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Learn to Live in Questions! Patriots are all about asking the correct Questions!

We are watching a great time in history unfold. Two forces are battling across the planet. Evil is known, never hidden from our full view. This evil has fed on the indoctrination of the intellectual elites and children freely. Evil has captured the tools to carry out mind control. We are slaves being fed the lie that we are free. Freedom will not come to the World until we rip out the heart of Evil’s mind control.

Who is censoring all COVID research and truth? Main Stream Media, Social Media and the Government are not allowing the truth! What is the death rate from the vaccines? What long term effects will the vaccines have on your body? Why would the force vaccinate the young who have a survival rate of 99.9%? Why not reveal the funding by the US government for the Wuhan Lab? Why won't they allow you to see the answers? Could they have a evil plan for all Humanity?

Why carry out the censorship of science?

Who unleashed COVID? It was not just CHINA! COVID is the creation of Dr. Fuaci, Bill Gates and Big Pharma. Their agenda was to provide a vaccine that would allow control of all Humanity. They are depopulating the planet using a vaccine that sheds the virus and will continue to kill humans. They created both the virus and the true bio-weapon the vaccine. They used your tax dollars and worked with Communist China!

Why the lies of vaccine protections? The vaccine does not offer protection at the rates shared by the CDC. Hospitals are seeing equal numbers of COVID cases in vaccinated versus unvaccinated. Death rates also show a equal rate.

The vaccine may possibly offer less resistance then the Human immune system. Those who have had Covid and now have natural immunity are not getting the variant.

Is the S-Spike protein the true Bio-Weapon? Proof is being revealed around the World that the vaccine is the true bio-weapon! We will see a massive out break not from the unvaccinated but the vaccinated. Vaccinated are the true spreaders of the variants. These variants occur in the vaccinated. They become spreaders of COVID!

What effect does the vaccine have on God created natural immunity to all deceases? The messenger mRNA is generating S-Spiked Protein. The Spiked Protein is shed by the vaccinated. Listen Vaccinated must wear a mask (n-95) to prevent them spreading COVID! The truth is known and being kept from all communication Media. Once vaccinated your God given immune system is no more!

What is the Nuremberg Code 1947? The evil Khazarian Mafia is carrying out crimes against Humanity. They are waging a depopulation agenda once again.

Why not share all treatments? There are treatments that offer a 100% recovery rate. True death rates from COVID is only .7 for the targeted 60-80 age range. 99.3% are surviving COVID with proper early treatment.

If you have system 24-72 hours you must seek treatment and start the known protocols!!!!

Why take out the oldest generation?

At what temperature does COVID die? Could is be as simple as a breathing and nasal treatment killing COVID?

Who controls all media? Satanic masters own all media. Satanic masters use every communication tool. What you see is selected and fed to you!

Who created abortion, planned parenthood? Always follow the money! The evil plan was designed to limit black population. A progressive ideology of evil was rooted in control of humanity. Ford, Sanger, JP Morgan

Who funded Adolf Hitler? SAME PLAYERS add names. Understanding the fact based history of WWII will open doors to learning. This learning will allow you to look into the mirror of what is being done today. What if the NAZI did not loose but were power but were assisted with the infiltration of the U.S.. Learn and understand Operation Paper clip.

Who was George H. Bush?

Who built Adolf Hitler’s army? Same players.

What did the people of Germany know about the evil? The sad truth is once Hitler took over he captured all Media! He fed the German people greatness and mission. Propaganda and indoctrination work.

Who use the most advanced tools of mind control? You are living in the deepest mind control ever? MK Ultra, Operation Mind Control Mocking bird are real Americans are being controlled and captured.

Do you have a copy of the Nuremberg Code 1947? Today we battle the same evil. Crimes Against Humanity are taking place every single day! Humans are dying and receiving a 2 year experiment. The Canadian Supreme Court has issued indictments for crimes against humanity. Germany continues the legal process for the World to bring justice for COVID crimes! So long Justin! Watch Dr. Fauci he can not hide and will not be allowed to run.

Who murdered JFK? Who took out Martin Luther King and Bobby? How many political murders are never solved? Understand DECLASS is here the World will know the truth.

What are public private partnerships? Corporate government marries Private Corporations to share the profit of taxation.

Who is making massive profit on the Border Crisis?

What are NGO’s? Non-Government Organizations.

How many churches are making profit as NGO’s from human trafficking?

What is the contract price per human?

The same evil transports illegals to the border take your wages to fund contracts around town. Every step is the same evil. It is a continuous funnel of profits to DC and DC to the last remaining CABAL evil!

What has been hidden from you by changing History?

Buckle up they are going to force a lock down! They will continue the narrative that the unvaccinated are the issue. Fact is the deaths of the vaccinated will be under reported. Fact is they know they are depopulating the planet for a hidden evil agenda! Stand firm in united! Prepare to live without leaving your home! LOCKDOWNS are coming!

What if there is a plan to stop this evil? TRUST THE PLAN! Pray that God provides a light on this evil.

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