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Joe Biden is now and always has been a lair and criminal.

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Ex-President Obama pulls the strings for the puppet masters of the Globalist World Order. Americans are living in a designed transfer of wealth and property. Joe Biden the puppet just completed three weeks of brain boosting drugs and treatment for dementia. He will not complete his term. Study what you see and hear from this ill man. Media will paint the picture as instructed and feed the mass of indoctrinated the Obama designed narrative. Owning the Media and two political parties allows the Globalist a captured 35 percent of the American population. In a nation where 40% of eligible voters do not register or vote we suffer many defeats.

Understand the Communist Democrat and Deep State Playbook.

  1. Divide the opposition.

  2. Define a massive portion as unAmerican

  3. Lie and attempt to blame all failures on MEGA and Trump.

  4. Funnel massive dollars into Democrat voting base.

  5. Media will project America First Candidates as losing.

  6. Keep the attention off total policy failures. Hammer TRUMP and MEGA.

  7. Hammer home the absolute lie that America is a Democracy.

  8. Define Patriots as an enemy of the Democracy.

Understand the American path to victory for the Republic.

  1. Stand United and Firm on total policy failures of the Communist Democrats.

  2. Increase voter registration and hold Town Hall meetings. Make it your duty to register 1 person this election cycle and get them to the polls.

  3. Define America First. Limited Government, Sound Money, Education Reform, Restoration of the family unit, the Right to life of the unborn, Restoration of Law and Order, Restoration of the free Press, Open Honest conversations based in Truth, Equality and respect for every American. Restoration of the core values of Life, Liberty and Property. One nation under God where all men are endowed by their creator with unalienable Rights. God not man or government gives all rights to the People.

  4. Protect and safe guard all polling places. Record and report all suspects of vote tempering. Become poll watchers.

  5. Stay proactive and do not allow Media or Democrats to make you reactive. Offer solutions of hope. This election is not about Donald Trump. This election is about We the People claiming dominance of Ideas and sound policy.

  6. Create networks of America First action groups. Give no money to the RNC. Fund candidates not the failed Party. Support open candidate forums and question candidates. Elect not a single Democrat.

  7. Do not allow any Candidate to reference this great nation as a Democracy. We are a Republic and restoration is the mission. Stay on point.

So 4 out of 10 Americans will not vote in 2022 unless you the Patriots enlist and assist them.

Joe Obama is using the weapons of Media, Division and distraction. Americans have 60 days to register new Voters?

Democrat and Deep State Policy and government failures.

  1. Destruction of Energy independence. Requiring redistribution of American worker wealth to Foreign Oil regimes. Increase gas prices on the American Worker and elevated prices on all goods and services. Joe Biden returned America to the failed energy policies of Obama and the Globalist Central Bankers to bankrupt America. President Trump returned American Energy jobs and American Energy independence.

  2. Open Border policy allowing human trafficking, drug distribution, NGO funding to politicians. Redistribution of American Jobs and Social Security funding of criminal illegal aliens. National Security risk as extremist terrorist are imported by Obama and the Global World Order.

  3. Joe Biden and his DOJ have colluded with MEDIA, Big Tech and Big Pharma to censor and kill Free Speech of all opposition. This censorship was started under the Obama Regime and verifies with certainty that Obama is the selected puppet master pulling Joe Biden's strings. Harsh Censorship is the weapon of Authoritarian Regimes.

  4. Afghanistan withdrawal failure leading to the death of 13 America solders and countless Afghans. The abandonment of Americans and Afghan allies is deplorable. Handing billions of dollars of tax payer funded military equipment to muslim extremist and China was by design. The 20 year war in Afghanistan was about the capture and control of the poppy fields and drug running. Killing extremist was a propaganda tool to find the tax payers. Joe Biden like many members of Congress and the Military profited from the Afghan War. Always follow the money.

  5. Forced health mandates that are killing Americans and Harming our Children. Education decline from school closings. The impact on our children is real and will be long lasting. American workers forced to be injected or loose the ability to work. This was a criminal unconstitutional action. Joe Biden's mandates created a designed supply chain crisis. Biden's mandates on Dock Workers and Truck Drivers slowed the ports.

  6. Massive spending and legislation to inject funding to the Democrat voting base. Injecting trillions of additional dollars into the economy has creating inflation. Inflation is a tax on every American that harms the poor and working class first. When for track inflation and increase in violent crime the mirror image is astounding.

  7. Increased printing of dollars to fund the Ukraine War. Joe Biden, Democrats and Military Complex Republicans have used the Ukraine to launder Central Banker bribes for decades. Ukraine was used by the Department of Defense to line the pockets of our corrupt political class. Joe Biden openly admitted to bribing Ukraine's government to hide and kill the investigation into his son's crimes. Joe Biden as Vice President was the Ukraine bag man for Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi. Mitt Romney, John Carey and many Senators. Ukraine was and is a funding open check book of tax payer money to our criminal political class.

  8. Attacks on the Supreme Court after the turning back of ROE vs Wade. Joe Biden and the Democrat Party support all Abortions. The Supreme Court ruling was a action to return Abortion Rights to the States and the will of the People of each State. Democrats stand opposed to States Rights and the Will of the People. Attacks on the Court verifies without doubt Democrat seek Federal Power and Control over the People. Forced Federal Legislation without the Vote of the People is neither Democracy or Republican it is Authoritarian rule.

  9. Attacks on the 2nd Amendment are real and ongoing. Joe / Obama are completing the mission of the United Nations, WHO, WIF to disarm America.

  10. Joe Biden's China Policy is the result of taking bribes. As America suffers from Clinton, Bush and Obama's redistribution of manufacturer's to China Biden blames Trump. America's China Policy is rooted in creating a Great Reset where Americans must suffer wealth redistribution to aid World Governance. Joe Biden reversed Trump Trade Policies that leveled all trade policy to fair balanced trade. China owns Joe Biden and captured him as a political pawn.

  11. Two tiered Justice Department targeting American Parents and allowing Leftist violence to advance across Democrat Cities. No arrest or indictment of Hunter Biden. FBI and DOJ censorship of the Hunter Biden Laptop as Russian disinformation during the 2020 Presidential Campaign is a clear act of Treason. Barack Obama / Joe Biden / Hillary Clinton / Susan Rice / Loretta Lynch / James Comey conspired to spy on the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. No arrest or indictments of the key players. Biden instructed the DOJ and FBI to raid Mar Largo after the January 6th Democrat Committee failed to tie Trump to the falsely named insurrection. The DOJ / FBI are now the political arm of the Deep State. Media leaks of all things negative to Trump. A weaponized DOJ is a carry over of the Obama Communist Regime. Protest at the homes of Supreme Court Justices is a felony and no one was charged by the DOJ. Biden / Harris and members of Congress insight protest and violence against Justices and no charges.

  12. Open Lies and redefinition of facts. America is in a Economic Recession Biden / Obama change the definition. January 6th is labeled an Insurrection and not a protest that turned violent. There is not any evidence of a planned effort to over throw the government. On January 6 many Trump Supporters were hopeful that election questions and evidence would be reviewed by Congress. Nancy Pelosi is a criminal and organized with government agents to entrap Trump supporters. What role did the FBI play? When Democrats protest election results it is a Right.

Every policy and legislative action of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are simply defined as authoritarian rule. Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by the rejection of political plurality, the use of strong central power to preserve the political status quo, and reductions in the rule of law, separation of powers, and democratic voting. Facts affirm that the Democrat Party after defeat in 2016 altered State Voting procedures. Facts affirm that Democrats have stated their desires to pack the Court. Fact Democrats and Joe Biden reject political plurality describing all political opposition as terrorist, racist, fascists and insurrectionist. Fact Joe Biden used executive orders to force mandates without regard of the rights of each State and People to decide Vaccine injection. Fact Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are holding Americans who entered the Capital on Jan.6 without due process. Destruction of the Rule of Law by the Biden DOJ becomes clearer with each passing day.

Our Patriotic Duty is to Lawfully Resist and oppose all policies of destruction. We must stay grounded in Truth. We must advance restoration as the lawful path forward. Defeat of every Democrat will not happen. We can and will reclaim a Congressional majority only if we stay focused on turning out the Vote. We must have Patriots register as poll watchers. We must follow all Voting laws. When allowed video record from a lawful distance all polling places. Support of every American First Candidate is a must. You are called to become a lawful political activist. NEVER ALLOW MEDIA OR ANY POLITICAL PARTY TO DEFINE YOU! Patriots are called to duty and action. Holding voter registration events and speaking out in the town hall format will empower Americans to crush the DEEP STATE efforts of total control.

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