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I like you are a captive American being held by an unholy Tyrant Government. This government operates against the will of the People of America. They have carried on a long train of acts of Treason. The American Justice System does not serve the America people. The Congress of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN is fully controlled by foreign actors. These foreign actors have enslaved all humanity of the planet earth.

I am a man of God. God grants life and liberty to me. My core values and principles are based in the word of God. I do no harm by intend to another human. In return I will have no man harm me or those I love. I refuse no one in need. I hold no ill will toward any fellow American seeking truth and freedom. I offer forgiveness to anyone that has harmed me and I ask forgiveness for any harm I may have done to anyone. I hold that all humanity should live in freedom. I hold abortion as an abomination against God. I hold debt currency as an abomination against our founding fathers and the American citizens that it enslaves. I hold war as a man created profit driven abomination on humanity. I hold that the tool of government masters is the tool of Satan Fear. I fear only that my soul would be lost to evil.

First America is not a Constitutional Republic. Since 1871 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a controlled CORPORATION. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has a separate Constitution controlled by London and the Vatican. History records the treason of 1871. Your understanding and education rest with you. You are not a sovereign citizen of The United States of America. Traitors eradicated that Constitution in 1871. The massive debt of fighting the Civil War required Grant to make a deal with the Devil that controls and owns America.

So how does all this matter in 2021?

President John Kennedy along with his brother Robert Kennedy were true Patriots. Kennedy learned like every POTUS he was the acting CEO of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA the fully controlled corporation. President Kennedy educated himself to the hidden secret societies. President Kennedy was the first to attempt a power play to destroy the Cabal. His single action to attempt to destroy the Federal Reserve currency most likely led to his murder. His assassination has haunted Americans.

Today many Patriots share information with fellow citizens to alert them to the Globalist take over of the Corporation. President Trump knows like every POTUS the secrets of the Cabal. President Trump was a CEO when he took office. His education and Patriotic desire to make America great again was not just a campaign battle cry. President Trump is a fighter and has taken great risk to destroy the cabal. Think about the efforts from day one to destroy him. Understand his supporters upset the apple cart with his election. Globalist New World Order members fully paid for a traitor Clinton victory. The American people electing a non-Cabal outsider outraged NWO controllers. President Trump the outsider wasted no time destroying their time line of control.

Many times I have shared with you that it is not President Trump they truly hate it is you the Trump Supporter. You are not allowing their agenda of full control.

Action taken to change laws to expand mail in voting and internet controlled voting machines was funded by the Democrat Party, Central Bankers (owners of the corporation), Criminal elites (George Soros, Koch Brothers and Hollywood), Communist China (selected seat of power over humanity) and Deep State Technocrats all funded the new election process. FB can and will FACT CHECK this. FB will issue me a warning to reeducate me. What they won’t do is allow me to provide proof of funding.

Today Traitors in Congress will move forward their last attack on President Trump. I have already read their articles of Impeachment. They are based on lies and lack lawful facts. What Americans need to understand this effort is moving forward to eliminate Donald J. Trump from any effort to run for President in 2024. It will also take away his ability to be protected by Secret Service and eliminate his wealth. This is an attack by Traitors that President Trump has the goods on. These are the Tyrants that must be removed from office. These are the Tyrants continuing to operation a false nation outside of our original Constitution.

These are the Traitors who have handed power over to your Corporate New World Order masters. Make no mistake Americans are living in a fabricated lie. The acts of Congress to impeach Donald J. Trump should lead them to the gallows or life long imprisonment.

What can you do?

First you must understand your system of government is designed to control your every allowed action. You do not live in the Republican form of government of your founders. You have been indoctrinated to accept a government master. Your freedom and liberty is only allowed when you comply. You have no wealth. You exchange worthless debt currency that is given you as long as you comply. You have accepted the 2nd Constitution and live as long as your controllers allow. You have no right to bear arms and those arms will be removed shortly. The great reset is coming and you will become human collateral of the new collective World Order. Your freedom of speech and worship will only be allowed if you follow guidelines of thought given to you. You will be seen only as a contributor or unworthy of life. What you contribute will be designed for you and you will comply. Your movement will be monitored and controlled. Private property will be handed over to the collective for all to share. If you fail to comply you will be judged to determine re-education or elimination. America is on a fast track to Communist Rule.

Many Americans are feeling fear by design. Fear is the tool of Satan and the evil that took control of America. You failed to stand united decades ago. 2020 by design of the controllers was required to gas light American divisions. You accepted all tools of division. Divide and Conquer principles of our tyrant masters has worked. Use your critical thinking ability to see how your masters completed our downfall.

· creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign. 2020 unfounded claims of racism. Defund Police

· aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign. 2020 wipe out student debt, grant COVID relief or hold payments.

· fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers. 2020 local COVID lockdowns

· encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political and military spending. 2020 destroy the economic engine of small business using COVID. Create massive Debt to accomplish a government shut down.

Have no fear for where we go one we go all.

O.K. for real how do we restore America?

We unite as Americans in every small town and city. We form groups to educate our communities. We fund legal challenges to defeat our corporate masters. Social media is designed to have you set at a screen vs setting in the town square. Return to the town square face to face. Turn off the indoctrination boxes (TV) within your home. The indoctrinations boxes are the weapons of your controllers. They feed both sides Left and Right the lies we need to see to validate their false narrative. It is all create to divide us. Today they are implementing the final tools to drive Patriots underground where you will be fed lies. They will advance a narrative that you the Patriots must be eliminated as having no value to their common good. This has been done before. This is not a new tactic it is a tool of destruction. Create your town hall meeting now!

Embrace God and pray for enlightenment of every American. No effort of restoration will happen without the power of God. Make no mistake this is a battle God versus Satan, good versus evil. Bring truth to light, open your hearts to recognize the brink of American destruction is here. You don’t have time to waste. Unlike the Tea Party movement there is no decade, there is no four years, there very well may be no two years. You can continue down your failed path of watching TV and Social Media as the masters deepen their grip on the World. You can say it will all be O.K. it always been this way. I am here to tell you I have spent 30 years of study of history and the events of my lifetime. You have no time! We have all failed at many levels. We have all felt it was ok to let someone else fight the battle. You have no time! America faces its greatest domestic attack on our freedoms on this day!

You are either willing to accept the full design of your life or you will unite. If you unite do it as Americans not as any political party!!!

This is my last post on FB. Observe the two levels of justice underway. Full extend of the law will reign down on Patriot Protesters while Democrat rioters and looters will continue to be free. I make no acceptance of violence or property damage. Trump Supporters were set up by the very bastards they were there to protest. We are being defined as domestic terrorist once again! This time they will make it stick! You are now defined and will be hunted down! This is the first Communist action. Understand this is not Socialism this is Communism. Force will be used to silence all decent and sharing of any ideology outside the Communist rulers in Washington D.C. Remember Washington D.C. is the seat of power of the 2nd Constitution. That Constitution was created to OWN America! Again be prepared where we go one we go all.

God Bless you! God Bless the United States of American and our Founding Constitution! Remember all men are created equally with God given rights of freedom and liberty. Remember Our Founding Bill of Rights! Your understanding natures law will serve you! Always remember America is moving from Dark To Light. We are God’s creations we are gifted with minds that allow us critical thought. Americans are not evil, seditious or thugs. Americans pushed will stand against tyranny. It is after all our Constitutional duty to stand against tyranny and treason. Acts of Treason that have a HUGE volume of evidence have been provided to the World! Tyranny by many members of Congress must never be accepted. Criminals are ruling our Congress. God has many children that see the deception being offered by MEDIA! Our God will bring Dark to Light! Be prepared where we go one we go all.

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