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Traitors sleeping with the Global Cabal are carrying out their last effort to destroy America. MEDIA is the propaganda tool of this evil Cabal. Every American regardless of your political party or your ideology is being fed a MEDIA SHOW of lies. The CABAL mission is to continue their enslavement of humanity.

MEDIA is feeding fear to you daily. Fear is the most powerful weapon of Satan. MEDIA advances the CABAL human fear message. MEDIA is told the exact message to feed you daily.

What is it Americans fear?

Americans fear death, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of freedom, loss of the future for their children and loss of any Constitutional rights.

You the American voters destroyed their plans by electing President Donald Trump. Americans were seeking a warrior who would restore our great nation. You were hungry to Make America Great Again. You survived the Traitor Obama. You battled to restore conservative values. You broke the rigged system designed to elect the Traitor Hillary Clinton. America elected a Champion of the People. President Trump was the first President in our lifetime that kept every campaign promise.

For the next four years we witnessed a full-blown Coup. This Coup has been on going for decades. Global CABAL Bankers used every tool in their foul corrupt system. MEDIA attacked Trump daily. Leftist Traitor MEDIA fed a continuous message of hate. While the CABAL fed hate targeted at Trump you were the primary target. In the background they knew their election system failed. Within days they were working to advance their election system. CABAL controlled MEDIA and Congress slowed and fed continuous disinformation to slow Trump. 24/7 they had Americans watch a fabricated SHOW of Trump hate. MEDIA vilified Trump supporters daily. Yet Trump outwitted them to deliver on his campaign promises. The MEGA movement grew daily.

By 2019 the Global CABAL determined their controlled traitor Political Class could not defeat Trump. They were pushed to unleash COVID 19. Force Trump to shut down the great American economy and people. The evil CABAL views humans as nothing more than slave labor. Throughout their existence human death is used to serve their needs. George Floyd’s murder was most likely a false flag event. MEDIA went into overdrive to advance the divide of racism. MEDIA and CABAL Democrats advanced and supported violence by BLM and ANTIFA. Across America we watched MEDIA report the riots as mostly peaceful. MEDIA blamed Trump and his White supporters. Fear the White Man. Divide America to defeat Trump.

COVID FEAR the virus. FEAR other humans. FEAR DEATH! MEDIA advanced the CABAL message that Trump was responsible for all COVID death. The very people who are CABAL puppets and creators of COVID surrounded Trump.

Month after month CABAL Democrat Governors abused power to destroy state economies. MEDIA ran the COVID show as the CABAL Democrats advanced election system rigging. MEDIA continued to advance racism and violence. MEDIA blamed Trump and advanced the CABAL selected Biden.

Communist China controlled Joe Biden was selected to be President by the CABAL.

Joe Biden was and is fully controlled by CABAL. His treason was known. MEDIA allowed Joe to operate from his home. He never campaigned because the CABAL was assured the election system was rigged. Trump knew and caught the bastards. Every move they made Trump was 100 moves ahead of them. Trump started telling the World the election was going to be fixed. MEDIA carried on Trump hate.

A very real threat is underway. CABAL Democrats are advancing all Trump supporters as White supremacist. Their mission is to remove Americans 2ndAmendment rights. CABAL Central Bankers know they cannot enslave America without removal of guns from Americans. Pay close attention to coming Gun Safety Legislation. Every American must decide for them selves; will you accept the bondage and death?

Americans have a very short window to unite. Failure to stand united will mean the certain death of our America.

Join local groups, form local groups, assist State Legislators to pass 2ndAmendment protects. At no time in our history since our founding has your civic duty been required. Learn and distribute our original Constitution to schools and young men and women. You must become Teachers of Patriotism.

Never allow any American’s freedom of speech to be silenced. Never accept any immorality that is against your core GOD given principles. CABAL Democrats are advancing Communist control of every aspect of your existence. Build your community of faith based Constitutional Americans. Never believe that the traitor Joe Biden is a legal President. Americans must demand to see the evidence!

Never accept the lies of the CABAL MEDIA and CABAL Democrats. United to Save America is your only path forward.


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