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Heading from Soft Socialism to Communism

We have known for decades these days were coming. Each time we relax communist expand their efforts. Each time we reveal them they slip back into hiding. They rename themselves they rebrand the evil. Each time they were revealed they have studied where they failed. While they hide they communicate with the hidden rats of communist policy. When their mission was revealed (1948) the deepest rooted communist inside our government used their 5th amendment right not to answer questions. The House Committee on Un-America Activities faded away. Terminated in 1975 it today is the House Judiciary Committee. Today our laws allow Socialist and Communist to hide in plain sight. Today they are Progressive Democrats.

Communist that the HUAC did uncover forced communist underground. From 1959 forward Socialist focused on higher education. First the indoctrination of colleges was carried out. Socialist were hired on every campus during the 60' and 70's. Communist groups had become part of all campuses. By the early 90's they started shifting into the public schools. Progressive Socialist completed the change of American history in 2006 using standardized test requirements that allowed NEW History Curriculum. Destruction of founding principles was the mission. Create a social justice lie that our founders and founding documents held little value today. The NEA took a knee to the United Nations agenda for globalized education standards. United Nations Common Core was installed across our nation. The mission to meet the needs of the Global New World agenda was not to educate but to create useful human capital for industry. Hard working Americans never knew the people behind these efforts were Communist. Common Core used the Soviet model of creating a collective work force.

Those of us that revealed the hidden agenda (Agenda 21) were given tin foil hats and our message was ignored. In 2008 we joined Tea Party movements to educate and advance a return to patriotic values. Media, Democrats and Swamp Republicans joined forces to kill the movement. Our local groups were unable to gain traction to expand our membership. Many stood firm but the reality was we were the same small group month after month with no support. We preached to small choirs of patriots willing to educate themselves while we continued our educations. We never gave up after the attacks by the IRS, Barack Obama and the swamp establishment Republicans. We were small but effective. So effective that establishment Republicans coopted our message. A great divide was created and and the movement slowly faded into the background. We maintained the advance of patriotic conversations on social media. We used and continue to use internet radio. We funded conservative candidates to advance restoration of America's core values and principles.

After the lies of swamp Republicans and the running of McCain and the globalist Mitt Romney we had a great fear our nation was lost. Obama continued to divide races and import members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Revealed corruption and Obama's collusion with Russia only deepened our fear. Hillary the lair of Benghazi (stinger missile buy back) was going to be the Democrat nominee. Bill and Hillary Clinton are murders and pure evil. Then on June 15, 2015 Donald Trump comes down the escalator. My self an many Tea Party Patriots supported Ted Cruz. Once Trump demolished the Swamp candidates one by one and his message became Make America Great Again gave us a hope to defeat Hillary.

We knelt in prayer for the Defeat of the traitor Hillary Clinton. God heard the prayers of Patriots and we elected Donald Trump. He is not the perfect messenger but he has delivered on his promises. He has confronted attacks on a daily basis. He has revealed the corruption of the DOJ, FBI, Congress and Media. He has stood the pressure of pure hate by Democrat within our towns and cities. The World corruption of Globalist has been veered by Donald Trump. He openly confronted NATO, NAFTA, CLIMATE CHANGE, RUSSIA and the COMMUNIST CHINESE.

As we study todays attacks on freedom you must realize this must be our time. We must defeat and lock these communist behind bars. Joe Biden knows the truth of Benghazi. Joe Biden knows the truth of Uranium One and the profits of Obama.. These are the lairs that wire tapped a presidential campaign. These are the criminals that lied to congress to carry out a lie about Russian collusion. These are the Socialist Democrats that after no collusion carried out the impeachment of our President.These are the communist that hate every American that elected Donald Trump.

Our Democrat nieghbors suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. They are not Communist. They are so wrapped in their hate they are accepting Progressive, Socialist and Communist policy. They are the blind citizens of Hitlers Germany who cried for decades that they did not know. No crying now. We must do the tuff work of telling them the truth. We all share in the accepting of criminals and traitors. Every American knew Hillary Clinton had broken the law with her server and the destruction of evidence. The criminal Obama DOJ got a cash transfer from Clinton to stop her indictment. Weaponized government working to control the election process.

In 2017 when the Coup was expanded to eliminate Trump. The Socialist Democrats assured the Globalist Communist Rulers they would frame Trump and end his Presidency. They were allowed to carry out 3 years of failed efforts. Community were unwilling to give the criminal democrats any more time. Communist called in the masters of Evil.

Where did COVID 19 start? Communist China. Did Communist China stop the Virus from being taken across the World? No they allowed hundreds of thousands of Chinese from Wuhan to travel across the World. WHO failed to reveal the virus release. Communist China has attacked the United States without firing a gun shot. So Globalist health professional say we must lock down the United States or 2 to 4 million people will die. Trump takes the advice and shuts down the US economy.

1.Shut down the Worlds best economy. 2.Have Media run images of death 24/7. Spread fear of death lock down the population and control movement. 3.Continue to spread the Virus across the nation. Blame Trump. Continue to hide the cure! 4.Socialist Democrats slow economic relief. 5Video the murder of George Floyd. 6.Media Run the brutal murder 24/7 7.Soros bus and transport terrorist into all Democrat Cities to hold protest. Use paid terrorist to burn, riot and murder police. Use the ignorant masses to rob and loot.ANTIFA receives funding from the Democrat Party. BLM receives funding from the Communist Party USA and the Democrats. They are working for the COUP. 8.Media report riots and protest as peaceful 24/7. Unleash the violence at night. 9.Funnel drugs into the hands of gangs. Start drug wars in the cities. 10.Continue the spread! Media Blame Trump, Congress blame Trump. Call it the Trump virus. 11.Socialist Democrat Governors keep their states locked down. They must not allow the economy to recover. Lies and mandates that citizens are accepting. They have now win that battle without a fight in Democrat controlled states.Keep schools closed!! 12.Mail in votes that can be changed to elect Dementia Joe. Make no mistake Socialist Democrats will cheat (JFK and the Unions). They are so bold they have revealed their plan. Keep the virus spread and advance vote by mail. This is not absentee voting it is broadcast voting that will be corrupted. They are laying the ground work to make Trump look like a bad loser. Make no mistake Democrats CHEAT. Ask the citizens of Louisiana how it works. (DMV site crashes the night of the election and just enough votes come in to elect John Bel Edwards. Louisiana has lived with election cheating for decades.

13.Democrats will continue to slow the legislation for economic relief for the unemployed. The whore Pelosi and Satan's son Schummer working with the propaganda Media are telling you they care about your life. Americans are suffering the loss of jobs, the loss of homes, loss of businesses and the S.O.B.'s criminals are telling you they care. Destroy the American workers is the mission.

Our mission Unite every American to defeat these Communist. Guard the Vote! Demand normal voting. Join our President to defeat these Communist Traitors. We must indict these criminals. Call your Reps and Senators. Demand them to help the American people that are being used as weapons. If you see the commercial quoting Charlie Chapman please know he was a card holding member of the Communist Party USA. Never forget this is a COUP!

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