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Evil Beast being Revealed Daily

We the People are leading America to Truth. We the People are sharing truth that is the Great Awakening! Cast off the chains of slavery of a mastermind of Evil.

Billionaires and Trillion-Aires of BANKING are the first head of the Beast. Study of Satanic dark arts advanced in Khazaria. Dark Arts Money Magic captures and creates wealth. Evil creates money from nothing to control and enslave all of humanity. Learn all you can about the Khazarian Mafia. They are the followers and children of BAAL. Your journey to understanding the Beast dark money system must start with knowing the history of the Khazarian Mafia (KM). The Rothschild KM was able to use their self mislabeled, so-called “holocaust” to serve as a mind-kontrol trigger to thwart and resist any criticism of their Zionist ways.

The truth of the matter was that the Rothschild KM set up the Nazi work camps to make huge profits for their corporations that ran their work camps and supplied their Nazi war machine.

Our World today is witness to Wars and rumors of War by this very same evil. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are all making massive moves toward kinetic war. America is watching an invasion on our Southern border. Over two million military aged invaders have been placed across America. These invaders are located in every State.

Americans are listening daily to a targeted attack on White Americans by the political elite. The DOJ is openly naming Americans as the greatest threat to the nation. History reveals these types of attacks leading to every World War. The KABAL holds the playbook of mass depopulation using weapons of war and propaganda.

Remember Satan and his dark angels were cast down from God’s perfect realm. This great evil is by choice.

Satan with his lies to Eve bought his darkness to our World. Mankind from that day forward would live in a World of Good versus Evil. God versus Satan became our Human reality. Satan and the Dark art have captured many souls with the lie that Man is God.

Satan whispers onto the mind of mankind the elevation of self to a God. Satan taught the creation of Worldly power using money.

Money offered the masters of the dark arts power and control over the children of God. Humans that buy the lie have inherited massive material wealth and self-glory on earth. They buy their Earthly power with their souls. They truly sell their souls to Satan. The dark art practices require a lust for wealth and fame. The dark rituals require the blood of the innocent.

Below you will find the history of the Khazarian Mafia very neatly written. You will learn each step this satanic evil has taken to bring humanity to the brink.

Knowing this evil only allows you to pull back the curtain. Revealing this Evil does not defeat Satan. Only God can armor you to battle Satan. God almighty has defeated this evil many times and today is waging a war that will seal the gates of hell.

KABAL Satanic evil is killing humans everyday.

Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

1.The Central Banking System is the First Head of the Beast.

No government on the Planet exists outside of the Central Banking System. History records the capture of Governments. The Bank of London and the Vatican forming a criminal CORPORATION captured the United States of America in 1871. Our Federal Government is a member of the Satanic CABAL. Who created Corporations? Corporations advance the agenda of enslavement for the KABAL.

Captive Government Corporations are the second head of the BEAST.

These captive government corporations carry out the bidding of the Khazarian Mafia. All Wars and death from Wars is a satanic funding and blood letting of humans to feed their dark lust of money. Money and the love of power and control allows the building of war machines.

The birth of the Military Complex across the planet gave legs to the second head of the Beast. Governments use the military to carry out the capture and murder of humanity. Governments sold the children of God into slavery for money. Governments use the tools of their satanic masters they use food supplies and medical tyranny to control the population. Satanic masters see humans as captured slave labor. Satanic masters hate the children of God. The children of God feed the blood lust of Satan.

The KABAL captures weak greed filled men and women using money bribes, marriage, drugs, murder and perverse sexual acts all recorded. Once they capture the weak they force them to comply with the desires of the KABAL.

Think what would force a known conservative to vote for Communist designed World Order. Think both political parties share equally in the destruction of America.

2. Government Corporations are the Second Head of the BEAST.

Understanding KM protects themselves from the Children of God by controlling every truth. KM needed to hide their evil in the dark by not allowing any truth revealed to Gods children. Wiping and hiding their evil from history required them to control the written and spoken WORD. Evidence exists that says by capturing the Roman Catholic Religion they have hid many books of the Bible. They captured and married themselves first to the Jewish religion. They advanced the Muslim ideology to create war and division. The Khazarian Mafia created racism, social injustice (have vs have not) and extreme ideologies to divide humans against each other. Every evil revealed to mankind has its roots linking it to KM. Humanity has been fed an evil false history created by KM.

Mind control of humanity eliminates critical thinking. Destruction of critical thinking would stop our search for truth. Satanic worshipers must always remain hidden in the Dark. Our efforts are to cast Light on evil. Our World is watching evil at war against all Truth. God has shaken the minds and souls of his children to advance truth.

Satan seeks violence, loss of morality, death and loss of faith in God. Satanic governments are on a mission to removed God from the World. Mind Control is a weapon of Satan. Satan advances mind control using captured Governments military complex. For Americans please understand MK Ultra.

Tel-a-Vision, Main Stream Media and Social Media were created to feed and nurture Mind Control.

Americans just witnessed the power of mind control media to elect and defeat our President. MEDIA Tel-A-Vision along with a so-called Bio-Weapon was used to Elect Joe Biden. Media allowed Joe Biden to hide from full view of the People. COVID allowed the Media to control and limit America access to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was fed questions and talking points by the totally CABAL owed Media.

Our World witnessed the election of a man who clearly lacks control of his mind (puppet). Joe Biden suffers from dementia. Joe Biden’s dementia is much worse and Media is task the job of protection. Media covered and continues to dismiss Joe Biden’s mental decline.

The man who is running America is in sharp mental and physical decline (Brain Dead). The fact is Biden’s satanic masters are running America. Media Controlled fully KABAL owned Media feeds mind control that will allow the capture of America. Joe Biden is satanic controlled. Biden’s greed and sexual perversions were known by Media. Controllers of Media are keeping Biden’s crimes and illness from the American People.

Joe Biden is openly advancing racial divide. Joe Biden is using Media to deliver a message that unvaccinated Americans are un-American. Joe Biden is feeding the propaganda narrative used by Hitler to kill the Jews. Media Tel-A-Vision is all lies. Media is evil they are a tool of Satan.

Media and Biden seek to create war inside of America. Media has declared war on the people. Media seeks to allow the capture and elimination of Christians and any critical thinking human. Media is waging war across the planet. Media is hiding the evil dark truth of their master. Media knows the truth and censors all fact-based evidence of the open murder of mankind.

Economic collapse of the Central Bank system has been revealed yet hidden by the Main Stream Media. America’s Federal Government Corporation is bankrupt and the wealth of all Americans is at risk. The Great Reset and end of private wealth is known by the Media.

Media has hidden and assisted in the destruction of all sovereign nations. Our World is witness to the designed depopulation of the planet. Media is feeding mind control 24/7. Fear is their control narrative to assist with capture of those who know the Truth!

3. Main Stream Media (Tel-A-Vision) is the third head of the BEAST.

Higher education and the Departments of Educations are dumbing down the World. This beast sees very little resistance at the higher education level. Americans have grown up with the belief our education system is pure America first ideology. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Our Colleges are KM controlled indoctrination centers advancing the decline of America.

Communist KM deep cover spy’s escaped capture by the FBI by seeking the cover of college campuses in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Open Satanic study emerged during the 1960’s drug culture. Satan advances using lies and false history. Satan like Communist once revealed will slither into the darkness for a time.

Darkness often changes its name to reinvent their false narrative. Democrats became married to a soft socialism.

KM has funneled millions of dark funding to college campus organizations that accept the communist new world order. In the 60’s colleges advanced Democrat Socialist of America, the Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Black Liberation Movement, Progressive Labor Party all morphed into the radicals that are the Progressive Ideology of today. The far Left progressive movement did not start in America. Leftist who traveled to Russia to study Marxism imported America’s Progressive movement. These Leftist were educators who believed America and our free market economy must be destroyed. Within a decade, this handful of selected educators grew to 67000 spread across every college campus.

Understand ANTIFA and BLM were born from the captured Leftist college movement. These trained Leftist infiltrate all youth groups inside Urban Democrat strong holds. NWO advances a Marxist Ideology (have vs. have nots) by painting a false narrative that they are Progressives. America can only be destroyed when we are divided by Satanic false divisions. Progressives are Communist seeking the New World Order of a captive collective.

The American education system today is a captured indoctrination process of our tyrant government. There are no public school systems in America. Government controls the education process not we the People. Government controls parental rights. Every American must take a stand to destroy Government Education Boards. Restoration of fact based history that reveals and embraces the greatness of our God and our great American Republican form of government. The DEA and Teachers Unions are working to advance lies. Education funding must not dictate a communist curriculum or government control of American children.

4. Captured Colleges are the forth head of the Beast.

Our mission is to stand with God. God is Truth. God is Peace. God is Love. God is keeping our Faith. This World is not the promise of God. God has the keys to the pit that will hold all evil.

How do we defeat Media? TURN IT OFF! Do you love your family? TURN OFF THE MIND CONTROL! Patriots are united as digital warriors to share truth and open conversation to seek truth. Understand evil knows how we are waging war against it. Disinformation and Lies are everywhere. We still dig and find the truth. We open our minds and hearts to God’s Word. God leads each of us to focus on the message of TRUTH. God simply requires each of us to turn off the false message designed by evil.

At no time in human history has our World confronted a greater evil. America has no Federal Government of the People. Our Federal Government is not a Constitutional government. Our Federal Government is belligerent occupier of Washington D.C.. A mind control central Communist government seeking the death of humanity is running America.

If you believe government grants your freedoms, I offer prayers for you daily. If you believe elections are not rigged, I offer my prayers. Courts offer no Justice. Traitors in Congress openly accept a Coup D état. Media has advanced FEAR and acceptance of massive proven election rigging. Media and government attacks all efforts of the People to demand answers.

Only when the American People unplug the idiot box will we find and create the solutions.. We hold the power to turn off every Main Stream Mind control Tel-A-Vision. Only when we tune out can we tune in to todays true News We the People. We stand with God and the Constitution. We the People simple must stop paying criminal taxation of enslavement to debt. Stop feeding the BEAST. Learn your GOD given freedoms protected by our real Constitution. Destroy the LIE by saying NO MORE!

God wins when we simply stop the lies. United to Save America is a message of HOPE. We the People are winning many battles and ripping the dark cover of lies and deceit from the eyes of the blind. Let there be Light. You the American People are the Light of Freedom. The World is waiting not for violence or division.

The World is watching. Pick the Day! Unite and Flip the Switch! You control the Switch simple turn off mind control Media. Imagine your destructive power over them. No ad revenue for their lies, no messages of fear and the powerful message we WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED!

Serve Notice to every School Board we are taking back control of education. Disconnect your local schools from Federal Funding. Any teacher that wishes to remain in any teachers union should be given notice to seek employment elsewhere. Parents should start the process to remove their children from government control. Create community education groups that restore fact based education. Parents and Teachers select the curriculum. Community education groups must fight to legislate all State and Federal dollars follow the child.

School Boards have no power. School Boards sold our schools to State and Federal Masters. School Boards are funding whores and rubber stamp budget pimps.

Close the doors on the School Boards by defunding their fraud that they educate. Indoctrination centers will be replaced by restored public education. Parents and true teachers will control public education. Restore what worked for over a century. God must be restored to the classroom. Education did not loose value; the captive system destroyed our great public schools.

Dismantle the Corporation and Restore our Republic. Sound money is the most power weapon to destroy this evil effort of enslavement to debt. Every American should purchase Gold or Silver on a monthly basis starting today. Buy at least 1 ounce of real wealth each month. Stop the debt cycle. It ends when we stop funding and using their worthless paper.

They cannot control America if Americans unite to destroy their debt system.

Demand your State legislate Voter ID and paper ballots for all elections. Remove all machines that can be connected or programed to corrupt the will of the American People. If you do not Vote you should be required to do public service. If you do not vote you are the weak citizens that they seek to control. A free man or free people are required to vote and contribute their will. Run for local office. The power of the People requires us to self govern. You cannot dismantle their evil system from the outside. You break it to pieces by taking a seat at the table. Learn your Rights. Learn and read your Constitutions.

Our Constitutions and Bible are the guide stones to Restoration. Men and Women standing united as free People must claim and take control. All rights and freedoms are from God. Accept no government power that would remove your Rights and Freedoms.

You must know your Sheriff and elect only a Sheriff willing to openly state him or herself to be a Constitutional Sheriff. Evil from the Federal or State Level holds no power over a Constitutional Sheriff.

Join a Family United for Liberty. Become a Warrior for Freedom. We have weapons of truth and righteous freedoms we only need to claim.

Always remain in faith that God Wins! Our victory assured by God. Celebrate the greatness of our God. As we wage war against evil men and Satan’s forces remain always in the energy of Peace and Love. Peace and Love are the pure vibration of God! Sing, rejoice and battle as Warriors of God! No evil of Man can defeat the positive life force of the one true master of all creation.

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