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Draining the Global and DC Swamp

Each day President Trump continues the draining of the Global and DC Swamp. As we witness the all out blitz of the Globalist and DC Swamp dwellers be clear they are under attack. President Trump is completing a very dangerous task to shed the world of an evil satanic cult. Power hungry evil humans are the children of Satan. They have co-existed from with us since the Garden of Eden. Good vs Evil exist in all things. What we confront is power brokers of the banking cartel; corrupt world leaders, corporate leaders and false religious idols. This group has sacrificed humans for well over 150 years. Their Master is Satan his promise to them full bliss. Every war since WWI has been carried out to maintain their powers over the earth. Armed with a single mission to rule the planet in the name of evil. Humans are necessary tools of their evil mission. Humans fight their wars, suffer their physical experiments, feed their evil lust and generate their desire of massive wealth.

Our United States is an enemy of the completion of the New World order agenda. The United States a nation founded on God given principles of Freedoms and Liberty stands diametrically opposed to their elitist master plan. They have invested 200 years underground to remove our love of God. Today we witness the fruits of their efforts. Indoctrinated children with no faith in God. These children worship self-gratification they chase full bliss. Technocrats who use AI to elevate the self above all others motivate these children. Lacking in American patriotic values that all rights are granted by God. These minions hold a belief all rights are granted by government.

How did the nation of the Greatest Generation who defeated fascist, Marxist, National Socialist and Imperial dictators get to this point?

From the War of 1812 forward a single evil family has owned the Worlds Banks. This family is Godless. They funded the South during our Civil War and their agent killed Lincoln. President Lincoln was unwilling to hand over control of our treasury. This family in all likely hood has killed 3 presidents each president wanted control over our treasury. No war has not been carried out without this families funding of both sides. Today they control Media. They own the news. They create the news. They are masters of deception and lies. They are driving the collapse of the U.S. economy. They control the switch to destroy our nations economic system. No economic collapsed has taken place without their profit. They have carried out every military action this nation has taken. This family has approved every President until Donald Trump. You need to understand this family has created the decline of Christianity. They are satanic. Using a multiple decades-long cultural campaign of mass brain-washing to mislead the peoples of the world, especially in Western Europe and North America regions to persuade the public to call what is good evil and to call evil what is good. This single family is the head of the snake that controls politics and Global agenda. This family operates the shadow government that they fully controlled until 2010. 2010 God’s Patriots took a stand and started electing men of principle.

What have they carried out in America?

We accepted flawed Supreme Court legislation that said abortion is a woman’s right.

We are forced to fund murder in the womb. We accepted a Supreme Court ruling that God would be removed from American schools. We watched as these evil bankers collapsed our economy on 3 occasions each time it was we the people who lost our wealth and were forced to bail out criminals. Not a single member of the banking cabal has seen jail time. They have never been held accountable for doing the bidding of their master. We witness homosexually as being normal and acceptable behavior. We now have to accept that transgender males can enter a restroom with our daughters. Remember call good evil and see evil as good. How many Americans are accepting the socialist agenda for America as good?

Who has the wealth to fund this massive attack we are watching? Unleash a man made virus in China transport it to the World. Use global doctors to influence our President to shut down the best economy on earth. Force the need for trillions of dollars from the banks adding to our massive debt. Implement 24 hour per day Media fear campaign using death to control the planet. Media plays a video of the murder of George Floyd murder 24 hours per day. Media delivers a message of American racism 24 hours per day. Use every leftist organization to funnel millions of dollars to Left Wing anarchist. Spread the virus to Republican run States to force economic slow down. Create the need for more loans. Democrats and Media play on the fears of the American people slow the recovery. Where is the funding of the Democrats to defeat Donald Trump coming from? Guess poor Democrats?

Back to how we got here.

We allowed corporations to sell cancer-causing products for profit. We labor under taxation as government assist non-workers with our earnings. We allow these same non-contributors the right to vote. We allow a two-tier criminal justice system, that allows the wealthy and connected to go unprosecuted while we suffer the full weight of justice. We accept known acts of treason. We allow government rulers to advance their wealth and the wealth of their children using our labor taxation. We have allowed the continuous decline of fact-based education of our children. We are allowing the tracking of our bodies, listening to our private conversations and monitoring of all our monetary movements. We have accepted the removal of our private property rights. We are accepting the removal of our rights to pray and worship our God. We have accepted the destruction of a free press. We have witnessed the use of our Justice Department, FBI, IRS and Congress to carry out a Coup d’état to remove our duly elected President. We are watching known terrorist organizations funded by a political party destroy our history. We accepted the burning of our flag and advance taking a knee during our National anthem. We have stood by to watch these terrorist burn the Holy Bible deface and destroy religious statues, burn and loot and murder police. Democrats embrace the attack on our second amendment rights. Democrats call for defunding our Police. Democrats are advancing crime and violence on our communities. Democrats are expanding violence within their controlled urban cities. Democrats are funding evil while limiting God given rights to life and safety. Democrats are turning their backs on oath keepers while breaking their sworn oath to protect and defend law and order.

Thugs of BLM and ANITFA murder and assault elderly citizens as the Media says it is peaceful protest. BLM and ANITFA destroy private business owners robbing their life’s work. Sports leagues and players openly embrace BLM and financially support their terrorist efforts. Governors are openly denying our rights to free movement and health care privacy. Governors and unions are holding the education of our children hostage. We are under an all assault of freedom and liberty. Every thing is coordinated to defeat Donald Trump.Decline of freedom and liberty has been under way for over a hundred fifty years. In 2016 Patriots across this nation said NO MORE! We elected a President that is not a politician our man seeking wealth on the backs of US citizens.

President Trump shared his mission his first day in office. He has met 100% of his campaign promises. President Trump set out to drain the foul evil swamp. As he collected information he has shared it with every American. Regardless of the relentless attacks of Democrats and their controlled Media he carried on. Working every single day he has pursued the swamp creators. Every lie, every dollar, every policy and all corruption were being uncovered. Remember he carried on as Obama, Clinton and Bush government holdovers fought to hide the truth. He uncovered the Coup! He castrated the lair and leaker James Comey. He shucked the ineffective Jeff Sessions. He daily revealed the Lies of FAKE NEWS! He sent the globalist packing Rex Tillerson, RNC head Reince Priebus and John Bolton along with other war hawks.. He shared his innocence of Russian collusion while Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, pedophile Chuck Schumer each day said they had proof. Robert Mueller wasted 30 million dollars and found no collusion. Democrats and Globalist continued the Coup with the impeachment process.

Our President just kept working to serve the American people. President Trump dropped bombs on every corrupt trade agreement. Each time his pledge was to restore American jobs and fair equal trade agreements. He visited all World Leaders and told them their abuse of the American people was over. No free rides and no more stealing the wealth of the American workers. He trapped Democrats and accomplished the largest Tax Cuts in American history. He told Globalist Corporations come back to America or face tariffs on your products. He advanced the needs of Americans not the World Trade Organization. He ripped up Clinton’s NAFTA agreement and told both Mexico and Canada the free ride is over. He destroyed Isis. The Obama, Biden and Clinton created Muslim caliphate was destroyed. He destroyed Communist China raping of the American economy. Trump revealed the corruption of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama each profiting from the sell out of American jobs to China. He confronted every NATO member nation with their stealing of American wealth. He walked into North Korea and told the Little Man to sit down and shut up and listen. He signed an agreement with North Korea that no other president could accomplish. He ripped up OBAMA’s Muslim Brotherhood agreement with IRAN. He told them straight up you will not be allowed to terrorize the World; if you do I will light up the skies with your destruction. He has placed two conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

Unlike the Bush lie that Roberts was a conservative Trump has kept his word. President Trump signed a prison reform bill that no other President even attempted. He handed the task to Dr. Ben Carson to advance business opportunity zones. Prior to the Chinese Virus President Trump advanced the wealth of all Americans.

What we witness a real fear from Globalist. President Trump is going to send swamp dwellers to jail. President Trump is putting pedophiles and human traffickers in prison. President Trump has openly unveiled his knowledge and proof of the deeds of New World Order scum. Prepare yourself for the truth to come. Murders of children, rape of children and selling of children to the highest bidder to be used as sex slaves.

Once they have destroyed the soul of these children they are used for satanic rituals that allows collection of their blood and skin. Simply look at the Epstein flight list. Epstein fed the needs of Presidents; Princes and Hollywood elites. Maxwell has the tapes and will be forced to reveal all. Unless Trump is defeated! Our efforts must defeat this evil.

How many Democrats will be linked to the Coup to destroy a Presidential campaign and unseat a duly elected President? The list is over whelming the plan always starts at the top. Who is the real leader? Barack Obama carried out and instructed his willing cohorts. Biden, Hillary, Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comely, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr. Don’t forget the heads of the Clinton campaign and the DNC were deeply involved in the main driver the Steele Dossier. Congressional Lie after Lie! Never leave out ole John McCain and the bought and paid for Media. How did Hillary get debate questions? Sad fact is there are deeply rooted Obama hold overs in the FBI! Who has handed President Trump the proof of the Cabal? Who handed him the files on the evil masters?

Say good-bye to Christopher Wrey! He has questions to answer about his pushing the fake Steele Dossier. So many criminals and with certainty multiple acts of treason. Who will be the first to sing? They all knew the plan and you destroyed it by electing Donald Trump. Hang on for a very interesting August! We can rest assured the masters will have a back up plan. American Patriots must stand firm. We can free the world of the evil that has ruled this planet for the last 200 years. We can and will restore America! Our mission remains the same educate our children. Share the vision of our founders that their creator creates men equal. Americans must return to God as Satan advances his plan for the World. America will be continually tested. Never give into fear. Fear is the great tool of Satan and his minions walking among us. Track down evil and reveal evil be not deceived that any evil is good. Our Lord empowers us with endless energy once we stand in the light no darkness can exist. Have you noticed when the violence across our nation depends on the darkness of night to sabotage our nation?

President Trump has shared their plan for our election. They will attempt to use mail in ballots and high tech attacks on the voting process. Become a poll watcher! Joe Biden will not be the President. Joe Biden will select a Vice Presidential Candidate who will have accepted the design of their masters. This vice presidential candidate would become President and like Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama will be fully controlled by the Cabal.

Stay Safe, Stay active online to share everything that is revealed. Stay in Prayer! God Bless every Patriot in this righteous battle with continuous courage.

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