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Leftist Coup Continues

Facts the Leftist attempted Coup is still in full swing. Globalists have done all things within their power to destroy our President. A Globalist is a person who advocates the interpretation or planning of economic and foreign policy in relation to events and developments throughout the world. Globalist are Billionaires, World Central bankers, Foundations and Elitist who are leading the World to single world governance. World governance has been a hidden agenda for decades. These people believe all human life exist to advance their vision of the world. Their world order will allow them to rule over all humanity. These are the Uber wealthy who control 90% of the world’s wealth. Globalists hold a belief that only they should be allowed to determine how human life exist on our planet. Their wish is to have governance put in place that allows their continued lifestyle of extreme wealth. Governments of the people at any level do not serve them. Any class of human below them is allowed to live as they determine. They seek governance where no vote of humans will be required. Globalist are the Controllers of all but one nation.

Our election of Donald Trump upset their game plan. We elected a Nationalist (Make a America Great Again) America first drives our President. The Coup to rid the world of Trump has been underway since we elected him. Puppet Barack Obama was told each step to take prior to leaving office. Globalist own 100% of the media. Media was and is given the marching orders daily. Theses controllers own both American political Parties. You must understand good men and women who have carried out great investigative efforts to reveal them know who these people are. Globalists have funded every war since WWI. They advance all human suffering. These are the people who would like to reduce the world population by half.

So today many Americans are shocked why is this all happening now? Why are we seeing a whirlwind of events? China releases COVID 19 around the World, globalist health leaders lead Trump to economic shut down, the broadcasted killing of George Floyd, racial riots and burning of cities and everyday Americans being controlled by the fear of illness remaining locked down. They could not convict. Why?

Hillary did not win we defeated her against all odds. The planned Coup using Russian Collusion did not work. Democrats failed to impeach. Leftist Democrats failed their mission they cannot be trusted to defeat Trump. It was clear to globalist that Trump was completing every mission against all odds. Their question was how can we destroy the American economy? How can we divide America citizens? They have owned Joe Biden for decades. He is owned! They did over look his dementia.

Globalists have taken their action to destroy the US growing economy. Trump destroyed their designed redistribution of American workers wealth (NAFTA, Paris climate agreement, China’s unfair trade agreement). Truth is these Globalist Bankers have been pushed to the brink. They fear American voters re-electing Trump. Trump policies have increased American manufacturing that they spent 4 decades to destroy. Trump policies have increased US Oil and Gas production and destroyed Globalist design of American dependence on foreign oil. Trump policies have created jobs across all sectors of the American population.

Trump policies have empowered Americans to a love of our country. Putting Americans first destroys the New World Order Agenda of Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama! Make no mistake this virus outbreak was created and deployed by China working with Globalist. The actions of Saudi Arabia and Russia to drive down the price of oilcould easily have been coordinated. Primary joint effort is to wreck the US economy. Coordinated foreign attacks are very easily designed when you control all but one power. Knowing this coronavirus is a lab created virus and was seeded in China is not by accident. It was not by accident that the Communist Chinese stopped travel from Wuhan inside China while allowing international travel.

We must remember these power brokers created World Wars. Their mission is total control of all humans. They will continue their attack until we the people are defeated. We are their enemy. Our desire to remain a free people by electing a Nationalist destroys their agenda. What would you bet not a single Democrat lost a penny in the market free fall? How could that be? Were they told in advance? Watch the Media now that the plan is in full swing. Leftists have no regard for humans. Remember always abortion of black babies. How many millions have been killed? Yet we are to believe the Communist terror organization Black Lives Matter cares about Black lives? Coordinated efforts with Antifa (anti-fascists) and BLM are by accident. Both groups are working toward a total destruction of America. Who funds both these groups? Wealthy Globalist who have used anarchist across the planet to advance socialism funds both Aniifa and BLM. This is a coordinated effort to cause unrest until the election. This is not about the murder of George Floyd.

Brace for the days to come. These designers are on a mission and hold the power to destroy nations. We are the target of their thugs, their media lies and their economic destruction. They hope to drive us into the streets to confront their thugs. We will confront them or bow down to their agenda. We are witness to a war being waged to destroy our voice. Trained Anarchist will advance within communist controlled cities. Americans will be forced to sit back and watch. Remember the 1960’s. Those core terrorists are now guiding the mission. Elected Muslims and members of the Muslim Brotherhood are training and advancing violence. Destruction of America is the mission.

Those in the streets are useful idiots, nothing more. The real danger remains the elected communist, socialist progressives. Democrats will continue the assault to continue the lock down of our economy. They are advancing the shut down of schools. They are going to work hand and hand to advance defunding the police movement. Democrats will slow roll getting relief money to the unemployed and distressed workers. We are being sold Media lies and fear daily. Media will drive the message that dementia Joe is leading. Democrat anti-American efforts are all joined at the hip to defeat you the great American people. Globalists are waging an all out war against our nation. This is an effort they know they must win.

Our mission is to defeat them. Our goal is to defeat every Communist, socialist progressive Democrat. We must UNITE! As for me I am a Victim No More! I will stand with our President regardless of their efforts. If they want to destroy this nation they have missed their mark. We must demand indictments of the criminals that carried and started this Coup. Write, call or e-mail the White House demand Attorney General Barr and John Durham hand down indictments now! This battle requires Trump to put this scum on the defense.

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