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Great Power Rest with the Fourth Branch of our Republican Form of Government

You are the Fourth Branch of Government

Americans We the People hold vast freedoms and rights that we must claim. Democrat and RINO Communist are advancing a total destruction of the Bill of Rights. Central Bankers have always desired the dream of World Order. They desire all humanity totally under their control.

Every American is witness to the destruction of core foundational freedoms. The removal of our core freedoms has been a slow continuous advancement. Each step calculated to empower profit and control of all humanity. America’s military complex (owned and operated by Central Bankers) has completed the needed mission around the World. Today we are living a cold hard fact that our ruling class has saved America for last. Central Bankers have practiced nation capture for 100’s of years.

Perhaps a small lesson for the indoctrinated. The first 10 Amendments to the US Constitution are our Bill of Rights. The Constitution was amended because States were reluctant to sign the Constitution without having the powers and freedoms of the People spelled out.

Our First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The last two years we have witnessed a massive attack on freedom of speech both spoken and written. Media created a name for their attack Cancel Culture to allow a social construct of acceptability. Rewriting the social construct does not allow removal of a Constitutional freedom. We must each understand the mission of limiting freedom of speech is to advance control of thought. Advancing control of thought is why Mao used reeducation centers. Communists have always removed freedom of speech. Free speech advances critical thinking of a society. Lawful Citizens are given freedom to self determine their lives. Humanity cannot define evil and good without freedom of speech.

Captured Press and Media only share what they are allowed to share by corporate elites seeking World Order. Control of the social narrative is propaganda. Media lied and hid Joe Biden’s ties to China and his mental decline. Social Media censored conservative evidence of Biden’s corruption and mental decline. Big Tech shredded the first Amendment freedom of our lawful President. Evidence the release of COVID and learn the true reason. COVID was part of a 4-year plan to remove a sacred right of the legal vote. COVID allowed a criminal mail-in ballot process.

Democrats and RINO Communist controlled and implanted a 4-year effort to defeat the will of the American People. Election rigging is a decades old Democrat process. Dominion machines were connected to the Internet and China printed mail in ballots were stuffed into ballot boxes. Georgia ballot stuffing was recorded on video. Server connections were captured and recorded. Verifying foreign government interference. Yet Americans were never allowed to see the evidence. Our Court system worked to assist the steal. Justice was denied our President. Americans were censored from any mention of the rigged election. Loss of freedom of speech and coward Legislators stole the Presidency for a criminal sick man. Treason has been accepted.

Big Tech has perpetrated the greatest attack on free speech. Their Treason and crimes will be punished. Think of the loss of life from the silencing of COVID treatments. MSM and Dr. Death Fauci laughed when our President said hydroxy was an effective treatment. When peer reviewed science from India, Italy and Brazil revealed Ivermectin extremely effective early treatment big tech and MSM censored Doctors and Citizens. These treatments were often 100% effective at saving lives when taken early. How many Americans have died due to Media’s failure to share treatments? Social Media censorship has been relentless. The blood of hundreds of thousands rest with Media and Social Media.

No accountability for censorship at School Boards, City Counsels, Congress, Governors and Dementia Joe are being enforced. When they forced the wearing

Our First Amendment freedoms are all but removed or under forceful attack. Open lies are spoken and written with no justice. These Boards, Counsels and Congress aim to stop redress of grievances they often pass unlawful time limits on the freedom of speak.

The right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Joe Biden like Barack Obama has weaponized the Justice Department to define Mom’s and Dad’s as domestic terrorist. Joe Biden is advancing a IRS plan to capture the banking info of every American. Joe Biden and Democrats are advancing legislation that will create hyperinflation. Remember inflation is an ugly tax on every citizen. Inflation is a tool of the evil central bankers to bankrupt any government. America is the latest target. Federal Reserve Central Bankers purchased our government and advanced fiat currency debt notes. Each step has been calculated for the destruction of America. You are fortunate to be living in the great reveal of their evil plan.

Every decade our Federal government took steps to rob and steal the labor of every American. Progressive taxation, massive spending legislation, unfunded wars, open border invasions and now medical tyranny are all tools leading to death and destruction. Corporate welfare is a weapon that allows power over the people. Mandates are not legislated law. Mandates are being used to capture the minds and bodies of the indoctrinated citizens. These citizens have accepted control by a government master. Unwilling citizens are now the targets of the New World Order. Do as your told or loose all freedom and liberty. Americans are standing up to shout no more. Government must never be allowed control over your being. Humans are confronting a evil decades in the making.

Created supply chain issues are a farce designed to capture debt currency. 24/7 propaganda media is screaming buy now and the sheep are following orders. Look at the truth. We have a massive amount of cargo setting offshore. Think we do not have a shortage. We have a designed inflation weapon being used. Elevate prices to the consumer using a lie supply issue. Advance FEAR within the sheep so they will spend money that they should hold onto. Under stand that during inflation cash is abundant. They have flooded our world with trillions of worthless debt notes. Now they are going to tighten the noose and pull back their debt currency. If you spend your inflated money on Christmas gifts what will you have to purchase value added products? What are value added purchases? You beat inflation by buying volumes of needed supplies at today’s prices. Inflation elevates all prices of goods and services. Look at the increases on things that you could buy a years supply of. If can goods are priced at $1.00 today next month they could be $3.00. If you buy a 6-month or year supply at the todays $1.00 you are saving and beating the price increases. That item is now a valued added to your wealth. During inflation it is important to know your needs and purchase those consumables. DO NOT BUY THIS HOLIDAY SPENDING LIE! Protect your self my stocking up on things you know you will need at todays prices. Christmas spending is not a wise move! Having a supply of food will serve you more than a new bike or toy. No child can eat a bike or toy. You focus on clothing, food and love! When they talk the feast this is not the time for putting on the feast. Perhaps buy seeds and garden supplies. They will hold more value than worthless paper money. Dollar devaluation has been underway. Don’t listen to the two political parties BS. Both parties have advanced this destruction by spending and printing money like the criminals they are. You must protect and prepare your family. 120 billion dollars are being injected into the economy. This spells dome for the U.S. dollar and the loss of wealth for Americans. Government control and Communist collective is fully underway.

Keep standing America! They are coming for our children. Stand up! If these evil vastards attempt to vaccinate children at school remove your children! God demands us to protect our children. When they push fear you push back! When they attempt to silence you, SCREAM! We have a nation to restore! Time to saddle up and ride! Remain strong the blood of Patriots runs deep in this Great Nation! NO MORE!

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