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Imagine watching a movie. This movie is made for your mind and spirit. What is truth and what is deception? In this movie you play the role of the government. I will play the role of the people.

Government for our movie will be evil. Government lives by lies. Government is the master of deception. Government is all controlling. Government feeds on the blood of the people. Government picks all winners and losers. Government uses people based on who fits their design and agrees to practice deception and lies. Remember now this is just a movie.

Scene 1- Government meets with Government to agree on control of the people. Government says to the people-you must always do as we tell you. We will give you what we believe you need. People you must follow our rules. You must trust us with your lives. We will own your children from birth. We will give each a number and a value that we will sell to system lovers we purchase. We will be required to lie as needed for your protection from other evil governments. We have created agencies to protect you. We will provide you with education to fit our hidden ideology.

We will create a media to entertain and call it news. Our media will guide you to accept your life as we design. We will Tell you our Vision (Television). We will wage war government to government based on lies and deception. You will accept and must fund our wars. You will provide your sons and daughters to feed our war machine. You will hate when we say hate. We will require you to fear our power over you. You must understand all you rights are granted by us. You receive what we allow you to accept. We will control what you eat, what you drink, where you can go, what you can do, what you can think, where you can live, what you can say. We will require your children accept us as masters. We will decide when children are allowed birth. We require you just to simply do as your told. We do not require your approval. We own your freedom. We hold your liberty. We offer liberty to those who accept us as their master. We offer you happiness only when you embrace the mind control of our media. We will offer you hope and despire. We are all powerful we create the truth you must believe.

Before we go to scene two in our movie let’s ask some questions. What would you call a government like that? Can you imagine the suffering of the people? How do you weaken God’s gift of love and prosperity?

  • Think what pain it must be to give a child to government for government to kill. Imagine a system based on the profit from death. How would a government this evil have the victims accept their death and the death of their children? Imagine the boldness of an evil that has you watch daily the death of fellow humans. Imagine forcing you to listen to their lies daily. What is the name of such evil? Remember now it is just a movie. This movie created to feed your ego. What is your ego? How often do we see only our feelings and emotions from ego? As humans we live in a context of justification our actions. We question and answer using our ego. Our mental organ of justification is the ego. Our ego has both cognitive and motivational functions that justify the self. Imagine controlling the movie that allows us to accept death of massive numbers of fellow humans.

Scene 2- the People speak! We have a God who created us. We are born free. We wrote the rules of government existence. We have the power of all truth being from God. We know who you are. We know where you live. We outnumber you by millions. We know that when we stop feeding and believing your lies you die. We know your control systems. We know you fear us when we unite as one people. We hold the power to reclaim our freedom on any given day. We know what you have done to our children. We know you are killing us when we accept your control. We know governments are working together to hold us captive by fear messaging from your media systems. We know you hold no love of our children or us.

We know government has no compassion or empathy. Government is the beast that we have allowed. All governments exist by our accepting control. Government has raped, infected and murdered millions using self-justification of their control system. Governments hold no honor or integrity. Government knows we will destroy them by standing united. We the people see your media selling your lies.

We see your control of politicians. We see government use of the self-centered minds (narcissist). We see your war machines and their missions of death and destruction. We know what you did on 9/11. We know your Kings and Queens. We know your evil has a name Satan. You have revealed yourself. We are uniting daily. We will escape your captive false reality. We are finding Men of God to teach the power of unity and truth. We started this battle in 1776. Our books contain the history of the power of the people. Evil government your days are numbered!

Questions before we move to scene 3.

Our movie is playing out like our reality. What keeps evil Government in place? Set your ego to the curb. Look at your reality. This is not a dream world. Open your minds, do not accept the government narrative. Government programing of the mind has us accept their story of acceptable death and suffering. This is you allowing your governments powers they do not have. Reality is we accept men with guns killing men with guns. It was sold to us as security against ideological death.

We are gifted the story of good versus evil by media and the Word of God. Our movie will reveal who really holds the power. Open your mind to reality. What life are Americans living today? Who is using deception and fear? Does the Word of God deceive? Does God ask his people to live in fear? Answers these questions take time to look at where you are in this movie. Are you accepting of evil government? Do you claim that there is a God? Challenge yourself to stand with God before Government kills us all.

We are approaching 9/11 when evil government carried out an attack on humanity. Do we have a government today that is advancing suffering and death? I see a World suffering at the hands of evil men. Take time to feel that thought does it feel real to you. Humans are suffering starvation by design. Remember the actions of Mao. What happens when government starve humanity? Has this been done in reality by government?

Government today is evil at its core. Think Bio-Weapon, think vaccine, think invasion, think war, think depopulation and think lies and deception.

You are infinite energy standing in the power and faith of God. Look at our reality.

We are gifted with power when we unite. We must put a stop to this evil. We must become the truth of God in all things. Scene 2 reveals a path to move forward, open you mind and spirit. You hold power over government when you claim it. What if you are stuck in this World of suffering and death because your ego has you accepting it? What can you do to stay connected to claiming your freedom? How do you claim your freedom? How do you defeat their media mind control? You turn it off and connect to each other. You stop accepting their stories of justification of suffering and death. You walk off the job when confronted by criminal demands. You home school your children, teach them God and History. You become a united people standing in freedom. You proclaim your power. If the system is rigged you fix it. Our election process was corrupted by Governments to select a demented controlled puppet. Government controllers are advancing a hidden agenda of American Communism. We have elected men and women who feed their ego acceptance of an evil master.

If Government tramples your rights you remove all of them.

You retire every position that is related to the deep state, communist ideologies, radical religious beliefs that harm anyone, all racism and criminal profit. You advance 1 legal ballot per Identified man or woman. You rid the world of their machines of mind control. Elect men of God standing in truth. Accept no lies or illusions. You must move to God’s Truth. Media and Evil Government only exist when you accept their lies. Shift to a reality of none compliance to the evil story of government. You must be united with like-minded Americans. Patriots can shift to a reality of peace and love. We the people are required to break evil governments control systems.

Copy and Paste to every Federal and State Representative.

Dear Senator I am a man of God. I have seen volumes of evidence that the 2020 election had both Foreign and Domestic acts of treason. My question is why are you allowing treason? Why have you abandoned your oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution? We you demand a full audit of all 50 states? Will you demand all evidence be viewed by every American!

Four Questions that I request your reply. I seek nothing from your staff. I seek your answers please reply by email. I will share your answers with other men of God seeking answers. Accepting Treason will require your removal from office. I pray you do your job.

God Bless you!

Dear Congressman as my public servant I request you stop the invasion of our homeland. Why have you allowed millions to flood into our nation? Why are you weak and deceptive of the truth? Why are you allowing drugs that kill to be injected into Americans? Why are you not demanding a stop of the injections of death? I seek no reply from your staff. I seek your reply! I am united with men and women of God. We will hold you fully accountable for allowing the murder of fellow Americans. Stop your lies. Stop your efforts to justify suffering and death. We are watching! God is watching! Today you are found lacking truth.

God Bless You.

From this day forward each day stay in the mission of finding and sharing truth. Share love, compassion, empathy and peace. You must never find human suffering and death acceptable.

You must stay in the reality of God given truth. When we the people stop accepting evil, evil holds no power over us. Self-government is not controlling it liberating. Self-government requires each man and women to value the blessings of God granted freedom.

Today we have come to a common reality Communist are running our government. They have perfected rigged elections. Our President knew the election would be rigged. Our President caught them all. Rather than have our nation suffer the fake out rage of the media machine and communist he walked away. Truth he never gave up. He maintained his effort to capture evidence for the people to see. He is a man that truly does not wish our nation divided. He had the truth on November 3rd. He witnessed the machine linking to servers in Germany. We knew the only satellite they would use. What do we do now? Nothing will stop what is coming. Our movie script will be written over. The people will see the proof. The people are suffering the failure of a Communist master. We have lost jobs since day one. We suffer government out of control spending of our futures. We see COVID deaths continuing when simple cheap treatments are known and not given.

We feel the effects of inflation that grows each day. We see Courts and Congress unwilling to review election fraud. We see a traitor destroying the honor of the office of President. We listen the Communist moving forward vaccine mandates and mask mandates. We see the Media propaganda machine address every false flag while never addressing the rigged election. We have watched a traitor allow the death of our American solders. We continue to see thousands of illegals flood across our borders. We see the variant lies to continue mail in ballots in California.

You need only take a single action daily. Demand audits are revealed. Do not ask demand! We will never have a republic until will fix our elections. Paper ballots and thumb prints. Count the ballots in each precinct and report the vote.

We are pure truth when we tell no lie or accept a lie. Unleash the Truth.

Trust the Plan and get those e-mails and phone calls made. Let them at every level know We the People are coming to drag away the liars and cheats. Some will hang for their treason.

Feel no pity for an evil that runs this deep. Our laws allow them to know the consequence of their treason. Embrace your Constitutional freedoms. This must never be allowed to happen again.

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! The time is coming Quickly!

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