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Controllers seek capture of the body and blood of God’s creation.

Heart, Mind and Courage make up the body of mankind. The blood that flows within the veins feeds pure energy needed to live. Our hearts are energy centers feeding the brain charged blood that drives ability to connect all things. In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and GOD was the WORD. The WORD is the bread of Life. When humanity turns from the bread of life, life is lost. With out the bread of life we become weak and accepting of evil. Control becomes possible for the dark feeders on the blood of God’s creation.

When you rip life from the womb, why do murders in schools shock you? ROE V. WADE allowed Federal Government to legislate abortion. Men decided murder in the womb was a federal right. God is not happy!

When women march and protest to allow murders in the womb are, they connected to God the creator?

Accepting any right not from God but man should require you to seek a greater knowledge. Abortion is funded by government you are accepting abortion. Our government supports murder using your labor tax. Our government legislates murder. Congress profits from legislated death. Abortion, open sells and taxation of cancer agents, food additives that destroy the heart and kidneys.

Sells and distribution of drugs that do not cure but ensure slow death that will remove any accumulated wealth. Chemical releases into water systems that lead to brain damage and bone disease. Creation of Corporate Profit Centers of Death.

You are a captive to government that legislates acceptable depopulation. Your life value rank determines at what point you die. Your ability to meet the needs of government and government corporate masters determines life expectancy. Lobbyist control all laws not you. Great sadness comes with the knowledge they are planning the greatest mass genocide ever.

When you say or think there is nothing we can do you are captured “I don’t vote it won’t change anything.” Your government funds creation of viruses, are you shocked when they released it on humanity.

Media mind control works for the creators of the viruses. Media feeds fear into the minds of the ignorant 24 hours per day for the predetermined timeframe. Controlled humans line up to take an injection that does not protect or prevent the spread. When you learn that each week your fellow Americans are dying and forever disabled by the injections will you take a booster?

Food distribution and processing are being destroyed, are you prepared? When economic ignorance rules the indoctrinated, how will they prepare?

Department of Education, Teachers Unions and Congress legislated indoctrination not education.

When Corporations work to advance your economic destruction using their paid political systems, how will you survive? Are you clear that every economic collapse is by design? Do you hold the knowledge that economic collapse leads to profitable war machine going to battle? Can you handle the truth that by design evil controllers seek human loss and suffering for advanced wealth of the political elites?

When the military complex works for your defeat are they traitors? When this Nation and the military complex turn their backs on veterans, where is honor? When American warriors are abandoned and killed due to the abject failures of TV Generals, is there accountability? Will Generals who sell out to political elites save you from the coming war? Perhaps our sold out Congress, Ukraine and China owned President would save America. When three letter agencies are using weapons on Americans that kill without trace are you concerned. When enforcement becomes the force to eliminate humans who distribute truth is there due process. When the captive slave no longer accepts his bondage your government will murder them. You accept the healthy mans heart attack. You accept the suicide of good people. You accept the car, plane or boating accident.

When trillion dollar budgets become acceptable, who pays that bill each year? When did you last vote on a budget? When 6 trillion dollars is spent in a single year do you grasp just how much money they are stealing? American is a nation of 126 million tax payers who are accountable for this debt. We are a nation of 333 million humans. What would be the cost to send each person 1 million dollars per year? At one million dollars per year per citizen how many years would 43 billion last? Imagine the stimulus to the American economy. Imagine the advanced education system that would be funded. Imagine the advanced health care systems.

Imagine a nation where Veterans would receive the highest level of health care. Imagine that our poor would never hunger or lack for housing or be forced to wait in lines for high quality healthcare. Imagine a nation where drug addiction became a thing of the past. Imagine a nation that advanced the true energy and power of God. Imagine a nation where we each looked into the eyes of an equal creation of God. Self governed by our true nature of Love and caring always.

Do you understand that America has sent 1 billion dollar per citizen (43 million) to Ukraine? Read that again you have sent 1 billion dollar to each man, woman and child of Ukraine. The Ukraine people are not getting our money it is the United States Military Complex Corporations and their employees.

Government Contractors pensions are advancing while the working class and small business owners are struggling. The United States Government Owners are stacking wealth and pulling the plug on humanity.

Who is profiting from Ukraine? Congressmen and women, Military Contractors, Ukraine’s President and the Central Banker Controllers are all lining their accounts while people suffer. 1 single billion dollars would put 3 million dollars into the hands of Americans.


Do you know the TRUE definition of CARE?

Congress dishonors the founding principles laid out both in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Congress members openly willfully call to erase our foundational documents. Members of Congress openly advance insurrection and the destruction of our Supreme Court. Congress allows secret tribunals held without benefit of due process. Congress advances legislation that is abhorrent to the people and the Constitution. A tyrannical one-party of criminals refuse to unite our nation by continuous acts and legislation of division.

When do you see your Congressman or Senator?

When did 11:00 pm become the time for town hall meetings? When Democrats advance open communist agendas and Republicans never seem to take a stand, how do you tell them apart?

When Congress spends more time on TV then doing the work of the people, what could go wrong? When the average American cannot tell you how many Senators they have, who they are and the name of their Congressman, we have a total lack of caring? Lack of CARING has placed America into the hands of extremely evil men and women. Lack of CARING leads a failure act. Teaching the core principles of our founding fathers and our creator can restore America. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the right of every American.

We the People will not accept divisions of criminal traitors.

Congress votes taxation, congress votes defense spending, congress votes education budgets, congress selects Justices, congress declares war, congress votes for spending trillions, congress controls immigration and funds border control, congress votes for all treaties and trade agreements, congress funds all foreign aid and congress, congress, congress has and is destroying America. Who elected these criminals? We all know it is our fault. We allowed this by turning out 30% of the people to vote. It is time to challenge anyone that fails to vote. Only when 100% of Americans CARE and vote will we know the levels of their lies. We are not divided we are united.

When half the nation wants a full investigation into the 2020 election and we get a Democrat made for TV production will we ever know the truth? Patriots have forced the rapid pace of the full control agenda.

It is coming! Evil masters are transporting your replacements across the border each day. Hell is coming and it is real.

When you ask anyone from Louisiana if elections can be rigged 100% of the people will break into a story Huey Long, Edwin Edwards and John Bel Edwards yep elections are always fixed.

When you cannot feed your babies is America the greatest nation on earth?

When the Dollar is worthless what happens?

When your government advances aide to foreign nations without regard for the suffering of the people they govern that is treason.

When nations of the World will not sell to the USA for dollars, what do they know?

When you have taken war across the planet, should the World open the door to help you?

When you never vote and only leave it to others what happens to your nation?

When those that vote elect criminals, are you shocked there is no Justice?

When Crime goes unpunished, how do you control the criminals?

When drug cartels have more control of our border than border security, what could go wrong?

When the Attorney General of the United States fails to prosecute federal crimes, is there justice?

When the Attorney General turns the FBI into a weapon against parents, is there justice?

When the Attorney General says the greatest threat to our nation is White American Patriots, is there justice?

When the FBI who works for the Attorney General who works for the President spies on a political campaign is there justice?

When the FBI knows that a Secretary of State allowed foreign access to top-secret documents on a private server, is there Justice?

When the FBI lies to the Courts to spy on any American without due process is there justice?

When the FBI knows that the Son of a Presidential Candidate has revealed criminal actions of the candidate and does not share it with the people, is there Justice?

When criminal illegals enter with knowledge and support of the DHS, is there justice? We not Congress or the President fund these millions of criminals. TRUTH they are criminal illegals!

When Congress allows government bureaucrats to offer false testimony (Lies), is there justice?

When the President and Congress fail to protect our National Sovereignty, is that a breach of oath of office?


America was sold to Satanic Dark Occult (hidden secrets) Masters (elites). You were born in within 24 hours of your birth you were captured and controlled. Second, you must acknowledge that Dark Occult masters have hidden your ability to free yourself. You live in a World built on lies. Third, you must know your captures.

Who are these evil dark controllers? How do they maintain power over you? Forth, you must learn the skills required to free your self, your family and our World. What are the hidden principles of natural law? Why would they hide your power from you?

In the Dark ages, truth, knowledge and the written word rested in the hands of the rulers. Thus, the dark ages a time of ignorance and acceptance of rulers. All wealth prosperity and land ownership rested in the hands of elites. Each time in human, history great suffering in death occurred only elites advanced. Humanity was controlled yet people would advance when a single man or group of men questioned their enslavement. Our creator has endowed us with the ability to question. Our creator hearts, minds and courage forces us to question captivity. Enslavement is not natural to us. Control is negative to God’s creation.

God the creator is pure energy. Our endowed energy expands within the realm of Love, Freedom, Knowledge and Sovereignty. Satanic Occult laws always seek power and control over all natural laws. As above is below. For every positive, there is a negative this is natural law.

Truth, Occult (hidden mysteries) allows them massive power of our creation. Our hearts are energy centers feeding our life force blood to our minds and guts. All seekers of Love and knowledge find this energy force. All humanity has access to Devine law the Word of God elevated created consciousness.

All humanity is witness to the natural law created within each of us. Our elevated sense of good versus evil is real. Our seeking of truth has forced the occult masters who fear their loss of control to a hidden agenda to kill us. Each day men and women reveal the hidden mysteries of the evil masters.

Our energy increases as we stand in love. Truth, Fear is the occult negative force against love. Listen our World Media (mind control of the occult) fear being fed to the human consciousness is by design. This battle is direct from the Word of God. This battle is a battle to fully control the creation of God. Our mission is to live without fear and stand firm in the love of God.

Fear is the most powerful tool of Satan. Our history has recorded man created fear that each time removed a freedom. As occult elites advance the world design humanity suffers and millions die. Let us focus on the last few years. Fear Trump returning power to the People. Fear Patriots seeking freedom and speaking truth. Fear police brutality. Fear the man created Virus. Fear you must wear a mask. Fear the man created medicine and vaccines. Fear human contact social distance. Lock down and avoid human touch, Fear of invasion and drug imports on our southern border. Fear man created economic collapse. Fear man created food shortages. Fear of energy cost Gas and oil shortages.

Fear sick gunmen. Mind Control of humanity always starts with feeding the dark vibration of fear. Do you see it? Do you feel it? Do you hold that knowledge that this fear is by design of World Controlled Governments? These World Controlled Governments seek total control and the destruction of Nations of self-rule.

What skills must we each have to defeat these Satanic Occult masters? How do you defeat each fear?

President Trump has returned power to the people. He revealed and uncovered every member of the DEEP STATE. He declassed their hidden secrets. President Trump compelled the Patriots to seek and find Truth. President Trump empowered the people to reveal fact- based truth. President Trump showed us how you never give into their evil. When they attack you, you stand with the power of God. President Trump taught people to resist and stand up and call out evil government. President Trump told us it is not him they seek to destroy it is we the people.

Patriots refused to live in fear and sought knowledge of the bio-weapon. Patriot doctors and scientist worked to uncover the lies of the virus. Patriots would not accept control and censorship. Digital warriors united to share truth and destroy the fear control campaign.

Patriots refused lock downs or close their business. Brave warriors walked off their jobs. As vaccine awareness warriors, we fed truth across the world. We stood firm in our sovereign right not accept a DNA altering weapon.

Patriot mothers and fathers refused to accept government harm to their children.

Moms refused to teach racist hate or transgender garbage to their children. Patriots stood against a criminal DOJ, FBI and President that would target them. Patriots will never allow government to define them. YOU MUST NEVER ALLOW GOVERNMENT TO CONTROL YOU, YOUR MIND AND YOUR HEARTS! You are a perfect creation of God the father and should never allow government or any man to define you as evil.

Economic collapse is not a joke for the ignorant that fail to seek knowledge. Listen this truth. Currency is not paper alone. Currency is anything that two humans exchange for goods and services. Food, metal, skills, shelter, water and clothing are all currency. Your greatest currency is your heart, mind and guts. Liberty Warrior Nation (brother Mike) has shared the message of being prepared for months. We live in a time of truth. We know their evil design and they have revealed their plans. Love and Knowledge is the power of God within each of us. We stand united to save our great nation. First we must empower our selves, family, communities by being a beacon of love, knowledge and freedom. PREPARE AND TEACH OTHERS TO PREPARE! ESTABLISH FAMILY AND COMMUNITY!


Great evil has been unleashed on all humanity. Things are dark only when you fail to lift your face to God. Live in the question daily “God what action would you have me take on this glorious day.”

We must embrace the Devine powers of God. Humanity existed without electricity. Humanity existed prior to the automobile. These technologies make live easier but life can exist without them. Do I believe evil could take down the energy grid? Yep they have developed the weapon. Will they use it? Yep they may. So a man of knowledge would prepare. A child of God will prepare. Evil has no boundaries to seeking human suffering and death. It has always been the agenda of Satan to control or kill the children of God. FOOD, WATER, SHELTER and WEAPONS are required. Learn the lost skills of nature cures. Have a supply of herbs and vitamins.

Our Supreme Court has affirmed the Constitution with many lawful rulings. Protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights to protect our selves with arms. By returning Abortion rights to the states, they stood with the 10thAmendment. They found that abortion is not a Constitutional right. Our Supreme Court affirms the freedom and right to pray. You are witness to the great awakening of our Supreme Court honoring their oath to defend the Constitutional Bill of Rights.

Listen to the tyrant evil rulers scream the rights of women. What they fail to scream is the truth that murder in the womb is not a woman’s Constitutional right. Nowhere within the Bill of Rights is Abortion mentioned. These evil Congressmen and women are opposed to the acceptance of God’s creation. At conception, a child of God sleeps within the womb. Protection of the child now is preserved by the vote of the people of every State. Any State that willfully decides to advance murder in the womb will have that freedom. With the choice to continued abortion, those States and People have defined who they are. As we listen COPORATIONS willing to fund abortion, they have defined who they are. Our right will be to never support those States and those pro-abortion Corporations.

Do the statements of Maxine Waters and AOC rise to the level of Sedition? Both statements are within the posted link. Ignorance of the ruling and the spreading of ignorance advance a continued policy of Federal control.

Sedition the federal crime of advocacy of uprising or overthrow against the government or support for an enemy of the nation during time of war, by speeches, publications and organization.

Sedition usually involves actually conspiring to disrupt the legal operation of the government and is beyond expression of an opinion or protesting government policy.

Our nation has ended the life of over 63.5 million babies. Let us resolve to correct the error of abortion for birth control. Let us resolve to restore moral order for the unborn creation of God. Let us share with our black brothers and sisters the TRUTH that is an evil based on eugenics. Let us reveal the evil of racist democrats who created Planned Parenthood. Let us firmly resolve to embrace restoration of the family unit. Empower life creation and support of every mother.

Evil has defined themselves by their actions. Support and funding of murder in the womb rest with both parties. Evil created every war and both parties have profited from the death of American warriors. Evil created a system of worthless paper and taxation of labor 1913. Evil removed God from schools and created the dumbing down of our children. Evil has handed the wealth of hard working Americans to criminal profit partners in foreign nations. Both parties have profited from criminal immigration and human trafficking. Both parties profit directly from importation of drugs and the legal sells of death narcotics. Both parties work as one using a criminal corporate system for every aspect of life. Both Parties operate against the Constitution.

Education must return to the parental control. School Boards must be forced to reveal every aspect of curriculum. We can no longer trust that government is sharing fact-based knowledge. We have a massive volume of evidence that our children are ignorant of Rights, Freedom, Patriotism and God. We must defund the DEA and communist teachers unions. In right to work states advance policy to hire private pro America Teachers. When the Unions protest break their contracts. ALL GOVERNMENT WORKS AS PUBLIC SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE. Any organization that seeks to harm the people’s children will not receive our tax dollars.

Core values and foundational principles of our creator will guide us. Principles of Natural Law will understood before any graduation. Education for Living within a moral principled society is a learned skill. We must destroy the drug and food additives that harm the minds of our children.

Patriots must learn to start each day connecting their conscious minds and souls to the creator. Allow the great master determine our direction. We must create from the space of Love and Caring. We must understand evil created the removal of our connect to God. We must understand fear is evil and love is our connection. We must teach the skills required to remove the lies from our lives. All the negatives that grip our world where designed to weaken our power and energy.

TRUST the Word of God. Satan and the occult are destroyed with a single WORD from God! That WORD lives within you! LOVE!

17 pages by design.

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