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Knowledge from the Looking Glass only increases the Pain.

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June 14th 2022 9am

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Five years of having the knowledge of the plans of Evil offers no comfort. Decoding messages from a self described White Hat force for good adds only Questions. Knowledge that our World exists in a continuous battle of Good versus Evil starts at our birth and ends at our death. Humanity is witness to the mission of organized satanic power to eliminate each of us. Bloodlines of Satan operate freely. Warriors of God the father operate in the background. Every Government on the Planet allows and often empowers enslavement and murder of humanity. Murder and suffering of humanity expands to a desired massive depopulation of God’s creation.

After decades of enslavement and battling against the chains, only you the child of the all-powerful God can free yourself. Freedoms exist only when you destruct the Victim mentality. Each man and woman holds a seeded vision of self. Regardless of your created, self-vision you live in a World at continuous war. Within the war, only you can determine your freedom or captivity. Our natural peace of mind as a slave or free man depends on our ability to connect both mind and soul to our creator God the father.

Satanic bloodlines have achieved the ability to destroy and control both mind and soul. Knowing this evil is real and moving forward does not offer peace or comfort.

Today Q the movie asks us to believe that White Hat Warriors are battling and winning. Today we see victory after victory for the evil controllers. We spend time daily seeking proof that our God is winning. Shall we play a game? Let us cast light on the two realities and call it simply Good versus Evil. Each truth must be something you the seekers of truth can confirm for yourself.

Satanic truths list.

· Satanic Dark Warriors have created many things to gain power and control of the children of God. Corporations are the creation of satanic dark warriors. Using their created Corporations, they captured all governments of the World.

· World Order governments receive their power from satanic masters. Using their web of corporations, every government must operate as ordered.

· World Order governments have captured humans. Governments control humans by force.

· World Order governments are forcing injection of humans with a bio-weapon of their creation.

· World Order Governments operate bio –labs funded by the humans they wish to murder.

· World Order governments are destroying food supplies and abilities to travel.

· World order governments are destroying their created debt economies. Humanity struggles simply to exist day to day.

· World order governments have destroyed self-governance using rigged election processes.

· World order governments are shutting down access to God created fossil fuels as an energy source.

· World order governments are building up to a World War.

· World order governments are feeding the human mind using mind control media. Media is feeding human minds a narrative of division, fear and hopelessness.

· World order governments are controlling weather to create human movement and death.

· World order governments have captured the education process to destroy history. Education systems exist only to indoctrinate. Communist infiltrated the public education system over 100 years ago. Education control was used to remove God and Natures Law from all history. Social studies, Teachers Unions and extreme anti-God systems fully captured all of our public schools.

· World order governments operate all medical systems. Healthcare hospitals are now death centers. Medical tyranny exists through out our World. Using food safety World agencies introduce poison into the food supply. Once consumed the slow death process requires assisted medical care. Drugs are systematically destroying humans; poison processed foods, vaccine injections and treatments.

· World order governments created insurance that nurses the labor force until age 65 when their death panels determine who dies and who lives.

· World order governments traffic children for ritual and sex needs of their created degenerate population. Porno movies and magazines advance the normalization of deviant behavior.

· World order governments have disarmed all the nations accept those they will destroy by war. Using mind control, they arm and unleash evil meant to shock humanity into handing over their defense weapons. Watch the use of Martial Law and Red flag legislation. Invasion is underway and without arms, they will take out Americans at will. They are evil and they are stepping up their end game.

The United States is a fully captured and controlled World Order Government. Americans have no Representative power over Washington. Washington is the creation of satanic masters. Washington is a 10-mile square Nation State operated by the crown and the Vatican. State governments must remove the Federal government from all powers within their borders. Only when Americans dismantle the corporate nation state will restoration truly begin.

Q using the looking glass has revealed to humanity they keys to finding truth. Q speaks truth and reveals every evil attack by the Satanic Cabal. Q armed God’s children to prepare us for each step of the on going battle.

God truth list

· Q revealed the satanic warrior operating the United States. The Bush family war criminals and their controlled minions are lairs and traitors. Bush assisted in the murder of President Kennedy. The Clinton’s are satanic high priest baptized in the blood of children. Obama is a satanic son of ritual given power to destroy the children of God. You have power over evil when you reveal them to the World. Q regardless of all things opened the eyes of humanity. We now know Joe Biden is a traitor and sold his power to the highest foreign bidder.

· Americans have been enlightened to the attacks on our public schools. Americans became aware during on line education process that our children are being indoctrinated 8 hours a day 5 days per week. Gender, racism, social justice, anti-God, mandated forced health care and curriculums that tell our children that government is their master. Social Studies became Social Justice by design of the communist controlled Department of Education and the Communist controlled Teachers Unions. All unions have a foundation in Communism. By design children are removed from God.

Morality and parental core principles and values are being removed and replaced with Government.

Indoctrinated teachers are teaching children that Mom and Dad are ignorant.

· Department of Justice weaponized against concerned parents speaking out at School Board meetings. Americans witnessed FBI and DOJ target and gather personal e-mail, social media and cell phone data on Parents

· COVID 19 mandates issued for forced injection of the deadly COVID 19 vaccines. Americans witnessed Corporations demand injection of employees. Many Americans forced from the workforce to maintain their Constitutional God given right to control the bodies. Government agencies lied and hid the death rates from vaccination. Governments withheld highly effect early treatments. Governments world wide used force to inject humans against their will.

· Americans have verified the criminal efforts to alter God given immunity using a gene therapy meant to capture humanity. Americans Patriots shared to the World the criminal conspiracy of the NIH, WHO, FDA, CDC and United Nations to use genetic spicing of the Human DNA.

· American Patriots and caring Doctors from around the World captured peer reviewed studies to confirm the use of harmful nanoparticle hidden within the vaccines to complete a brain circuitry to control humanity.

· American Patriots have verified that satanic controllers own the MEDIA. Controlled Media pushes false narratives designed by agents of the New World Order. American and Worldwide seekers of TRUTH forced to form digital outlets to share information. Government is targeting digital warriors for round up. Their weapon will be Red Flag Gun Legislation.

· American Patriots are researching and finding the truth that by design is hidden from our World. Humanity LISTENS to lies daily. Digital Warrior Patriots share news on a daily basis that Main Stream Media refuses to reveal. Lawful men and women are standing against the lairs and placing themselves at risk of Government vengeance. Cast a watchful eye on Red Flag Legislation. Red Flag laws could be a tool for round up and control Patriot Media. Never allow your voice to be silenced. Patriots are the News of truth.

· Progressive Communist control the Democrat Party. Bribed Republicans have sold their power to the highest bidder. Corporate criminals are being revealed on a daily basis. Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street are weapons of destruction. The United States Corporation hates We the People. America’s corporate criminal cabal is killing and doing great harm to humanity.

· Americans are watching the effects of inflation and are waking up. Americans have allowed the take over our government. Americans failed to vote. Americans failed to educate their children on their rights granted them by God. Americans are seeing the failure and effects of out of control central government. Americans are learning local government bodies sold their power to a federal master class of New World Order Masters.

· Americans are preparing for designed food insecurity created by Federal Tyrants working with Communist satanic controllers. Americans must prepare for Leftist violence planned to implement martial law. Every Patriot must own silver or gold. Sound money will be required during the planned economic collapse. Many Americans know what is coming. Do you know if it is the Great Reset or the Great Awakening? Are you prepared for either?

· American Patriots are turning to the only salvation that is sure. American Patriots are learning our foundational freedoms and rights. American Patriots are united in prayer to the one living God. God Wins win we stand on his Truth and foundation! Remember the power and faith of Daivid!!!!

· We have seen the proof that our election was rigged and Joe Biden was selected and not elected. We have seen the violence of the Left without consequence to paid protesters. We have seen the lack of due process of the Jan.6th protesters.

Justice and the Courts have abandoned our Constitution. Courts failed to grant evidence to verify a free and fair election. Courts allowed the DNC and Hillary to spy on a elected President. We know they hate us and are working to destroy our nation. They are pushing We the People into acceptance of our Master Class Tyrant Rulers.

· We know that there are not two Parties. We know that Washington D.C. is nothing more than a captured nation state. We know that our salvation rest with each of us standing with GOD! We are the only path to restoration.

· Patriots are unwilling to go quietly into the grasp of Satan. Patriots know that our battle is not one against man but a satanic hoard. This battle was shared with each of us in the bible. We are here in this time as Warriors for God and Country.

Show Links June 14th 2022

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Journey down an evil path of what is possible. Remember they must reveal their evil.

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Synthesis and bioactivity of readily hydrolysable novel cationic lipids for potential lung delivery application of mRNAs - PubMed

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