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Once an act of treason allows traitors to assume power what is the duty of our military? What is the role or civic duty of citizens when receiving orders from a traitor? If a foreign enemy assisted in election rigging by assisting with reversal of a legal vote is that treason? If during the act of treason a foreign enemy unleashed a bio-weapon what is the duty of our military? What proof is required to verify treason? Once a member of Media, Congress, the Courts or Military are informed that treason has been alleged what is their duty? Is it treason if false documents are offered as eligibility for office? Is it treason to weaponize the powers of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, IRS and the Congress against the American people? Americans have evidence that a long running Coup d’état has been carried out since November 22, 1963. Who are the traitors involved in this Coup?

Americans have a long list of questions that deserve answers. Our remedy to restore civil order rest within our United States Constitution. Article 4 – Section 4 is the key. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

Foreign bankers (Bank of London) and the Vatican took our nation captive in 1871 by formation of a Corporate Nation State. This Nation state destructed our legal system, treasury and true republican form of government. Americans became captives of treason. This treason was exposed to President Kennedy. He undertook the massive task of restoration of our Republic. President Kennedy would not support the Vietnam War desired by the Central Bankers. President John Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas a clear act of domestic violence. It is time to reveal who carried out this act of domestic violence. Where was George H. Bush on November 22, 1963? What position in government did hold? Think CIA!

Bill Clinton controlled a vast criminal enterprise of drug running and sex trafficking for the central bankers. Look up the history of Mena Arkansas. Think of the number of rape and sex abuse allegations made against Bill. Think CIA drug and gun running operations. All allegations were met by many suicides of accusers and those with evidence.

Regardless of our belief about 9/11 there is a large volume of evidence that the building were destroyed by controlled demolition. Building 7 offers the largest proof of intentional destruction. The reason was to avoid destruction of the Deep State.

You should understand NESARA/GESARA and when it was to go into effect. Perhaps George W. Bush was not surprised. Domestic terror carried out by Central Bankers. The planned event allowed a massive expansion of citizen control (Patriot Act) and Middle East oil, drugs and gold grab. Think all things done in the name of a War on Terror. How many Americans were murdered by this evil lie?

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya and his birth certificate was captured and hidden. Remember Sheriff Joe Arpaio carried out a forensic test of the false Hawaiian forged birth certificate. Obama’s Administration declared war on America. Obama advanced many Unconstitutional policies. Research the Obama administration spending bills. Vast sums of monies went to cronies, created sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, created confusing laws that differ between the federal government and the state, then created methods to steal every election from now through the end of time.

Barack Obama’s Administration was out to destroy America. Obama was selected to drive our Nation into the New World Order and the Great Reset. Obama organized and spied on the Trump Administration. Obama led a coup knowing his selected FBI and DOJ would never penalize him. Obama’s efforts to destroy the country required a Clinton election and a continued administration under his control.

Stealing the 2020 election and selecting Joe Biden would allow the continued mission of America’s destruction. Remember Obama created the open border policy and advanced the importation of members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Under Obama’s reign Black Lives Matter was born and weaponized. Obama used BLM goons and ANTIFA to terrorize our nation. Obama is not a mastermind of evil he is a tool used by the true masterminds of evil. Satanic Global Elites have funded and advanced all evil on humanity.

Death of humanity by War and captive fiat debt wealth is fully controlled by this satanic evil. This evil is waging all out war against a Restoration of our U.S. Constitution. Their greatest fear is that Americans will learn the truth. This is evil has ruled the World and has held all humanity as captive slaves. The release of the COVID virus and the Bio-weapon vaccine is being carried out with their complete knowledge their defeat is near.

Our Political system was captured and operates with a complete knowledge of the rigged election. Our U.S. Constitution is our weapon we must use it to reclaim our control. We the People are waking in great numbers against the masters of evil within our government. Our Congress does not serve us or protect us. 95% of the system is funded and working against our will.

Our government is an exposed treasonous machine filled with traitors to our Constitution.

Americans and the World are pushing back. Across our World humanity is taking a stand. Seekers of truth are now revealing the treason and evil. Lairs and traitors within Media are exposed. Traitors inside our FBI, CIA, DOJ, DEA, FDA, CDC, Military and Courts have been revealed.

Our mission is to take a stand for Humanity against our evil controllers. Your simple mission is to simply live and support every human that DOES NOT COMPLY with unlawful orders. Any order coming from a government of traitors is an unlawful order. If you have ever sworn a Oath to our Constitution it is your duty not to comply. If you lack courage pray for God’s help. Assist men in women of God who have found the courage. Support those willing to walk off a job. Support those willing to protest against treason. Shout down the weak elected traitors. Record their names so that history will know them for their evil against humanity.

Each day that Joe Biden is allowed to rule as a traitor it is your duty not to comply with any mandate or law. Each day your elected Representatives allow this traitor power they are deeply complicit. Once they have been served notice of treason they can never be allowed any public office. Serve your Representatives notice. Serve every Board, agency and corrupt Corporation doing the work of the traitors we have recorded their failure. Simply send them a photo of your message “I WILL NOT COMPLY”.

Peaceful protest is your Constitutional right. With a known traitor in the White House protest is your civic duty. Freedom is being stripped away each day this treason is allowed to exist. Contact local media “I will not comply!” Attend every Board meeting “I will not comply!” E-mail every state rep and senator “I will not comply!” Contact Clay Higgins, John Kennedy and the traitor Bill Cassidy “I will not comply”. We the People have power only when we claim it. End the treason, jail the traitors lock them up. Prepare the gallows and ready the firing squads. Heat the tar and bag the feathers! These bastards deserve no quarter or freedom. They are murdering humanity and taking full control of all humanity. They may capture me but they will never defeat the will of God. They may kill me but my death will not be without a battle. I will assent with the blood of the lamb. I have total trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I lack trust in known evil men and women.

Demand Audits be revealed. Demand the arrest of the criminals Biden, Obama, Bush and Clinton. Clean out and destroy the den of evil that is Washington D.C.. Investigate your state traitors and local criminal dens of good ole boys. Your weapon Article 4, section 4 of the United States Constitution. 1776 is coming back America you control them.

I WILL NOT COMPLY! Remember the screams of the evil leftist, my body my choice! No justice No peace!

The righteous scream of every American today must be


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