Know your God given rights.

Seeking salvation or understanding from the government will not work. Forcing and restoring Natural Law is the answer. Understanding our role in the restoration is required. Justice dies when politics rules. Our system is operating as a captured entity of evil. Let us take time to develop our plan using knowledge and understanding of the truth.

Our government continues to do harm to our fellow Americans. COVID 19 Pandemic and bio gene therapy are tools of evil. Fear and destruction of our God created immunity is man created.

VAERS Analysis June 10 2022

World Health Organization


FDA approves two vaccines for children 6 months to 5 years.

Great Truth and Understanding.

Manifesting Knowledge is great understanding of our ability to connect to God. Humanity must elevate our consciousness.

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