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Happy Birthday Mr. President

President Donald John Trump was born on June 14th 1946 at 10:54 am. Queens New York's most famous birth. Regardless of your beliefs our President has always held a great love of America. He is a man who speaks his mind from truth that he has. He is a man who shares our belief in GOD. He kept his word to each time it was given.

Our nation and our President were put through years of lies and negative propaganda. Everyday our President was falsely attacked by a Global agenda seeking a New World Order. Many Americans have no understanding of the evil that we know as the Cabal.

The Cabal has many names some know it as the illuminati. It is referred to as the New World Order or simply the Global Elite. President John Kennedy warned us of the evil of these secret factions working within our government. These secret societies are Satanic in their nature and seek world dominance. These evil men and women have controlled every aspect of human existence. They use drugs, mind control, wars, pandemics, media, religion, race, assassination, child trafficking (blood rituals) and debt to enrich their evil plans.

As readers of the blog post on this site I consider you conscious beings. You can see what is happening in our nation and around the World. You are seekers of the truth you are the very power that elected President Trump. You are the reason for the rapid pace of evil. You are not living in the fear they have designed for you. Satan will not win the on going battle. Our President is removing the power of evil. Our President is revealing their secret orders, their lies, their hate of humanity and their evil enslavement of our World. Our President never gave up his promise to battle and drain the Deep state Swamp. Our President unleashed the greatest effort to reclaim our Republic in 2017. President Trump empowered many of us with knowledge and insight to the battle. The path was never clear but the outcome was assured.

America has witnessed the death of evil since 1871. Each decade elected traitors worked to hide and conceal their baby steps to total take down of America. Each step is recorded look at 1917 creation of the private Central Bank and the IRS. WWI private central bankers funded all sides. Our roaring 20’s was a designed massive influx of easy money (central bankers). The stock market crash (1929) and great depression all created by the Central Bankers. Their efforts of evil gave us WWII they again funded all sides. Their profit has always killed humans by design. Humanity is no more than tools of their funded worldwide military complex. Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraqi Freedom all designed by the CABAL.

What do you know about who carried out the assassination of JFK? Just think if JFK lived there would not have been Vietnam. Who really took down the World Trade Center? Without the lie no Afghan War on terror. Who unleashed COVID 19? Without the COVID lie and spread of fear there would be no mail in ballots. Who carried out the massive election rigging? Prepare yourself for their next false flag event. 95% of all things you know of history will be flipped to reveal the evil that has gripped our world.

Our President has it all. All is being revealed. Your enlightenment and level of conscious critical thinking will allow you to remain calm. If you live in any large city exercise great care and caution. The radicals being paid by the CABAL will destroy some cities. These cities are Democrat controlled and are filled with citizens deprived of logic and many time GOD. Remain strong in your faith. Have 15-30 days of food and water if you live in a large city. The supply chain will break down for a few days. Avoid any mass gatherings from this day forward. These evil satanic beings like to use large crowds for false flag events. They have murdered millions using mass fear events that they create.

Trust that this battle has been ongoing and the White Hats are in charge and winning. My thinking is the CABAL is living it’s last days. Pray for our President and the many Patriot warriors taking down this evil. God is in charge and evils death is assured.

Rely on the digital warriors for news. You must use discernment when selecting your news sources. You must turn off all mainstream media it is a SHOW. Get the telegram app. Trust those sharing GOD’s word and the truth. Donald J. Trump, Linn Wood, Gen. Mike Flynn, Patriot Street Fighter, WhipLash347, GhostEzra, SavageDog25 and Excellence in Energy are sharing truth and great Intel that can be verified. There are many YouTube and Rumble live streams that have great value and share valid Intel. You must again use discernment some folks are seeking profit without solid truth. If anyone is sharing decent during this time of battle kick the dust off your sandals and leave them. We are in the short game! Watch and prepare for the great return. It is coming. NO DATE is known by any Anon! Operations must remain secure and naming dates is not wise. All you military folks no you jump when the man says jump. The man never gives you more info then that needed to complete the mission.

Stay strong. When possible support others by keeping them calm. You are selected to be here for this biblical battle. Pray daily, find your inner peace and share the joy of a world free of evil. Love one another and stay strong for your families and communities. Pray for the children who have been saved from these evil beings. Pray peace to all those lost at the hands of these evil beings.

Thank God for our anointed President on this day his 75th Birthday. Be prepared to be amazed. Our God is all-powerful and he is in charge. Pray all things in the name of Jesus Christ. We are near the ending. Things are moving fast toward a free restored republic.

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