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Humanity Standing Against Evil

FREEDOM is Granted by God! EVIL is of Man!

Mankind is witness to evil that we seek to discern. Discernment is of God our creator to serve and protect us. Seeking to figure out evil requires us to question all things. Let us focus on questions that we all share. Let us than share answers; that will serve to calm our minds and souls. Evil exist as a choice in all Mankind. When we confront evil our first response is to question; how is this or that possible? We must look at many breakdowns within society to discern why we see the massive increase in evil vs good.

1. Who is the master of FEAR?

2. Why would a government of the People use FEAR against the People?

3. Why would government use deception and censorship to hide TRUTH from the People?

4. How could 5% of the Worlds Population control more wealth than the 95% of the People?

5. How did this 5% capture every government on Earth?

6. What weapons have they created to maintain control over all humanity?

7. Who created fiat debt currency that enslaves 95% of humanity to a life of struggle just to work and die on their terms?

8. Who created propaganda and mind control?

9. Who controls all media (news, social media, written press)?

10. Who created Bio-Weapons?

11. When did medicine and hospitals become centers that accept murder?

12. Who could think of crimes against humanity?

13. Who could plan and contemplate depopulation of 50 to 95% of the earth?

14. Who creates drugs, poisons, and war that kill fellow humans by design?

15. How could a nation founded on the core values and principles of God decline to accepting an evil controller government?

16. Who decided that our Representative government, one legal vote for each legal registered person would be destroyed and evidence could not be presented to the People?

17. Legislative process has failed to investigate election crimes. Courts have failed to view every piece of valid evidence. How can the American people determine or establish trust that our election system was not and is not rigged?

18. Who created a nation of people willing to accept the robbery of our great grand children’s American Dream?

19. Who dumbed down the People to accept a criminal government system offensive to God?

20. Who removed God from our schools, our homes and our society?

21. Why would God save a nation that accepts murder in the womb?

22. How many mothers and fathers have ensured their children know and learn the Constitution of the United States of America?

23. How can a People that do not know their rights respect the rule of law or demand their rights?

24. Do you know that high crimes, misdemeanors, and Treason are now acceptable to the Media, Congress and the Courts?

25. Do you know that on the current spending of the Federal Government that the total economic collapse of the United States will happen?

26. Do you realize that you are the generation our founding fathers feared?

27. What is required of any People to become good Communist Party members?

28. Are the People of the United States operating under the full control of government?

29. Is the government of the United States using A.I. to track every person?

30. Who can save America and the World?

Answers to all Questions takes place and will be revealed each to another. Fact based history still exist for your own research.

There is no greater document of why government exists than our Declaration of Independence.

“ We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,

that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness—-That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,

and to institute new Government, laying its

Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

Now ask yourself how could a government and Constitution created to empower freedom decline like America has? Once we define the evil will you be inspired to stop your consent?

Once We the People remove our consent, we can start the true restoration of the greatest bastion of Freedom and Liberty known to mankind.

Never forget these days of evil. Never forget our fellow humans who have passed under this tyranny. God’s design and order will be restored the Word reveals exactly what we see today.

God our father almighty empowers humanity with intuitive minds and souls. Our creator desired us to see and feel evil. God is the pure energy of love and peace. Man created by God has a conscious. Our conscious allows us to have concerns when we see evil of man griping our World.

Let us not only define how we got here today but also who designed the removal of our freedoms and liberty.

History has recorded all evil. Who are the creators of War? Is War of man or God? What does War accomplish for the good of mankind? Who profits from War man or God? Is mankind elevated to God consciousness of Love and Peace by War? What compiles man to kill his fellow man? What elements grip the minds and souls of man that leads them to war? What is the history of Governments in the creation of War and Death?

God’s Word offers us the discernment that when Evil grips and enslaves his creation destruction becomes reality.

Satan and his fellow fallen angels created and shared the dark arts of evil with willing men.

Satan sees himself as God. God empowers man with the knowledge of good and evil and allows us to choose. Satan was forced by God to reveal himself to allow us to choose. God offers eternal life, Satan offers only power on earth. Satan sells the vision that every man is God.

Men willing to have all power on earth selected to worship Satan. Power on earth required selling their eternal souls. Satan handed over the dark art of money magic and long life by blood worship. Satanic worship has existed since the murder of Able. God has allowed both good and evil to share our World. Each time Satanic power has captured humanity God has stepped in to restore good. God has revealed his love for his children endlessly. When forces of evil harm the children of God, God provides the endless power of love to defeat all evil.

Many of us await the Great Awakening. Restoration of God’s rule over his creation requires the indoctrinated to have the blinders ripped from their minds and souls.

All evil revealed and punishment witnessed. Evil men forced into hiding losing their grip on our World.

Research to validate these answers.

1. Who is the master of FEAR?

Satan is the master of FEAR. Satan’s most powerful weapon of control is FEAR.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

Living in fear is not of God. Humans are born as pure beings with boundless energy and ability to trust. Nurtured children have no concept of fear. Fear is taught to protect us from self-harm from our surroundings. A mother teaches a child to fear harm. It is our nature to trust the love of our mothers. Our trust that our parents will protect us is natural. Satanic dark arts use our natural fear to control and remove our fearless self. Satanic secret societies have control of all the dark arts. This Satanic evil has taken control of all governments. Evil power hungry systems were designed to enslave all of humanity. These powerful satanic powers use dark secrets that are designed to have slaves live in Fear.

2. Why would a government of the People use FEAR against the People?

Governments throughout all of history have used FEAR to control the minds of men. Today evil has captured power and to keep power over humanity they employ the power of their master FEAR. They create and use the fear of death. They create and use money to establish the fear of poverty.

They control and capture the education process. They use media (print and visual) to carry their design of normal life.

Governments stage wars, create prisons, use drugs that harm the created body of man, they weaponize man against man to control those who seek to advance the will of God and they use fear that compiles man to accept their evil master.

Think of all things governments control today. They control food supplies. They control all means of travel. They control all property. They control and use medicine to weaken and destroy health. They control where you can live and what you can build. With the creation of the education system they control what you can read, what you can hear, what you can see and what you learn. Censorship is used to limit your critical thinking mind. Censorship destroys all truth as being conspiracy if it defeats their control narrative. They use a justice system designed to control they enslaved. You must give them control and accept their power over your life. Their dark secret is they tell you that you have freedom. They create a false lie that your freedom comes from government and corporations that they control.

3. Why would government use deception and censorship to hide TRUTH from the People?

Governments use evil deception and censorship to hide their plan to depopulate the planet of the children of God. They FEAR that Truth will destroy their evil grip and the loss of their power. From the Word of God we know Satan seeks a single religion and seeks a single world ruler of Gods creation. Control of the human mind has proven difficult. Evidence reveals decades of proof of advanced study of mind control by governments (M.K. Ultra). “Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government.” Edward Bernays. Bernays is the father of propaganda.

In the year 1871 your United States for America Constitution was sold out for loans from the Bank of London and the Vatican.

Today evil is prepared to rid their world of humanity. They seek a fully controlled trans-human. You must be deceived to accept and download to your body their design of the perfect slave mind.

Our World is witness to man made bio-weapons created to kill humanity. Government military bio-weapons funded by the United States of America and unleashed by China. COVID 19 was not the vision of Dr. Fauci it was the vision of the evil that enlisted him. Bio-weapon Vaccines are the vision of Bill Gates an evil man controlled by satanic masters. Dr. Fauci is a man gripped by the lust of power and greed.

Covid 19 Vaccines have killed and permanently injured more humans than any other recorded vaccine.

Governments through out the world have carried out destruction of human rights. Forcing death shots into humanity while forcing control over mankind is pure evil.

Releases of bio-weapons carried out to facilitate a hidden evil Global agenda to depopulate the Planet. Governments are the creation of man to control all wealth and resources of Earth. Governments revealed their wiliness to murder and enslave mankind. Murder is of Satan. Enslavement is of Satan. Government’ willing to harm humanity is of Satan. Governments have attempted to hide treatments and censor truth allowing Doctors and hospitals to administer death treatments.

4. How could 5% of the Worlds Population control more wealth than the 95% of the People?

Satan revealed to a handful of worshiper’s dark money magic. Centuries ago this handful of men set out to capture the World for Satan. Money is truly the root of all evil and destroys the souls of many men. The 5% are hand selected men and women who willingly sold their souls to evil satanic masters for wealth and fame. They hid themselves using religion and secret orders. They hid in full sight using the dark art powers of deception. They mastered propaganda and used every tool to have humanity accept their vision of a perfect life.

During todays mission of depopulation they have designed weapons that allow the capture of massive wealth. Satanic Bankers assisted in the capture of 1.9 trillion dollars of wealth during the COVID Plandemic.

The 5% meets with deceived power hungry political leaders, media and artist. During their meetings they determine who they can capture. They design the time lines for completing their depopulation plan. They have been forced to rush their plan. They failed to predict our acceptance of their lies. Children of God are standing up to reveal the crimes against humanity Satanic Bankers head the World to War. Using Bio-Weapons or bombs accomplishes their end game. Think of the movie of a Kinetic Ukraine. Understanding the history of those who hold humanity captive requires you gain some knowledge of the foundation of the CABAL. This history is dark and hidden by their design. If humanity becomes aware of their evil plan mankind will track them down and bring force the vengeance of God upon them.

5. How did this 5% capture every government on Earth?

Simply they created the central banks and captured first London and then the seat of Christian power the Vatican. In 1871 they capture their greatest fear a government of free People the United States. Any nation that would not accept Central Banking Controls became a target. Every Middle East leader that would not turn his real money over to control was taken out using propaganda and war. These wars were waged with the blood of our children.

War allowed the CABAL to capture gold and natural resources (oil, rare earth minerals). Converting the World to the Petro Dollar was the deathblow.

Governments were pressured/forced to exchange/trade U.S. petro-dollars for oil. The World accepted worthless fiat paper. They captured the Worlds governments. Every government handed over sound money for fiat worthless debt notes. Capture of each government was meant to accomplish their masters vision of a One World religion of Satan. Money was the weapon that would fuel mans weakness for material wealth.

Men are born with lust in their hearts. Satanic masters fed sexual lust to humanity and forced its acceptance as a man made right. Satan feeds all manner of self-gratification using the captured education process.

Weak men are lured to feed their desires and captured in their acts. Bribery is a practiced learned dark art form. They are then fully controlled. Once these weak men and women are captured, they are fed power and money. Feeding the id drives them for power over the people. Morality laws written to weaken humanity by design are from Satanic dark magic. The mission of Satan is to capture the minds and souls of man. Satan feeds the World the message that you are God and all your desires are natural. God’s natural law is simple “Do no harm to another human.”

6. What weapons have they created to maintain control over all humanity?

Their greatest weapon is control and creation of money and trade. Advanced mind control messaging and frequency is in use to sedate every human.

Destruction of small family farms has handed the American food supply to corporations. Control of money therefore means control of all food. Production of all things was captured using worthless debt notes. Destruction of the family farms and today they are completing the destruction of the small business sector. CABAL control designed Corporate big box stores to replace community mom and pop lumber yards, grocery, bakers and pharmacies. Control of production is the lifeblood of all economies. Fact based history that advances Patriotism was replaced with indoctrination.

Removal of the Word of God from our schools advances man made social justice. Destruction of human knowledge of God is a designed mission. Capture of the education process was by design and that information was read into Congressional record.

Creation of the DEA was by design to marry the Teachers Unions to federal government control, to advance a continuous decline in education.

Social justice indoctrinates children to accept government masters. Courts of law were captured to create a justice system that removes the freedom of anyone that does not comply. Corporations are the children of evil that works hand in hand with Central Bankers and their owned governments.

The 5% control congress and legislate taxation of the Working Class to limit true wealth growth. Formation and creation of the Military Complex was required to complete the capture of nations living free.

The CABAL owned the corporations they used for wars. The CABAL owns military complex thus the World. Humanity is enslaved and controlled by military and Police State Corporations. Humanity lives in a prison planet. What is the largest for profit business in the State of Texas?

Drugs both legal and criminal are created to advance mind control and moral decline of society. Drug cartels own and use the central banking system to clean their criminal cash. Big Pharmaceutical Corporations are funded by central bankers and owned by shadow government agencies who own stock to dictate drug use (CDC, FDA, CMS). Every single aspect of human existence revolves around the Corporate profit model. Corporate Governments owned and managed by the top 1% of wealth rule the World. Americans have taken the bait hook line and sinker. Americans own cars, homes, property and perceived wealth, LLC small business corps in the appearance of freedom is complete. Now the reality you own nothing that Corporate Governments and Bankers cannot take from you with the stroke of a pen. Every Corporate Government agency holds powers to remove your vehicle, home, property, wealth and small business. YOU OWN NOTHING THEY CANNOT TAKE FROM YOU! COVID 19 was a great test run of their power over the slave planet. Read and understand the CABAL exist for control of all humanity.

The links provided allow you to answer many Questions every American should have. Our Nation is watching the end game of the CABAL.

America is bankrupt and the CABAL designed the bankruptcy. Our World and all of humanity are suffering our designed economic collapse. All Nations were attached to our U.S. Debt Dollar (Petro Dollar) by design. CABAL designers have a single mission collapse of the last stronghold of freedom and liberty. CABAL elite have captured the World using debt created by their controlled governments. Each American has allowed and accepted our loss of Freedoms. All post on United to Save America contain education elements designed to advance a patriotic understanding We the People must unite.

Once you open the U.S. debt clock also OPEN the World Debt Clock.

When the U.S. Debt surpasses the Total assets of the U.S. there is no turning back. Our fully owned and controlled government has carried out this evil plan. Americans who have warned and dared to question the criminals have been censored and painted as conspiracy theorist.

Look at the actions of Governments around the World as People protest against the loss of remaining freedoms. Today our Brothers and Sisters of Canada are living the reality there is only freedom for the ignorant controlled humans. Governments have painted any human seeking freedom and liberty as enemies of the State. Military Weapons are being used against humanity on a daily basis. CABAL controlled Media feeds division neighbor against neighbor, brother against sister, children against parents, race against race, religion against religion and police and people.

The end game is here America. War is the known response of the CABAL. War always driven by the CABAL’s need to reset the World economies. Civil War, WWI, WW2, Viet Nam and the Middle East were designed after economic collapses that they created and designed. Each time the CABAL captured all wealth and greater humanitarian control. Each time the CABAL depopulated to their determined number and than created the end of War. Each time the CABAL profits from the rebuild and the lie that War must never again happen.

In your lifetime you have witnessed war and the massive false flag events used to drive people to kill one another in the name of Country. A large body of proof exist that reveals Pearl Harbor and 9-11were both false flag events.

Think what freedoms were removed and also the cost of 9-11. CABAL laughed as the called the loss of Freedoms after 9-11 the Patriot Act. Russia is being painted as the aggressive nation while NATO (CABAL) is backing the CABAL money laundering center Ukraine. What does Putin know about the Ukraine and the criminal Joe and Hunter Biden? What does Putin know about uranium One, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Putin knows that the Central Bankers destroyed the Soviet Union using bankruptcy during the Cold War. Putin has taken total control of the Russian treasury and is backing the currency using Gold and Silver. Putin has also advocated for the destruction of the CABAL.

Americans are being mandated to inject the deadliest vaccines ever recorded into their bodies and bodies of their children. COVID 19 vaccines have killed more Americans then all vaccines in history. American children have been forced to wear mask that are ineffective and doing great harm to their health.

So with a World under attack what can you do? Prepare

Food is a weapon that they control. Paper Money is becoming worthless. You should own silver or gold bullion as a hedge against a coming hyperinflation. Reduce your debt. Demand your Freedom from the system of evil government and corporate governance.

American Truckers are planning a Freedom run, join them salute them with your support along every interstate. Fly the American Flag create signs demanding FREEDOM.

Here is a copy paste from The Conservative Tree House. COM.

WHAT NOW? There is a way to stop and deconstruct the Intelligence Branch, but it requires some outside-the-box thinking and reliance on the Constitution as a tool to radically change one element within government. In the interim, we must remain focused on the three tiers that we need for success.

• Tier One is “tactical civics” at a local level. Engaged and active citizen participation at the community, city, town and hamlet level of society. This is what might be described as grassroots level, school board level; city council level; county commissioner level. • Tier Two is “extreme federalism” at a state level. Engaged and active citizen participation through your State House and State Senate representative. This is state level assembly and action demands upon the State House, State Senate and State Governor. • Tier Three the challenge of “federal offices” on a national level. This is where CTH outlines a singular action that can be taken upstream that allows the first two tiers to retake control over federal offices. This is where we throw the One Ring into the fire of Mordor. {Go Deep}

God Bless every Freedom Loving American. United we stand, divided by any means we fall. Americans hold a firm core principle our rights and Freedoms are God given not man given. Tyranny will never live long in the face of God’s children standing United.

Please consider purchasing my book. I am on a fixed income and website cost are coming due. I always look forward to your continued feedback. I love our nation and the great men and women who are standing to confront this evil. Down load the Podbean App and Listen to our LWN Podcast series on vaccine awareness. I want to thank Mike, Shane and Tamie for allowing me to share my thoughts on Liberty Warrior Nation. Warrior my bothers and sisters.

GOD Bless you and please stand strong in the WORD. GOD WINS!

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