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Truth Joe Biden is a puppet suffering Dementia. Truth Joe Biden’s administration is the Obama staff completing the destruction of America.

Joe Biden’s policies are destructive to our Republic. America is not and has never been a Democracy. Read Article 4 section 4 of the United States Constitution.

As Joe Biden fails the DEEP STATE weapons are coming out in full force to defeat the will of Americans.

All Main Stream Media painting a picture of close races for Congress and Senate. Please learn MEDIA is the greatest Weapon of the Globalist seeking to destroy America. MEDIA is a enemy of the People.

RINO’s are working with Democrats to defeat America First Candidates! Senator Graham is Deep State! America First Conservative have never wanted any Federal control over Abortion! Abortion is a State Issue and must remain a issue for the States. Senator Graham did this to weaponize Democrats.

Focus on Sharing the TRUTH! The American People will not suffer another defeat at the hands of the DEEP STATE. Define every Democrat using the TRUTH that every American is living.

Democrats and Joe Biden forced unconstitutional mask and Vaccine mandates!

Democrats support Abortion!

Democrats support open Invasion of our Borders!

Democrats are using the border to traffic humans and deadly drugs!

Democrats support and created violent criminal bail reform returning violent criminals into Democrat controlled cities!

Look at the violent crimes in every Democrat controlled urban city!

Democrats support the destruction of American Energy independence!

Democrat support and passed the Green New Job killing deal!

Democrats support a anti God education curriculum in public schools!

Democrats are advancing Transgender ideology into our schools!

Democrats and Joe Biden created the supply chain crisis and is now advancing a Food shortage!

Democrats are advancing the total destruction of the US Dollar and the US economy!

Democrat policies are advancing inflation. Inflation is a powerful tax on the poor and fixed income Americans!

Let us share the TRUTH We the People will Remove every RHINO in 2024! We must deal first with the Traitor Rats in 2022! Make no mistake we will remove the tyrant Republicans next. FOCUS one step at a time.

MEDIA is the Propaganda arm of the Communist!

Americans must protect polling sites and ensure this election cycle is lawful. Every American must register and vote!

For two decades I have shared Truth that your Nation is under attack. Stand now and VOTE these Traitors out of office! Every American Conservative must FOCUS on ele

cting America First Candidates! Stand up Speak out never allow Tyrants to define you. Every action MEDIA, RHINO’S and Deep State Democrats are taking is out of FEAR of We the People! Reclaim control over your government at every level. NO DEMOCRAT deserves your vote.

Share this Truth!

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