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Democrats call for Suppressing Political Opposition

Supporters of President Trump are under attack. Democrats lack the ability to govern all Americans with equality. Progressive Ideology rules the Democrat Party. The WOKE Mob is the base of the Democrat Party. America a Nation built on Freedom of Liberty has elected a political party that destroys freedom of speech and ideology. Democrat controlled Media and elected Democrats are advancing racial hate. Elected Progressive Democrats are advancing the need to reprogram political opposition. Elected Democrats and Media declare Trump supporters to be Domestic Terrorist. Elected Democrats define Americans who hold opposition principle as defective.

Americans are divided by belief in core values. Both political parties advance the divide for political power. Every American knows the issues that divide us. Tax funding of abortion, religious objection to abortion, private property rights, taxation without representation, illegal immigration, climate change, racism, education decline, corporate corruption, free speech, issues of morality, two tiered justice system and 2ndAmendment rights. Our divides have existed without a single political resolve from the political parties.

America was blessed to have a foundation built on God given principles. Many of our divides have a very simple Constitutional path to unity. On abortion each State should be allowed by a vote of it’s citizens to decide it’s choice. The funding by the federal government must be stopped. Allow states and citizens to vote on all issues. Citizens that desire abortion would be allowed free movement to any state that accepts and wishes to fund abortion. States that oppose by a vote of the citizens any issue are allowed self-government. Americans must educate themselves to the limited powers originally designed for Federal Government. States have weak legislatures that handed their powers to the Federal beast. America is held captive to a foul corrupt Federal Government. Our foundation was planted on a firm belief that limited government powers must remain local nearest to the people. Taxation of all goods and services would be held and collected locally. Taxation of labor was designed by politically corrupt men to send all labor taxes to the Federal Government. Federal control requires States and Local government to beg for funding. America then watches the Political Party in power in Washington to hand funding down to states that support their political party. All funding is done using this party process. The top 100 corporate government contractors do not change with election of Democrat or Republican. What changes is their rank. Republicans heavily fund the Military Complex. Democrats heavily fund Social Justice and Global Agendas.

If you claim to be an American I implore you to read the original Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. You should also read the Federalist Papers. Our founding fathers gave us volumes of recourse for citizens to control tyrants. Two failed political parties of tyrants are ruling us. Until we unite to destroy these controllers of humanity we are at risk. Let me clarify the word destroy. Defund both political parties. Dismantle corporate ownership of both political parties. We must have term limits.

I am a Christian American. My color was by God’s design. I hold no privilege over any fellow human. God grants my freedom of thought and speech. I denounce all racism and hate. I am a man who embraces critical thinking. I was blessed to be American by birth. I support law and Order.

I was blessed with a family history of great men and women. They survived the great depression and fought in the service of America (WWI, WWII, KOREA, VIET NAM, DESERT STORM, and IRAQI FREEDOM). I have worked a lifetime to provide for my family. Until COVID I had never received government assistance of any kind. I am an American political activist. I love our American flag and stand with honor to salute it. I demand respect for our Veterans. I have a core belief every American should honor the men that died, fought and fight for our freedom. I hold a core belief that Americans are an exceptional people.

I respect and embrace the freedom of political decent. I do no harm to others. I believe every American should work to make America Great everyday. I hold I am not perfect and pray to God each day to be a better man. I educate myself using fact-based history of our United States. I know THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a foreign owed CORPORATION. I know the formation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA created a 2nd Constitution that is unlawful.

I will not allow any man or political party to define me. I will not accept an ideology that advances any form of government other than the Republican form of government. I will fight to preserve my original Constitutional rights. I will not be reprogramed because I support President Trump. I will not be defined by the color of my skin. I will not allow the removal of God from this nation founded on God given freedom. I will never support Communist rule of America. I will never accept a government shift to criminal elections. I will never accept the radical ideology of Leftist. I will not be a victim of evil. I will not allow harm to my family or community by a foul political ideology. I will return violence if violence is done to my family. I will protect at all cost the right of free speech. I am armed with the word of God to guide me. I will protest government failures.

I am a proud American! I offer no quarter to Communist or those that hold that ideology!

I stand with Honor with 75 million Americans that Voted for President Donald John Trump.

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