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Blast from the Past

Like many Americans I have been a battle to Save America. Our battle is never ending. Evil never sleeps it operates in the Dark. The attached Video is from 2018. It is important because it will validate for you our battle must not end with any single defeat. Americans today know our greatest weapon the ballot box has been compromised. Our mission changes with each defeat as we advance in the battle for victory over Global Elites (CABAL). American Patriots are clear Televised MEDIA and Technocrats are Traitors. Practiced mind control has placed many Americans into a deep sleep of indoctrination.

I hold Americans are being shaken to a great Awakening. Our education process is advancing at a fast pace. Americans and Patriots for humanity from around the World are working daily to share what must be done. Tools are advancing to get the digital truth broadcast across the planet. I ask each of you to turn off the TV. You hold power to stop the feeding of lies within your home. Learn use the internet while we still can. Seek out the tellers of truth. Share daily to your community of friends. As a great American Patriot (Scott McKay) often says become a digital warrior. Seek the truth in all things. Verify what you listen and watch. Our reality today let's us know Evil is running operations using the same tools.

My skills are lacking but I keep attacking! I am going to attach a video to my blog post. Don't have a clue what I need to advance that skill set, but I will learn. America requires warriors to enter this battle. Build your community. Reach out to each other. Have the difficult conversations. If no troops are knocking on your door today use this day to enlighten everyone you know. Become the men and women that God has selected to fight back this evil. Your numbers are massive. Your tools are many. Learn how to wage battle in this day. God Bless each of you! God Bless the United States of America.

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