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God Reveals All Things

America is the last hope of Christians across the World. Each day truth is being revealed to those who seek it. Perhaps you wonder how did we get here?

95 % of all we see and believe is based upon the great lies of Satan. His dark warriors are in a battle for control of all humanity. In America we call these men and women traitors. What is their end game? That end game is revealed in our Holy Bible. What if the Holy Bible is not complete? What if books have been hidden away by Dark Forces of evil?

Our history is a totally controlled narrative of the Dark Forces. Truth is hidden to prevent you and I from destroying their very existence. You see America must remain asleep and masked from the truth. We trust that God will save us. Yet we have witnessed mass human atrocities carried out in our name. We are fed propaganda to have us accept the death of humanity. Each human atrocity is made possible by our acceptance of the LIE!

My request is that you take time to view the documentary linked below. Time to go down the rabbit hole in search of the Red Pill. Verify everything revealed see a truth not revealed openly. Please recognize that many who have shared this information have been erased. America has a short time to prepare for what is coming.

Today ask yourself what reality is screaming from the Media. America is a racist nation ruled by evil white Christians. Homosexuality is acceptable. Israel is righteous in their battle. You are killing the planet and must sacrifice your life for the planet. American education is a scam and the lack of education is acceptable to protect the unions. Your children are dumbed down each year, decade after decade (yet you are taxed at the highest rate on earth). Your elections are unlawful and your leaders are all puppets. Both Parties give you the same equal failure of government. Yet their mind control has you accept without protest. The UNITED NATIONS was handed power to rule THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION. You this very day are a slave to the central bankers. You own nothing without their permission. Your guns must be controlled and taken. Clear use of a Bio-Weapon and a not clear SHOT!

Are you prepared to present your papers? Are you clear your every move is monitored? You have accepted SMART devices to track you, to listen you, to view you, to monitor every transaction, to allow access to every dollar and to approve weather you live or die (HEALTH CARE). What you consume, where you travel, what you read, what Media you watch are all known and controlled. Could it be that you are living the Marxist existence design for you by EVIL.

Question why is MEDIA revealing alien existence? Question why pedophiles are everywhere?

Why won’t they allow us to see any and all evidence from our last election? What is it that TRUMP is revealing to us? Do you have an uneasy feeling in your being?

Open your mind and your heart to view all things. Use Gods gift of discernment. This 5 hour journey is the most powerful you can take. View it early before the CENSORS remove it. Stand firm in the word of God who is all-powerful. Unite in prayer. You are living these days by GOD’s design not mans. You are GOD’s selected warriors start acting like it. Let no day pass without your effort to enlighten the victims. We must shake them from their sleep. Share the link! THE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

Where We Go One We go all!

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