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Enjoy the FIREWORKS! 1776 holds meaning Mirror 71!

71% of Americans have no faith in Media; Reuters survey sums up our lack of trust only 29% of Americans trust Media. Who are those in the 29%?

Four years of criminal use of the FBI, CIA, IRS and the Media by Barack Obama is recorded history. Yet no trails or convictions! Where is Durham? Facts say that Joe Biden and Son carried on criminal acts of treason against the American People. Where is the NEWS media? Four years of continuous lies on President Donald Trump. We watched all the lies of Trump Russia, Not guilty! We watched two impeachment trails. Not Guilty! We watched all the indictment claims from New York. Not guilty! Why the daily lies and destruction of a President?

Let’s look at the why there is a lack of Trust. Media coverage od COVID, fear campaign and mixed message from Government. Media censorship of documented COVID treatments that had a 99.9% effective return to health. Many with zero hospital stays. Fear propaganda is real. Fear propaganda is used to control population and to increase media time to forward lies. Look up and understand who feeds the media it’s message. Check out MK Ultra. WHY the need for propaganda and mind control messaging?

Let’s look at facts surrounding our Presidential election. On November 3rdAmerica watched a continuing Coup d’état to seat Joe Biden.

At no time have we watched election counting stopped in 5 States! America is not new to election rigging. I am old enough and watchful enough to tell the World our election was rigged. I cannot speak those words on YouTube or FB. Stealing elections is why America is once again on the brink of a new Republic. Election fraud was watched on video, witnesses swore affidavits to election fraud. Why no Senate hearing to view the evidence? Why know Supreme Court verdict to hear the evidence? What are the Democrats, Republicans and the Media hiding?

We have a President proven not guilty of any crime telling America and the World the system stole the office of the President. Imagine the shock when Democrats, Republicans, Media and CCP China colluded with other nations and perhaps the Vatican to have rigged our election. What would that truth reveal? Think one single word Treason! Why would they not want us to know?

The President of the free Republic knows the truth. The facts are collected the proof is being dripped by the guilty. The President was right on China and the lab. The same guilty parties of the rigged election attacked the World. Mr. President has the proof and the guilty have been served notice of the coming death blow. The Great Awakening has been underway for decades. Think how the guilty will continue down the path of deception. We are watching the last battles to defeat this evil. It is Satanic at its core. Prepare your hearts and minds to place all trust in God. Understand truth is under attack everyday. Warriors of the World are engaged in an epic battle to reveal God’s love of truth. The Satanic forces will burn and destroy many things before the battle ends. They have taken continuous defeats and revealed how evil they truly are. They have exposed how easy they will use radicle race riots, bio-weapons, nukes, massive demolitions and collapses of economies. Their evil is losing power! They will put on a SHOW, they love false flag events. They have over a hundred years of false flag events to avoid defeat. Satanic power is real. Who wins the battle when God has seen enough? GOD WINS!

I heard this just yesterday WWG1WGA! So just what does where we go 1 we go all really mean? Americans standing in truth can once again unite the World in Peace, love and God’s great glory. It is something Americans do.

What would TESLA energy look like? How about Sky Link just what would that look like? Say good-bye to the IRS and debt. Actual titles to property handed to you the Lawful Citizen of a free Republic. Imagine a world living in peace and love.

We should start our celebration of Independence Early! Wow that is JUST ANY DAY NOW! Have you ever noticed a child on the forth of July before FIREWORKS are coming. Seems they always want to know when, always want to start before the DARKNESS comes.

Let’s be certain to celebrate the Patriots from all ages from the Minute Man and Paul Revere to Blues and the Grays, the Dough Boys and the Yanks of WWI & WWII from the frozen battlefields of Korea and the Deltas of Viet-Nam, the desert heat of Kuwait, the Afghan Mountains and Iraq lets never forget Benghazi and across this World Today. Today embrace the new Patriots saviors of the children destroyers of the DUMBS, the digital warriors and GOD’s faithful prayer warriors. WATCH THE WATER of life flow as GOD defeats Satan!

Be mindful and stay alert! We have it all! Truth will not be denied and punishment is coming for the evil. No more cover-ups and daily mind feed of lies. Your power to rule restored and the World is waiting. The Scumbags are dragging this out but freedom is on the way. Mankind will be allowed to live as children of God. False doctrines will be exposed and deception revealed to the World. Learn to accept that 95% of what we have been taught was lies. We will discover cures and advance the wellness of humanity (why were they hidden?).

Remember these days! This battle must never be repeated or forgotten. God Bless America! God Bless the great Alliance of Freedom! Pray truth to power! God loves you! Stand in the united power of enlightened humanity working to establish God’s rule! Do no Harm! Find the tellers of truth on Telegram, You Tube, Rumble, Bit Chute. The power of 1776 is our History! Never forget it and never accept the narrative of mind control media. Elevate your understanding of truth versus lies.


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