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Discernment of Truth from Propaganda

American Media and Governments are selling lies. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

Truth requires discernment not of propaganda but of facts. Our average research time per day is 14 hours. These hours are extended by Big Technology working for the CABAL to eliminate search tools. Books are available today but are being highly censored are hidden. Government documents are buried deep and require excessive digging. For us this is a labor of love for our Nation and World. All attacks are World Wide and the evil is boundless.

America is not a racist Nation. America has a human crisis on our Southern Border. Not all Police are Derek Chauvin. Unarmed White men are killed by Police than Blacks. America is broke and advancing toward economic collapse. Inflation is real and being advanced. Our Election was rigged and had foreign interference. Covid 19 has treatments that save lives without taking a non-approved gene therapy. Human trafficking is out pacing drug running. The American two party system is foul and totally corrupt. BLM is a Marxist organization funded by radical Leftist. ANTIFA is a militant domestic terrorist Leftist funded organization. There are two genders. Critical Race Theory being taught in schools is not new, it is Marxist ideology. The United Nations has a single mission World Governance that they control. The planet is cooling not warm. Environmental (climate change) theory that humans are destroying the planet is a redistribution of wealth scam. All government at every level is corrupted. Americans are loosing wealth each day.

Discernment is your ability to judge well. Guidance and understanding is required to battle lairs and their lies. Unity is what these lairs fear most. Decades of division come directly from their evil manifesto. With evil controlling power today every American must engage in resistance. Patriot resistance has many ways to unite Americans. Competent Patriot researchers are needed and must be willing to put in hours every day digging for truth. Patriot technology savvy warriors are needed to share truth daily. Citizens must confront all local government bodies. Patriot community leaders must advance the Will of the People. When required we show up in force to confront the criminals.

I am posting a video that I am making for my great grandson. I make these videos to reveal this history we are living. History of every great human atrocity by this evil CABAL has been altered. How many videos recorded Mao’s murder of 50 million humans? How well did Hitler hide his atrocities? My prayers are that God will reveal the Human Atrocities being carried out daily in America. Humans being injected by an unapproved so called vaccine. Doctors and Government agencies are hiding the truth of existing treatments (that are safe). When right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right we must use our minds and God given discernment.

Americans must be aware you are watching a SHOW designed to keep you dumbed down.

Americans United in truth are the most powerful weapon on the planet. The CABAL WILL BE DEFEATED by united truth of their evil.

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