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Attack on America’s Foundational Freedoms Ramps Up

At no time in our history has our very way of life been under a greater attack. You are being attacked daily with a designed controlled message of hate in division.

Players of the orchestrated Coup d’etat

Media & Big Tech funding of the message of division.

Weaponize Covid 19 carried out by China and Democrat Governors.

Congressional Democrats all out attack on the Police and how America will vote!

United Nations the selected machine for Global Governance.

World Bank and World Health Organization.

Terrorist ANTIFA funded by those listed above. Funded by & the AFL-CIO.

The scam of Black Lives Matter! Funded by over a thousand Far Left groups and individuals. Funding the Biden Campaign.

Communist and Socialist Parties USA working with the Biden Campaign

Union Leadership for every Union working for and funding the Biden Campaign

Every American must be clear as we move toward Election 2020 the attacks will ramp up. Socialist Democrats, Left Wing Globalist, Media and Democrat Governors and Mayors are working together. This is a coordinated effort and a continued Coup. This is a war against freedom, liberty, private property rights and our free market economy.

Everything we witness today is and was planned in 2017. There is a unified effort to silence Americans who supported and voted for President Trump. President Trump and average Americans represent the greatest threat to the planned globalist agenda; World governance. America is the enemy of Communist nations, Socialist Nations, Central Bankers and the Global elites who had a plan to control the World by 2021. Creating this designed marriage of these groups took place throughout 2017 and each step plotted. All things orchestrated and communicated to carry out the destruction of you the American people.

Every America 97 days before our election are watching in shock and many in fear as the all out orchestrated attack is gaining stream. Media feeds polls nightly saying Joe Biden is leading our President. Never accept these polls. We must operate with the understanding Leftist are criminals and traitor to our U.S.Constitution. Leftist are going to cheat in every State. We must register every lover of freedom. We must Turn Out the Vote with a greater effort than 2016.

· COVID 19 lock down of the nation. President Trump taking the advice of NIH and CDC shut down the US economy and implements a complete shut down. Health officials advise the President that to stop the spread and the possible death of 2 million Americans this never before taken action was required. Without prior planning President Trump rapidly put in place a economic plan to care for the massive unemployment of Americans.

Socialist Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer slow rolled the plan to add pork barrel funding of a socialist wish list of corrupt funding. The funding was designed to funnel monies to Democrat Party election cycle needs.

· Covid 19 spread is being carried out by design to advance fear. The virus is real; it is weaponized to slow our economic recovery. This is not without design. Media leads each day the advance of positive cases yet fails to state the fact that death rates in the USA are lower than the flu. Media is the weapon of fear.

· Covid 19 fact no teacher has been infected by a school-aged child. Teacher Unions in Democrat controlled States in Cities are closing schools. Teacher Union Leaders met with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer 3 weeks ago. Advocating for home based education against the best science from across the world. Your Children are now being used as political weapons of the Socialist Democrats and the members of the Coup. Media peddles the fear of Covid without statements of facts. Children do not spread Covid.

· George Floyd is murdered in the street. Race baiters fly into action to portrait America as a Racist Nation. All the Black Racist took to the streets while piling dollars into their agenda. The efforts immediately were underway to use the term White Systemic Racism and Police Brutality. Within minutes of the video release by media BLM and ANTIFA thugs were on planes and buses. Funding doubled within the first 48 hours. Identity politics speeds into hyper drive. If you are White you are the problem and must be reeducated to defeat your White privilege. Media showed the video 24/7 for 14 days weaponize the message. President Trump on all but one Media outlet was portrayed as a White Supremacist; they actually had talking heads declaring our President a White Supremacist. This effort has not stopped and is being spoken by Joe Biden.

· Riots and Protest are being funded and carried out by Marxist ANTIFA, BLACK LIVES MATTER, Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA. Democrat Majors and Governors are supporting and allowing the violence to continue. Murder and mayhem create a needed unrest and shut down of city economies. Media fuels the fame 24/7 making many Americans believe these are actions of peaceful protest.

· Americas Socialist Democrat controlled Congress has worked each and everyday for 4 years to disrupt and destroy the effort of our duly elected President.

Using the Obama/Biden weaponized DOJ Socialist Democrats eavesdropped (spied) on the campaign of Donald Trump. Once elected the efforts of the Obama/Biden coup continued their work to remove a duly elected President. FBI director James Comey advanced FISA warrants and leaked information to the Media. Fake News spread the lie of Russian Collusion as puppet Robert Mueller spent 32 million dollars and over 2 years to find No Collusion. LIES from all members of Socialist Congressional Democrats continued in the Media!

· Americas Socialist Democrat controlled Congress impeaches President Trump. The impeachment process actually started in 2017 by Al Green. In 2019 President Trump used his power to seek efforts of the newly elected President of the Ukraine to investigate wide spread corruption. One portion of the corruption request was to look into Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s involvement with corrupt Burisma. Congress impeached the President without a single Republican vote. The Senate heard the case and acquitted President Trump. As a foot note for the first time in history one Republican Senator Globalist Mitt Romney voted guilty. Media fed lies to the public on a daily basis during the Congressional portion of the impeachment. The Congressional process was a complete biased process that did not allow Republican witnesses our questioning of Democrat witnesses. The great scam to continue the on going Coup.

· Documents are made released that reveal the Coup to spy on President Trump. Yet no indictments are handed down. Media has the evidence against Obama/Biden/Comey/ Brennan/Clapper/ Yates/Strzok yet not a single word of the scandal. Not a single word of apology for the attacks on our President. Media that hides and does not report facts should not be allowed to call themselves news. They are lairs and communist propaganda tools of the Socialist Democrats and the Globalist Coup to destroy America.

· United Nations and World Courts filing cases against the President of the United States for his actions to protect federal property in Portland and Washington D.C.

· Socialist Democrats call for the defunding of Police. Many ignorant Democrats Mayors are defunding police in cities riddled with violence. Murder rates are skyrocketing. Violent crimes skyrocketing. Americans in these Democrat run States and Cities are living in fear. Store owners are living in fear. Black on Black murders in Chicago mirror a War zone. Our American children are being murdered and the Socialist continue defunding Police. The President each day offers to assist these murdering Mayors and Governors with Federal police assistance. They refuse and the deaths continue. Media spins the lie of peaceful protesters being attacked by Federal Police. Nancy Pelosi calls these brave men Storm Troopers! God hates evil and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the offspring of Satan.

Joe Biden is the tool of evil. He is the chosen tool of the Coup. Remember this Coup is seeking a war in America. This Coup is hoping to divide Americans by lies.

How many statues have you watched pulled down or removed? How many Sports are now funding the Marxist Black Lives Matter thugs? How many of these spoiled rich athletes are taking a knee to support Marxist Black Lives Matter? Are American athletes to ignorant to trace the funding of this openly Marxist group? Many Black athletes hold a core belief America is racist. These Black athletes are bullying every sport player Union. By watching any sport you are supporting their actions. You are taking a knee if you give a penny to these thugs. You will be asked the question why did you allow it? Black racist continue fueling this divide by design to create what they hope will be a violent act carried out by any White person against them. You defeat them by speaking out with your dollars. You defeat them by not attending or watching them. Americans love sports. Americans don’t love bringing your politics to our games. Remember these are multi-millionaires because you fund them. Americans must demand the defunding of every single sports arena funded with our tax dollars. If you live in a State or City that has a National Sport Team your taxes dollars are funding the owners and in turn the players. STOP FUNDING. Racism carried out by Blacks today is as vial as White Supremacist. We are Americans and racism will not be allowed.

Did you watch the hateful questioning of our nations Attorney General Bar? Where was the Media outrage for the lack of respect displayed by the Democrats? How can this be our Congress?

United to Save America must become the cry. No Media will define us. No failed political party will define us. We will not allow a global master. We will shout loudly that our rights and freedom are from God and not man. If our government continues to attack us we will reveal the power of our God! We will not be divided by race or live in fear.

Please consider summiting your name and e-mail address. We are working to fund this effort. We are supporting Our President! We are supporting Conservatives! This site offers Made in the USA products and will continue to add great products. At present we are seeking multiple USA made products to partner with. God Bless each of you! We will defeat this COUP!

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