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Digital Patriot Warriors Become Our Nations News Source

All World Media sources fail as news journalist. Main Stream Media fails to share truth in reporting News. As digital warriors tackle the job of reporting the news, the propaganda Media rushes to censor our out reach. This is why Digital Patriot Warriors became a reality. Every revolution of the People has required brave men and women to challenge the propaganda narrative of the ruling elite. Often these brave men and women have been captured and put to death. History reveals those that challenged evil rulers.

Today we witness truth becomes a lie and lies become truth. Sharing truth places many on a list of the organized message of World Governments. Look at China. Look at North Korea. Look at Russia. Look at Cuba. Most importantly look at the United States of America. We are black listed and tracked.

United to Save America continues to seek and share truth and reality of the two sides to every news story.

As a Co-Host of American Freedom Watch Radio our mission was bringing the unspoken reality of Media lies to light. The Tea Party movement at its birth was the starting point of Americans seeking and finding truth. Every movement of the People has been attacked and painted with the brush of conspiracy. Citizen journalists are a powerful part of what is taking place across the planet. Technology allows us to record visual proof and share across the World a true reality. The greatest fear of the Main Stream propagandist is the citizen digital warrior. Today you can seek and find both sides of any news story.

In 2019 a Bio-Weapon was unleashed on the World. Within days brave Chinese Doctors and Scientist had reached out across the dark web to share the truth. These brave reporters of truth were quickly taken from their homes and have never been seen again. Those of us who saw their message went into over drive to share their message. We were soon canceled and blocked by big tech media outlets. Mainstream Media and the Political controllers worked over time to delete us. We have all been forced to learn how to defeat their tools of silence.

Digital Patriot Warriors had a powerful alley in the President of the United States.

President Trump embraced finding the proof and seeking the evidence of the evil. He took the arrows of the propaganda machine and shared the truth. Today that truth is being revealed drip by drip. There are highly effective treatments for the China Virus. Verified peer reviewed studies exist and can be found. Drip, Drip, Drip the reveal is becoming mainstream within the Digital Patriot Warriors. The continued use of the emergency use authorization is criminal. The propagandists are party to creating a humanitarian crisis. Prepare for the trails to come, as these criminals are held accountable.

As we watched and researched the evidence we learned the why of the release. Four years of lies could not defeat the champion of the people President Trump. As the fully indoctrinated shouted he is a lair, he is mean, he is arrogant, he is a racist, he is a Russian spy and he is selling out America these citizens swallowed the lie. Digital Patriot Warriors never found any evidence to confirm the main stream Media or Democrat lies. What was found is the truth of a Coup d’état carried out by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton the FBI, CIA, IRS, Black Hat Military and RINO Republicans.

Each detail has been verified and shared by Digital Patriot Warriors. It is all on line. Yet the World has witnessed a corrupt Justice System fail to arrest a single traitor. We have witnessed powerful people escape criminal justice. We have witnessed average men and women suffer wrongful prosecutions for tax evasion, standing up for religious freedoms, gun ownership and peaceful protest. Americans live within a two-tier justice system that is foul and corrupt. When our President cannot receive justice we little people have no hope.

Americans have fallen for the greatest lie of our time. Propagandist used the satanic power tool of fear. Democrats, China’s CCP, European Kings and Queens, the Vatican and their Central Bankers created COVID as an election tool to commit fraud. Rigged elections, false flag national and World events are the weapons of evil. Satanic minions have controlled our world through out history.

Every war, every economic collapse, every human disaster, all drugs and all child and human trafficking are the tools of this evil. This evil controls the decline of education.

This evil has advanced all disease and held all cures from humanity. This evil has advanced racism and hate. This evil has focused on advancing moral decline. This evil has attacked God’s children in the womb. This evil has advanced all self-destruction. This evil elevates greed and corruption. This evil poisons the minds of the weak. God revealed this evil in the book of his WORD our Holy Bible. You are living a biblical great reveal. This reveal will not come from the corrupt.

Digital Patriot Warriors are standing in their faith to share with you the message of God’s warriors. As great false prophets have advanced their wealth, the devote servants of God have found their voice. Our message is designed to provoke humanity to action. Look at your world.

Do you see the wars and HEAR the rumors of war? Do you see the floods across this World? Do you see Citizens screaming for freedom and liberty?

Have you listened Patriots across this nation sharing with you concerns about this virus? Have you listened the Doctors taking a stand giving up their wealth to share with you truth? Have you watched God’s warriors begging you to listen to the truth of treason? Do you know that God has driven every revolution for freedom? America was born by divine intervention. The great 5000-year leap was mankind following the will of God. All mankind is created in the image of God. We are allowed freedom and liberty not from men but by our creator father God. We have allowed evil men to destroy the true peace of our God. It is time for America once again to stand in the power of Gods word. We will not accept any lie. We will not accept any advance of corrupt evil race theory. We will not accept any citizen being forced to vaccination with a gene therapy experiment.

It is time for each of us to take back our nation. We need Americans to join the World to reclaim God’s Nation. Evil continues the lie of virus! The evil is planning a food shortage. Evil is creating a fuel shortage. This is their coming last days to inflect pain on humanity. The United States is going to see events that will require every Patriot heart to stand united. We can handle anything in Gods name. Listen and speak truth. Stand firm to wrap each other in the full armor of God. Help each other. This Marxist Evil will attempt a great fear upon the Earth. You must learn to stand as a warrior for God. Lift each other. They are going to slow food and fuel. Don’t go crazy get simple foods. Rice, peanut butter, oil and water! This time will pass very quickly once the traitors are revealed. AMERICA is a nation of men and women who when united can never be defeated. EVIL is being driven from earth. Remember this evil always uses FALSE FLAG EVENTS to create fear. Fear is the tool of Satan. Look it in the eye and cast it back to hell. We are children of God!

I am in FB jail again yet this message is going out. We know the law and are now part of a Class Action Law suit for our freedom of speech. Prepare your heart and minds to listen and find truth. Yes not all messengers in the battle are real. The GOP working with Satanic Obama carried out infiltration of the Tea Party. Every movement for justice has been infiltrated to stop advancing mankind toward the kingdom of God. Today highly paid trolls and Big Tech are using the power of censorship to attempt to silence the truth movement.

Marxist New World Order elites are funding their last stand. You are witness to WWIII. Your prayers are required. Your power is in the truth of the Word of God. Never give up! Our Leaders are working everyday to bring you the power of Gods word. Seeking the truth against all odds. As they remove tools we find new tools. God provides us clarity of mission. Each warrior lost lifts up a greater power for each to move forward. We are seeing the truth revealed and the power of God’s children is coming clear.

God Bless America! God Bless Quantum understanding of defeating all lies! WE HAVE IT ALL! TRUST THE PLAN! Stand firmly united in faith. As always do all things in the name of our Lord God’s World! You live in the greatest nation on earth. Never allow man to define you! You are a child of the all powerful God. GOD WINS! Pray all things in the name of our Savoir Jesus Christ. You are living in the time God has shared with us. Empower your understanding no more sleeping in the mist of evil. Elevate your knowledge of becoming a Lawful Citizen of this free Republic!

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