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Controlled Media Feeding Pro World Order Narrative

Do you feel hot Ukraine running down you back as MEDIA tells you it’s raining?

History and facts reveal the mission of Globalist elites. NEW WORLD ORDER is the mission. Seeking to have One World governance in place is the agenda. America must fall to complete the agenda. Every Government must hand power over to the Global agenda. United Nation Agenda 2030 shares the mission statement and Agenda. The World economic forum is the primary stake holder of the United Nations. War puts the agenda into over drive. Your mission is to decide for yourself and family will you accept World Governance.

America a nation on the brink of economic free fall is allowing Media to alter and shift the reality we each confront. Media along with their masters knows Americans have pulled back the curtain on their lies. Joe Biden is a criminal and a demented man in rapid weak decline. Anyone that has lost a grand parent or parent to dementia knows our reality; Joe Biden is weak. World leaders know Joe Biden is a corrupt bag man for a corrupt family and elite class of political leaders.

Break down the reality of Russia and the Ukraine. Look at the deep history of both. Dig deep and confirm for yourself the ties to the Khazarian Mafia.

The Central Bank of Ukraine is foul with corruption and operates to capture and bribe corrupt American businessmen and politicians.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was created to ensure peace and unity. As a fundamental component of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty is a product of the U.S. desire to avoid overextension at the end of World War II, and consequently pursue multilateralism in Europe. It is part of the U.S. collective defense arrangement with Western European powers, following a long and deliberative process. The treaty was created with an armed attack by the Soviet Union against Western Europe in mind, but the mutual self-defense clause was never invoked during the Cold War.

The Soviet Union was never willing to be controlled by the United Nations and would not agree with the concepts of disarmament. The Soviet Union was destroyed by NATO using many tools to weaken Russia.

Article 1[edit]

Article 1 of the treaty states that member parties "settle any international disputes in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered, and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.

Ukraine is not a NATO member by design. Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Ukraine has had many rulers throughout its history.

Putin watched the breakup of the Soviet Union and recognizes the desire of NATO to isolate Russia as a World Power. Putin has made it clear he would never allow NATO arm the nations that border Russia.

Agreements to disarm the nukes that Ukraine kept after the Soviet breakup required Ukraine to disarm. NATO and the United States in the last decades have poured billions of dollars into the Ukraine. While NATO has failed to address the concerns of Putin and Russia that Ukraine was being armed. Annual budgets from the U.S. Defense Department verify military spending within the Ukraine.

NATO established for Peace is a tool of the military complex to carry out wars. Arming the Ukraine against the demands of Putin that Ukraine must remain a neutral nation has forced the hand of Russia. NATO arming all nations that border Russia is seen as a threat by Putin. Putin knows better than any World leader the ambition of the Global elite to capture and control all of humanity. Putin knows that Central Bankers advanced monetary policy that destroyed the Soviet Union. By design America was allowed 3 trillion dollars for military spending during the cold war and the Soviet Union could not keep pace with its limited budget.

The breakup of the Soviet Union was by design of the Military Complex and the New World Order.

Our World and all humanity celebrated the destruction of the evil Soviet Union. Now decades later we see a World order of Governments that have enslaved all humanity.

The History of Ukraine reads like a continuous warring people influenced by a mix of rulers. Ukraine does have a long history with Russia. The Media narrative the World is watching does not tell the true story of Ukraine. Humanity must always look past Media narratives. Globalist elite corporations and bankers control media of the World. Globalist are seeking a World Order ruling all humanity. Link below is a look at Ukraine history by Wikipedia. By no means does it tell the full history that requires a deep dive into documents and the untold history of corruption not shared.

Perhaps a study of the World reality we each have witnessed. Using fact based assertions we will look past the Media narratives whipping humanity into a mindset of War. Listen to the words of Putin “Russia is going to carry out a Special Military Operation to remove NAZI’s.

Ukraine has long history of corruption. Many American Political Leaders have corrupt money laundering and corrupt business dealing inside the Ukraine.

Paul Pelosi Jr. 2017 had natural gas dealings that did have contracts with Ukraine. Hunter Biden was a board member of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings from 2014-2019. Mitt Romney and John Kerry have son and step son who had back door business with Ukraine. Check out the holding companies and dig below the surface.

USA Today says the reports of Ukraine dealings are partly false. Yet flights to Ukraine by Mom and Dad on tax payer flights and dates do exist. Then the Corporate ties taken place shortly after visits. Nothing to see simply accept our Political elite class doing business to advance their children.

The History of millions to billions of US Department of Defense spending in Ukraine dates through out the Obama administration. American and NATO nations have completed many arms deals with Ukraine. Russia has that data. Putin is fully aware that the U.S. is arming the Ukraine. The U.S. and NATO and the Media say it is to limit Russian aggression and desire to establish the new Soviet Union.

Putin statements over the last decade have made it clear he stands against the NEW WORLD ORDER.

Our World has witnessed the use of Bio-Weapons. Crimes against humanity were funded by the United States using China. America funded thru our DOD Bio-Labs in Ukraine. 11 bio-labs were funded by the U.S. and NATO nations. Placing bio-labs on the border of Russia can be seen as a high risk to the Russian government. Defense Contractors are making billions of dollars in the Ukraine. Funding DOD labs does not assist the Ukraine people or the American people. DOD bio-labs really points at development of bio-weapons. Why would the United States DOD build in Ukraine?

Ukraine is a nation of 43 million humans. United States funding is over 2.7 billion dollars to Ukraine in the name of defense. That is over 62 million dollars for every man woman and child. Follow the money it is not in the hands of the people. FACTS matter and always follow the money. Evidence has been shared but hidden by Media regarding the Biden Family crimes. Ukraine is dead center for Biden Crimes.

Media narrative and Joe Biden are pumping a war with Russia 24/7. War is the tool of Central Bankers to kill humans for profit. Our World has lived thru the bio-weapons attack carried out by criminals working for the United States Department of Defense Dr. Death. American Corporations in 2015 developed vaccines for a virus they designed and unleashed from CHINA.

Research investors within the Defense budget of the United States to track down contracts linked to the Ukraine. Gas Oil and minerals play a huge role in the profit centers and political class investors within the Ukraine. Corruption on a massive scale and willingness to funnel profits using Delaware Corporate shell companies. Where is Joe Biden from? How many shell corporations is Nancy Pelosi and husband invested in. Mitt Romney and John Kerry are corporate scumbags. Both they and their families must be investigated for every single corporate investment that has a Ukraine connection. .

State Street, Black Rock and Vanguard are laughing all the way to the bank. Who are the largest investors in the top 6 Defense Contractors? How many retired Military people who select contractors are now working for the Defense Contractors? Nothing to see here just massive corruption that must be investigated and legislation must be written to stop this corrupt practice. When government employees are allowed to decide contracts worth hundreds of billions of taxpayer funds corruption will take place. Private Citizen professionals should be selected for every government contract. You can not allow the FOX to guard the hen house.

MEDIA is feeding the War narrative that their controllers hand them. Look at the Truth and Facts they are keeping from the American People and the World.

Joe Biden took American Oil off the market on day 1. Forcing the end to American exports. Joe Biden allowed Russia to finalize the Nord stream 1 and 2 pipelines to Germany and Europe. Joe Biden stopped the building the PAID immigration wall and stay in Mexico policy. Joe Biden has allowed 2.2 million known illegals into America. Joe Biden is hiding the estimated other 1 million got a ways from the American People.

Joe Biden is hiding the massive amounts of taxpayer dollars being funneled to NGO’s who profit from criminal immigration. Joe Biden and Congress know that this invasion is a monthly robbery and drain on the social security, Medicaid, public housing and public school systems. Joe Biden by his actions has handed a massive cash dump into the American economy using criminal policies. America is being invaded by design and American sovereignty criminally violated by it’s own government.

Joe Biden has criminally forced the injection of the deadliest vaccines in recorded history of America. Congressmen and Senators have profited from the injection of Americans with a bio-weapon vaccine that does not stop COVID or stop the transmission of COVID. COVID 19 was and is a for profit Plandemic created by Dr.Fauci, DOD and the Bill Gates Foundation. Joe Biden and Democrat Governors against the science have harmed or children with mask mandates.

Joe Biden and the foreign controlled Central Bankers have created supply chain issues using mandates. Joe Biden and Central bankers have inflated the U.S. economy using spending policies approved by Congress that will collapse the dollar and the U.S. economy. No single issue of inflation has not been done without the designed policies of Joe Biden and the Globalist who control him.

Joe Biden was not elected but selected to bring about the total destruction of the World and U.S. economy.

Americans will wake up in the near future to the reality your life is fully owned and controlled by the New World Order that owns Joe Biden. Americans have come to grip with the reality Joe Biden and the DOJ selected to target Mom’s and Dad’s who questioned CRT and Transgender curriculum in schools. Parents have been placed on a terrorist watch list. Freedom and Parents rights under Joe Biden are not allowed to be spoken. MEDIA and Technology Corporations funded campaigns to censor freed speech. Joe Biden empowered the greatest campaign against free speech in American history. Joe Biden has openly said he will seek the destruction of 2ndamendment freedoms. Joe Biden the selected President has advanced the greatest loss of Constitutional freedoms in our History.

JOE BIDEN is a Traitor and Criminal, much of the proof of his treason rest inside the Ukraine. Joe Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Clinton, Romney, Kerry and Mitch know the evidence must be destroyed. American MEDIA Corporation owners have business interest in the Ukraine and their dirty deeds must also be destroyed. Energy Sector American and World Corporations have many corrupt ties to the Ukraine and must assist with the War message. Deception and criminal business is the reason for the MEDIA Narrative.

American political class locked down our nation. Many of those who pushed the lock down are criminal traitors who work and are owned by the Global elite class. Lock downs were required by the military complex to collect data for recognition software updates.

Total control of humanity is the agenda. Removal and depopulation of the nonproductive and non-consenting humans will be accomplished. COVID 19 was a bio weapon of deception to inject humanity with the true bio-weapon vaccines.

Lock downs were about control of humanity. America remains the last prize required to complete the Global agenda of World governance. American Globalist have expanded our debt to over 30 trillion dollars along with over 160 trillion of unfunded debt.

America has a debt to GDP ratio of -138%. America has 37% of its population fully funding 63% of it population. Our social services sector is broken. Working class tax payers can not support the massive volume of government workers and social handouts. It is not the fault of any worker it is the fault of corrupt men in women who advanced government expansion.

Corrupt elections have allowed political elite to hide their failures. Old criminal bastards created a system that allows the to profit regardless of the pain and suffering of the Working Class.

Americans are witness to the coming economic collapse. American people did not design this collapse. Globalist elite class of American politicians and Corporations designed it. My fellow Americans evil men and women are destroying you from within. Our political class at all levels have sold the American people into slavery of debt.

COVID 19 was used to control and increase the World economic collapse. Covid 19 was a weapon of depopulation and control carried out by Globalist.

The American economy under President Trump was offensive to the Globalist and had to be defeated. Nationalism and love of country do not exist in the New World Order. Our World must refuse borders, sovereignty and individual property.

Individual freedom, thoughts and wealth do not exist in the New World Order. Our U.S. Dollar will become totally worthless and inflation will advance great suffering for all Americans accept the ruling class.

Worldwide protest has forced every tyrant government on the planet to reveal that they are marching in lock step of a Global totalitarianism. Americans in the name of security after 9-11 handed all rights of privacy over to the military complex ruled by Globalist.

Nothing you speak, no private transaction, no phone conversation, no social media post and no written word goes without capture. Data becomes a weapon to capture and limit critical thoughts that do not align with the globalist agenda. What actions have taken place against humans around the World? Canada declared emergency powers that allowed them to remove bank accounts, ownership and government rights from protesters for freedom.

Australia placed unvaccinated humans in isolation camps and physically force injected citizens. American cities have locked Americans forced out of restaurants, shops, movies, public travel and schools. France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, Japan, Israel and all governments of the World have taken full control measures against freedom.Humanity has stood against controls and mandates the Globalist order forced to shift the mind control narrative. Globalist New World Order military complex always uses War once again becomes necessary.

The State of the Union will be not address the abject failures of Joe Biden and the Communist Left that run him. The State of the Union will now be about stopping the one single man holding back the NEW WORLD ORDER. American people are mind controlled ignorant humans who will listen and accept the long running NARRATIVE of MEDIA. American Media is nothing more the well paid mind control.

Their job is to feed fear and division to the masses. The masses eat it up like hogs at the trough of government.

Get ready the pain is here and MEDIA and JOE BIDEN don’t give a damn about your life. They control every aspect of your life because you need them. A large group of Americans are the weak humans that our Founders feared would hand freedom over without a shot being fired.

United to Save America only ask that you look past the MEDIA Narrative of the New World Order. Always follow the money and seek both sides of all things. Humanity and Freedom have been under attack and countless murders have been carried out and allowed because MEDIA refuses to reveal TRUTH. There is no news there is only mind control MEDIA. MEDIA feeds the deception of the political elites and the DEEP STATE Globalist. Truth has become Lies and Lies become truth of the indoctrinated.

Our reality WWIII was declared on November 4th 2020. GOD versus Satan is for life. Truth versus Lies is for life. Good versus evil is for life. The war is biblical and you either accept you have been deceived or you simply do nothing. Ask your self how long will you accept the lies of MEDIA, the Political elites and the globalist world order? Humans in the Ukraine and Russian solders are going to die to hide the real truth of the evil allowed within the Ukraine. Putin knows and speaks his hate of the World Order and they paint him as pure evil.

When you poke a bear with a stick and laugh hell is coming soon.

America Joe Biden is a sick demented criminal selected to destroy your nation. Media is fake news and fully owned and controlled by evil corporations of the DEEP STATE. No one is coming to save you! GOD is the WORD and TRUTH is of GOD not man. Pray that GOD will put an end to the suffering of humanity carried out by evil TYRANTS.


Keep it short Joe! Tell the brain dead that life is good. Tell them to get the shot. Tell them suffering while we fight the War is what Americans do. Tell us Joe that your working on inflation while spending billions of dollars to destroy American energy and protecting the environment. Tell Joe of all the Jobs you will create in the next two years. Tell us Joe that you are the education president working with the first lady to fix education. Tell us Joe that elections are fair. Tell us Joe how you are going to fix the borders. Tell us Joe that we must accept and embrace you criminal immigrants. Tell us Joe that Build Back Better is needed to fix the inflated economy you created. Tell us that Putin did it! Tell us Joe to stand with the World Order and defeat Putin. Tell us Joe how much you care about the Ukraine borders. Tell us Joe who Profits from your created push for War?

Why would Ukraine refuse to stop their military build up of NATO and US supplied weapons? WHO PROFITED FROM THE MILITARY BUILD UP OF UKRAINE JOE?

I have a great flag that was given to me it simply says FUCK JOE BIDEN!

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