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Captured Executive Branch Brings the Pain of Failure to Americans and the World.

Americans and the World are watching WWIII play out. WWIII started when foreign and domestic extremist attacked the United States on November 3rd2020. Communist Federal agents planned and worked with foreign agents to seat a foreign operative as President. Americans witnessed the event live. Americans were warned this attack was coming. We allowed this attack by not voting and electing Communist Controlled Washington elites for decades. We sold out for paper and their designed vision of the World. We purchased the lie.

Infiltration took decades and over a century to accomplish. Central Bankers seeking World control of humanity seized our money first. Once all money was controlled they used bribery, entrapment and criminal blackmail to control our political systems. Secret hidden organizations using satanic power captured the planet. Every evil witnessed by humanity was planned for maximum profit and control. Winners and losers were selected to advance all wars, economic collapse and human enslavements. From 1933 forward every child born in America became the owned property of the evil banker system. The United States advanced satanic evil and citizens never pulled back the curtain on the wizard. The history is yours to seek. Key dates 1865, 1871, 1917, 1933, 1963, 1990, 1999, 2001, 2008, 2016 and 2020.

Each date is attached to the total take over of our Republic. National Bankruptcy, Presidential Assassinations, Global World design, Environmental redistribution of wealth, false trade agreements, pharmaceutical/medical corruption, economic terrorism, fiat currency and all Wars hold meaning. Today Democrat racist and bio-weapon genocide are being carried out.

Americans are living a captive slavery that will only get worse. Americans have accepted the created media propaganda that Biden was lawfully elected. Americans broke the old algorithms of election rigging in 2016. Democrats and Republicans have worked together for decades to hold power as directed by the CABAL. Think of the years where we witnessed two useless hand selected Presidential candidates run for office. Truth is they both were owned by the same evil. Election rigging has been the used since the 60’s to select our Presidents. In 2016 Hillary Clinton was the CABAL candidate. Hillary was assured victory to complete the traitor Obama’s mandate. Patriotic Americans lived 8 years of the Obama agenda of destruction. Donald Trump offered a Patriotic agenda of restoring power back to the people. His message of draining what we know is the deep state swamp rallied the American Patriots. You broke their system.

They hated you for not taking the bait. They were angered to tears! They spent four years to reset their system to defeat you. You are the enemy and Trump would be taken down.

They spent day after day working to slow your President. They lied, cheated and rigged false evidence to impeach our President. Both Democrats and Republicans worked in the background with China to plan your defeat. They used all their powers banking, media, corporations of big tech infiltrated political plants and the justice system. Everyday for four years he stood the test and outwitted them. American Patriots rallied in support of our President. They hate you for standing with Trump.

Quantum intelligence was leaked to selected Patriots. This intelligence revealed their evil plans and the actions that would be taken to defeat this worldwide slave master. The swamp was deeper than Trump even knew. He fired and hired seeking people he could trust. He held his enemies close and fed them Intel that would lead to their defeat. SPACE FORCE founded and created by Trump. Trump had extremely loyal Patriots that worked everyday for the people. Each step evil took was tracked using their own weapons. As they held meeting with China, Italy and London their plan became clear. No one expected the use of a Bio-Weapon. What they failed to realize was their contacts of evil were all tracked and every conversation captured.

Quantum intelligence revealed “WE HAVE IT ALL.” We were requested to trust the plan.

We received clues that revealed we had warriors leading us into restoration of our great Republic. Across the World Quantum intelligence drops were decoded and actions verified. We learned the TRUTH! We learned that God was our weapon to defeat this evil. We picked up our bibles and learned the power of conscious prayer. We offered truth and relaxed when we were painted as tin foil hats. We never stopped our effort to red pill the World. We often have attempted to guess dates and timing of this WWIII. We were told this WWIII is on God’s time. We know our mission. Ours is to trust the plan and continue the mission to reveal truth to the world. We learned the digital warrior use of their evil systems. We will never give up!

President Trump won in a landside victory. We again destroyed their algorithm. We forced them to use their WiFi connections and massive fake ballots to stuff voting machines. Every Internet connection was captured. Every satellite link traced. Every server captured. WE HAVE IT ALL!

The greatest evil is yet to be fully shared with the World. Satan demands blood of children to feed his evil. Satan has captured the souls of all power seekers. Satan has always walked among us.

How often have we questioned the evil of our world? God’s children find it difficult to understand the horror of this world.

Who would capture children to use them for sex and blood lust? Imagine world leaders drinking and eating the blood and flesh of babies. Imagine actors, singers and politicians selling their souls to Satan. Billionaires have been trafficking children under ground to feed the blood lust of Satan’s evil whores. This evil has taken millions of children from our world. God will not allow this evil to continue. You must demand this evil to be revealed to every human. SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

#1 Trump won and has the proof. #2 our great military is protecting America from the CABAL. #3 each day the truth is coming out on line and being dripped slowly to the indoctrinated. #4. The New World Order has captured our Supreme Court. #5 Congress has been captured for decades they are communist satanic evil. They have committed acts of treason and accepted bribes for power. #6 Joe Biden is a traitor of the highest order. #7 C.I.A, F.B.I. and bad military contractors have murdered Americans and foreign citizens for money and power. #8 London and the Vatican captured our Federal Government in 1871 and took full control in 1933. #9 You are living as slaves who they wish to kill by the billions. #10 Evil is being allowed to reveal its self.

They have planned a worldwide terror event. Tele-vision is mind control. Censorship and loss of rights is underway. Their last stand!

What is your mission verify seek the truth. Share the Truth. Pray daily and read your Bible. Red pill those who seek the truth.

Seek the truth. Stand up and demand the truth on a local level. Remember state and local governments are captured. Demand answers for every policy they allow to come from Washington. WASHINGTON IS PURE EVIL.

Listen and hear the numbers of child trafficking being forced into the news. Telegram, Rumble, You Tube have many digital warriors sharing truth each day. Check out men and women of God they value honor. Liberty Warriors, Mike Penny (legacy market network), General Flynn, Nicholas Veniamin, Juan O Savin, Lin Wood, Clay Clark. There are many digital warriors in this battle. Select those that are sharing truth. Verify all things.

SEEK Quantum Intelligence! Be prepared things will get worse before the indoctrinated will wake. Become the Great Awaking of your family. We have been told things must play out at this slow speed until 80% of the voters are awake to the Lie of election rigging by Communist and traitors.


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