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Evil CABAL Communist are in Power

Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Communist have taken control of the American Political System. America is being destroyed without any vote of the people. America is being forced to accept the CABAL destruction of our nation. Understanding how we got here offers little hope at this late stage of total take over.

Truth our American Government is dealing in Human Trafficking on our Southern Border. Communist Democrats are working in South America to communicate with Governments to send children to our border. Communist Democrats have again opened our Southern Border to human trafficking and massive drug shipments. To hide human trafficking in full view of Americans, Communist Democrats and establishment Republicans call it an immigration problem. Human trafficking is criminal and to force the American Tax Payer to fund it is criminal.

Children are being sent to our border without parents. Where are the parents of these children? They have been educated to send their children by criminals working with Communist Democrats. Once these children are in the United States parents can soon follow. Pay attention to what is not said. When you see the BIDEN campaign logo on new tee shirts ask the question who paid for the shirts. How does a 9 year child from Honduras travel over 1700 miles without assistance? Now how is it possible for tens of thousands navigate the long journey without help? How many millions are required to deliver the mass populations to the border? Evil men and women are funding and assisting this human movement. These poor people are trafficked by Evil.

DON’T BUY THE MEDIA SHOW LIE! The Communist Democrats are trafficking children with the goal of bankrupting America.

Every American needs to understand Chain-migration. Here is a great site for understanding.

Each day every American can find true stories of children being saved from evil human traffickers. Human trafficking is an extremely profitable crime. Sources share the fact that human trafficking out paces drugs as the number one profit tool for cartels. Why is America now dealing in child trafficking? Who profits inside America? Foundations of evil reap profits in the name of caring for children. It is a SCAM for profit on the backs of the American taxpayer. Any foundation that receives federal funding to assist with child trafficking is part of the evil. Like all things managed by the government they create the crisis first. Then they and family members profit from failed policies and programs that stolen tax dollars fund. Everyday for decades Communist Democrats and establishment Republicans sell us the story of fixing migration. Migration is just another profit center for the politicians.

Truth Politian’s pander the same promise over and over. Yet they never do their job to legislate good laws that work. They are corrupt and will never fix anything that they profit from. Make no mistake Congress is a profit center of corruption and evil.

American migration policy has been broken since 1965. Only two Presidents have attempted to correct the problems Ronald Ragan and Donald Trump. The two party controllers of life have no interest in fixing a profitable government business. Taxpayer workers fund all the failures.

America’s war on Drugs kicked into high gear in 1971. Human suffering created by government failed policies. Who profits from the death of American children? Public Private partnerships of criminal justice (prisons and jails) made millions every single day. Look at how well we are doing. Remember each of the lines is a human life. We are not winning American children are being killed by criminals and Politian’s.

How many times during the election cycle do we hear the promise to stop drug trafficking?

American Education by design has been on a continued path to decline. The Decline has a date 1965. Great Teachers have revealed the intentional dumbing down. Communist inside government have robbed our children’s right to learn. Why our children? Here is a link to a friend’s site. Whistleblower Charlotte T. Iserbyt.

Indoctrination is required to deliver America to the hands of the Communist working with the CABAL. Ultimate CABAL prize is full world control of humanity. Americans have accepted child indoctrination. Once the process is complete our children will accept a government master. Education unions removed any concept of freedom and liberty from the schoolhouse and homes. Americans are on the very brink total government control. This control could have never happened with out dumbing down first Mom and Dad and then all children. Fixing Education is a weapon for political power and control.

Protecting your gun rights is a very profitable campaign issue. How many guns are flying off the rack? Check out gun sells ups and downs.

Note gun sells spikes during Democrat control. Communist Democrats always tell you they are coming for your guns.

This time it is real. Communist Democrats are playing their End Of America agenda in full sight. How many legislators profit from gun and ammo manufactures stock purchases?

Politicians peddle the campaign lie that they will protect your Social Security fund. Social Justice is the evil that created Social Security pension plan. It was done to remove the burden on corporations to fund pensions. Government control and collection destroyed vast trillions of dollars of retirement wealth. Social Security was fully funded and operated in the black for decades. The again in 1965 the Democrats Social Justice legislation known as the Great Society bankrupted the system. Every worker was double taxed and robbed. Social Security is bankrupt and holds the largest unfunded liability of our national debt. Slick Deep State Politicians tell us every 2 years they are going to fix and control the debt. IT IS A LIE! They stole your money check by check. They stole your labor hour by hour they took control of your life.

Create a crisis using Social Justice convince the indoctrinated dumbs Health Care is a right. Communist Democrats (evil satanic) profit from corporations who they empower to sell death weapons. Big Tobacco, Alcohol, Food supply and Big Pharmaceutical Drugs are used to create the crisis. Cancer studies, treatments all profit from the selling of death products. Corporations create the disease and sell the cure.

Humanity only exists for the profit of evil deep state politicians. How many Congressmen and Senators are invested in the Health Care system of death? Understand how this health care as a right was sold to America and the World. Remember 1917 and 1965. SOCIAL JUSTICE IS THE MOTHER OF LIES! COVID 19 was unleashed across the World by the CABAL (central bankers). How many trillions across the World have they stolen during their created pandemic? Create the crisis sell the false cure. Establish government rule. Establish government as the salvation. Corporations and Government masters unleash the newest death weapon, vaccines that will be found to create all manner of death and disease. Watch how fast your health care rights only exist when you take their cure. If you fail to take their cure you will loose healthcare rights. You will not be allowed to enter a hospital unless you have taken the cure. Remember that Planned Parenthood operates on the lie of women’s health rights. Killing God’s creation in the womb in the name of healthcare. EVIL KNOWS NO LIMITS!

Another lie carried out by CABAL (Central Bankers) controllers is taxation. Progressive taxation on a fiat debt based currency only leads to enslavement of the taxed. Taxation of labor is criminal. Paying workers with worthless paper is the greatest evil of the CABAL. The IRS is criminal. Enforcement of unconstitutional taxation is enslavement without chains. Many taxation lawsuits have been filed where the corrupted controlled Courts always find a path to justify the continued collection of progressive taxes. Since 1871 the Corporation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA owns all citizens. We are held as debt by the Federal Reserve Bankers. Our Courts are not using our U.S. Constitution they follow the corporate law constitution.

American Patriots must destroy the lairs. Truth is the weapon. Demand your Congress stops child and human trafficking. Call the bastards, email use Social Media.

Challenge the indoctrinated with TRUTH. Do not accept any lies of the Communist system. Resistance is your weapon and your duty. Don’t accept the sheep dumbs as simply indoctrinated, confront their ignorance with TRUTH. America has no reliable main stream MEDIA. Demand that any statement from the system has proof of TRUTH. You must become the news reporters. Become the citizen Patriots that stop this Communist move. Get strong in the word of God. Get strong in our original Constitution. Use the education tools from this site. ASK ENDLESS QUESTION OF THE CRIMINALS. Americans must not go quietly into the slave system of Communist Rule. Defeat the CABAL! Find and support men and women who will destroy the failing system of lies. Organize your family first and community second. Remove the criminals from power!

God is our salvation! We must not accept any policy or law that we did not design. Americans must find the power to stand up against Government controllers at every level.

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