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Biden Regime Advancing Communist Model as Promised.

Communism requires advancing the economic ideology that government must control all means of production. Selecting the capitalist industry for destruction is required. Any sector of industry that provides economic security for employees must be destroyed.

Establishment of government jobs is the mission of the Biden Regime. Democrat voters have no understanding that they support Communism. Democrat voters are captives of the Communist system. The largest voting blocks of Democrats are totally reliant on government to exist. Captive social classes are required to achieve Communist Rule.

Biden Regime actions make it clear Americans will be forced into the Government assistance for their existence. Communist China virus allows another year of accelerated government assistance. Democrats have destroyed small business by design. America’s Free Market economy is fueled by small business. As small business ownership declines expansion of government assistance grows rapidly. Communist controlled Democrats by design enforced shut downs in the name of health security. Yet the virus rages on.

Americans must understand Democrats advanced the death of Americans for political gain. Communist Democrats delayed economic assistance to small business owners by design. Communist Democrats advance food insecurity and loss of home ownership.

Democrats destroyed State economies to advance Communism. Americans must recognize and proclaim two simple words each day, Communist Democrats!

Far to long we have allowed Communist Democrats to define us. We failed to define these Communist Democrats by their actions. From this day forward Americans must never use the Democrat. Communist Democrat must be used at all times to define these traitors of America. They must not be allowed to use a Lie to define them selves, THEY ARE COMMUNIST.

Communist Democrats have sold American jobs to China. Communist Democrats have advanced China’s stealing of American military secrets and patent theft. California Communist Democrats are deeply rooted at every level of our government. Communist Democrats have imported Chinese spies to every collage campus in America.

Do not accept from this day forward any use of the word Democrat. The Democrat Party is fully now the Communist Democrat Party and must be defined by the actions. God requires us to define this evil. Their lie is revealed when you call them by their name! Communist Democrats must be destroyed for America to exist.

Americans United to Save America advances truth. We must no longer accept any part of the Biden Regime agenda. We are required to shift the American reality that this regime is in place to destroy America. Media must not be allowed to control our use of language. We can no longer allow these Communist to call themselves Democrats. They are Known by their actions. These Communist Democrats are destructive to our very existence as a Free People. The Biden Regime has Communist ties to China. Call them by their name!

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