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GOD Awaken Your People

Jesus Christ “Father GOD Forgive them for they know not what they are Doing!”

Our Lord Jesus witnessed all the evil of our World. Yet at his death he pleaded forgiveness for the evil that was killing him.

Do we as Americans have the ability to forgive the evil of Government (men and women)? Evil is carried out 24/7 on the World. Satan has revealed his followers. Our prayer is Father God reveal your holy power over this evil. Father God Awaken humanity to your plan of salvation.

America founded by Divine guidance today must awaken. Evil men and women have indoctrinated many fellow Americans. Patriots must battle daily to reveal the truth. Open your soul and pray God grant you wisdom to share his truth.

American Tax Payers fund murder in the womb. Great peril is assured to all men and women who accept murder in the womb. The World is killing God’s greatest gift. We are a people divided at our core if abortion is accepted as a right. Satan grips the minds and souls of many. Hear the cry of your people Lord grant us the power to stop this evil. Strengthen Patriots to battle this evil of Satan.

American Children are dying at the hands of government and teachers unions. Where are the people of God? "If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!" (Matthew 18:6–7, NIV)

God’s children taking their life due to a virus lock down. Children losing hope that their life matters to our World. Government Professionals are allowing this to happen. A child not being allowed to socialize is harmful to their minds and souls. Parents are revealing the harm to their children. Many of these parents have lost the children to this evil. Yet self-indulgent Unions are advancing their evil. Teachers Unions are victimizing God’s children.

Children are being walked across the border many die along the journey to America. These children are raped, murdered, trafficked to pedophiles that destroy their souls. Americans are allowing this evil. No Godly man or women can accept the actions of human trafficking. God grant American Patriots power to save these children. Patriot Men of God must defeat the government that would advance Child trafficking. Indoctrinated souls your acceptance of this evil rest with your creator! If you support this evil we will defeat you in God’s name.

Children are being subjected to pedophiles and the perversion of evil men and women. Open acceptance of rationalized as normal gender perversion.

America now watches evil of gender identity being taught in our schools. What is being taught over computers in your home? Racism is being taught to our children. Teacher Unions are knowingly keeping children out of school to force on line learning. Our children are not being allowed to reach their God given potential. God grant your power to your teachers to stop this evil.

Children continue to be fed drugs that kill them. Selling this evil is carried out by Satan’s greed filled warriors. Governments and evil warlords of Satan create death of our children. Drug acceptance is being legislated to poison the minds and souls of God’s children. Death from these drugs is known science. God awaken your people to stop this evil. Patriots must stand against any effort to legalize Drug use. Drug cartels must be destroyed.

Evil men and women of Government allow open borders that advance and support drug cartels.

God open the hearts and minds of your people. Allow Americans to see past the lies of Satan. God reveal Media’s mind control indoctrination of evil. Media propaganda is used to divide your people. God reveal the evil of the attack on your people’s health. God comfort the fears of your people. God reveal the racist hate that is being used to divide your people.

Reveal the lies of Congress and their hate of your people. God reveal the removal of your Holy Spirit from our World.

Awaken every American to the planned Race War being fed to the weak. Media and Government are advancing racial turmoil and violence. God hold safe your children. Break the satanic grip over the people of America. Prepare for the trail of George Floyd’s murderer. Violence is empowered by Evil Politian’s and Media. Americans must pray for safety of the innocent. God grant safety to all police and law enforcement. Americans must pray God heal the minds and souls of all men and women.

Awaken every American to all information and science on the COVID vaccine. Reveal the Crime System that controls all your people. Awaken America to the organizational crime of Central Bankers. God allow your people to accept COVID was man made to kill your people. Satan’s warriors unleashed death across the World. Satan’s warriors indoctrinated your people with a message of fear. Satan’s warriors are killing your people using a Bio-weapon. Patriots stand in God’s light to share truth. Lift the homeless, the unemployed and all victims of this crime. Reveal the crime and the evil that profits from death. Protect your people from offers of false salvation.

Awaken your people to your salvation. America founded on God given freedom and liberty is today held captive by evil. Satan controls government bodies of men and women who destroy human life. Satan’s government advances their wealth while starving your children. Your children are made slaves to taxation and debt. Many of your children are selling their souls for material wealth of Satan’s design. Your children have purchased propaganda Media’s Lie. Media daily sells a vision of man-made abundance while children starve. Media sells a vision of Americans hating each other because of skin color. America is losing its very connection to your equality. All men are created equal in your image God. Let us find the courage to stand together united. Hatred of any mans skin color is evil. Telling lies to carry out the mission of Satan is evil. No man made abundance can replace your promise of eternal life. Patriots must stand against Satan’s warriors who seek control of the Holy Spirit of all God’s children.

Americans must not stay silent as evil takes control of all human life. Americans must seek the power of God message of Love and Hope. Know the evil and stand with God authority to destroy it. Save the children of God by standing firmly against evil that would harm them. Pray daily for good men and women to reclaim God’s power over our Nation and World. Unite communities of Patriots warriors of God.

Open the minds and hearts of your lost children. Ignite a fire of your Holy Spirit across our nation.

Patriot warriors of God must share God’s Truth to Light. American greatness is not a man made design. American greatness is the acceptance of God given core values and principles. Lift up the broken and fallen souls of all men. Listen to the pain of God’s children trapped in fear. Our election process was rigged by evil Communist seeking to rule the World. Our nation is living the lie of treason ruling over us. We remain at peace and lack the will to defeat the evil that allowed this.

What would our Lord Jesus do? What message are you sending to your fellow man? What actions can you take that advances God’s design for human life? What fear must you overcome? Do you see the evil that grips our nation? What are you doing to build communities based on Gods principles? Why do you do nothing? Why do you not see the pain of God’s children? Why do you say you care than take no action? Why are you weak with no heart for defending freedom and liberty that God grants you? Why do you leave this battle to others? Are you part of this evil against God? Talk is cheap and will not turn back the Communist seeking to rule God’s children? Shallow lies of caring while doing nothing offer little hope for our great Nation. Will you be found lacking as the murder of humanity is carried out?

Find your God given Patriotic heart and mind. Denounce Satan’s control over America. Denounce all racism. Denounce failed government. Denounce all violence against God’s people. Denounce the bankers of evil that funds drugs and child trafficking.

Defend and protect the life of Gods children at all stages. Educate your self and others to God’s design for America.

Turn off the indoctrination system of your life. Anything that keeps you from this battle, defeat it in God’s name. America must have you awake and active.

Stand firmly in the word of God as you share the battle with fellow Americans. God must be first in all conversations of restoration. Pray God Bless the United States of America with the ability to defeat Satan on earth. Patriots must ensure that our children carry in their hearts and minds the dream of Gods design for America.

America must once again proclaim we are a nation of God. All men are created equal and our rights are not from man but God. Freedom and Liberty cannot exist under a satanic design of government. Americans must stand now or certainly our nation falls. Organize now or sell your captive children to the Communist.

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