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History of CABAL Truth

Father God reveal truth to light in Jesus name.

All wars rest with the agenda of the CABAL. No greater proof of Satan or his fallen angels existence in our World. The CABAL is Satan’s Lair. Darkness and evil have been repeated against humanity through out the history of the CABAL.

World War I the Great War- 20 million humans, World War II - 75 million, Korea - 3 million, China Mao and his Great Leap Forward – 50 million, Vietnam (US) – 3.5 million, African War up to 2008 – 5.4 million, Middle East Wars 3.5 million. Known Truth of the use of human death to advance the wealth of the evil Central Banker CABAL.

Now lets look at COVID 19 (China Virus) as of March 9, 2021- 2.6 million and climbing. Is COVID the first Bio-War unleashed on humanity? . Perhaps China had an accidental release from the Wuhan lab. What China did control was how they handled the virus. They locked down Wuhan travel inside China. Over a million humans left Wuhan prior to the Quarantine. Where did they travel? World Wide. The CABAL rules and controls the World.

Truth to Light have you heard of the Great Reset? Hopefully there is an agreement that the CABAL has announced the Great Reset. For the most part we see the Great Reset as economic. Could the massive death of Humanity be the Great Reset?

COVID 19 offers the appearance of a Bio-War attack. If so why and who becomes the question?

Always live in question of all things seen and unseen.

Explore the possibility of the why. Killing of Humans with a somewhat pin point accuracy. Humans 55 and older have the highest mortality rates. This is the age bracket of Baby Boomers around the World estimated to be 78 million. How do Baby Boomers affect the Central Banks? What would they profit from the deaths of Baby Boomers? How long have we listened to them say “Baby Boomers will break the pension system”?

Baby Boomers are collecting government pensions across the World. These pensions are a daily drain on the Central Bankers stash of cash. With a bankrupted Social Security system and failing pension scams Central Bankers are forced to advancing debt. You must consider the evil of the CABAL. What would a reset of the Baby Boomer population do for central bankers cash flow?

Much evidence about the mRNA vaccine that is not a vaccine is being revealed. You will not see much evidence being revealed watching the MEDIA SHOW (CABAL owned)! Patriots are working to share information on Internet channels. Technocrats (CABAL owned) are disabling the sharing of counter viewpoints and science based evidence.

The COVID Vaccine was rushed with little and no animal studies. Humans are the test animals. Side effect risk is high with certain conditions. Numbers of deaths from the vaccine are not being shared by MEDIA. Lack of long-term studies of side effects carries a Hugh risk. Researchers have cautioned about dire outcomes. Why are these risk not revealed to citizens of the World?

Yet all governments are rushing forward with Vaccination of humanity. Some nations are forcing the injection of citizens. Their MEDIA campaign of fear has worked. 24/7 Mind Control for over a year has convinced the world to inject a COVID spiked protein. COVID 19 virus has a 99.9% survival rate. Turns out the drugs do exist that if you become positive you can treat with a doctor’s care from home. Who is profiting from the injection?

5 years from now will we see increased death rates of Senior Citizens? Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Heart Attacks and Cancers are high-risk potential side effects. We do not know the outcome across all humanity. If long term side effects are revealed how will they save injected humanity? Want cell change will the CABAL pedal as a cure? What if the cure would require a small implant? How many will die or suffer prior to a cure? Evil on its highest levels always profits from death and disease.

Our reality is fear has driven humans though out history to witness genocide. The CABAL buys the souls of men. These men provide needed tools for expanding World Order. These men become the killers of humanity for profit. You don’t require their names they operate in full sight of the World. You know who they are. They control all corporations of evil.

If you receive my post I know you have the ability to look at evidence and make your choices. Use your critical thinking mind to select your choice.

This is just a small selection of evidence that someone is pushing this vaccine to governments. Always follow the money. Our Congress has 100’s of members profiting from stock purchase of vaccine stocks. Central Banker controlled governments are taking orders to inject 50% of the World. The CABAL has members who willingly share the mission of depopulation of Earth. Could COVID be the tool of extermination? Turn off TV and get on line, learn the science behind the lie.

We have been fed a diet of mind control fear. Humans are taking an injection without much needed research being completed. COVID death is real the age group at highest risk is known. What has been hidden is treatments from Doctors who have treated 100's without any hospital stays. Could this be profit driven $2.00 pill versus $2600.00 big Pharma drugs. Treatment within the first 48-72 hours of COVID symptoms offers great outcomes.

Once you understand share your knowledge. You must become a digital warrior for God. You must unite and prepare for what could happen in all things. Evil does not hide. Evil MEDIA is sharing the lies of their masters. They are true believers of Satan. God empower each of us with limitless energy and intuitive critical thinking. We defeat Satan when we stand on the side of truth. We defeat Satan when we break through fear. Open your minds to escape the grip of satanic evil.

Pray for the children of our World. They are being trafficked for evil. Demand border security. Demand truth from Dementia Joe. Hold your criminal Politian’s accountable.

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