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LINKS to reveal Our dual Reality.

Truth must be saved from removal.

All Media LIES and Humans are victims of their LIES!


Evil is being revealed. You are waking to your power. Your power is of GOD! Your greatest power is yet to be used. Only when the children of God stand united to say NO MORE! We can only break the time line of Satan by standing united with the full armor of GOD! Stand up for humanity, stand up for Children and stand up for your self! Satan’s power is fed by your labor and funding!

Image the power of Standing up on any given day and simply saying NO MORE! Stay home, meet in church’s meet in town squares for 7 known days, just shut it all down. You can reveal your power to Satan! You STAND UP WITH GOD! God has never required your labor, God never made abortion acceptable, God did not release the Bio-weapons on man kind, God never created War and God never abused a single child! All things of Satan and the vibration of evil dies when you say NO MORE! Satan’s time is coming to a end! Experience the Great Awakening Stand Up United in the Glory of God! You hold the power to break the path of death and destruction of humanity. God will reveal his love he holds for his children. 7 days and 7 nights to focus all your will on God’s glory!

7 days of unity with family sharing the power of GOD! Could we witness the Resurrection of our World! Image the pain of humanity reversed! We are the answer! GOD has revealed so much evil that has been done by men and women in bed with Satan. Evil cannot stand a World standing in Peace, love and unity! There is a reason these tools of Communication are being cancelled and taken down. EVIL FEARS YOUR FINDING THE TRUTH and UNITING IN THE POWER OF GOD!

USE THEIR BIO-WEAPON AGAINST THEM! On a single day the World stays home due to your possible contact with a COVID positive person in WALMART or LOWES! Your duty is to stop the spread. You need to stay home to monitor your health. Let them hear your fear! JUST THINK OF THAT POWER TO SAVE THE WORLD FROM EVIL. GOD WINS!

Learn to copy paste and save links and videos. Place recorded videos to thumb drive each day. We must prepare for the massive take down of truth. It is taking place! Partnered Big Tech turning over systems to the government is forcing removal of proof. Genocide is underway big the Khazarian Mafia (CABAL). They know they have lost and are on a mission to rush their plans.

If you feel the need to understand how I came to this knowledge it started for me in late 2017. Shared with me from a trusted Patriot. Some the journey has taken years. Much of what has been revealed

I have verified step by step. I read government and United Nations documents for over 20 years. This evil has been known to me since 1986. Each time Americans advanced truth they were taken out or taken down. You have all watched these take downs and were given a Media and Government Lie. Evidence reveals this evil has controlled the World over two hundred years. I will tell you knowing what is coming has never been pleasant.

I truly see two realities being played out! One will save humanity and the other is going to murder 100’s of millions of humans. This has all been done CABAL EVIL before. It is hidden from the history books and lies replace history. What if all you know and have been taught is 95% lies? You can trust GOD is real! You can also trust the pure evil that enslaves each of us is SATAN! His captured servant children lead the World!

They hate you they view you as nothing you are a slave. You are no more than cattle being taken to slaughter. They have for decades advanced depopulation. Their controlled World no longer needs billions of slaves. Today you are living in their next Great Reset! They have written their evil plans and are not allowed to hide them. Remember when God cast Satan to earth God gave him rules. God’s children are given the knowledge of good and evil. Satan can only capture a human by allowing that human choice. Satan uses Sex, Drugs, Power and Wealth to capture souls.

Satan has been in control of the World governments using his most evil warriors. They have lusted for the blood of humanity. Their World Wars, abortion, rampant use of addictive drugs, pornography fuel sex addiction, and pedophiles are encouraged they use blood sacrifices of children to feed on. EVIL! Now they have perfected Bio-Weapons to eliminate humanity.

We have been told now for years in Q drops to watch the water as a trigger for what is to come. Are you watching the massive 1000-year floods across the World? Are you tracking the hundreds of earthquakes all at or near 4 miles deep? What do you know about Deep Under Ground Military Base tunnels? You labor has funded the evil that is hidden in these DUMBS exist they are real! Satan lives in the darkness and the evil below ground will make you sick. Entire Satanic realms exist underground!

Only when we find our GOD given energy of light can defeat this evil. GOD is positive energy. You have complete access to light by living in truth. God does not feed negative energy. Satan uses many energy-eating tools. Fear, Disease, Drugs, Death, Violence and Lies are all tools of Satan. Think what you are see in the World today. God’s word tells us to fear no evil. Jesus cured disease and raised the dead using simply the full energy of GOD! Today you must find and stand in the full power of God on a Daily basis. You hold the eternal vibration of God.

By sharing this enlightenment we can move past this evil time. You must elevate your mind and heart using positive vibrations of GOD’s word! STOP the FEAR! FEAR is the most powerful tool of Satan! Once you cast off fear we can unite this WORLD! Truth defeats evil. Seek the truth everyday! Share the truth with those you love. Find the peace that comes from standing in the Word and Power of GOD! You will never change evil by allowing it to exist.

Our known history points out how victory over evil often require men to stand with God and kill the evil in the name of God!

I really believe we can unite to shut it all down for 7 days. NO TV, NO CELL PHONES, NO USE OF THE MIND CONTROL MEDIA. You must remember evil satanic warriors are controlling your life! STOP TURN IT OFF! HOW ABOUT AUGUST 1ST THRU THE 3RD? You see picking the dates is all that is required. WE DETERMINE OUR FUTURE WITH GOD in control.

We are moving to the Great Awakening! Love and care for each other. Refuse the vaccine! Take comfort that Med Beds do exist. This evil trash has hid the cures to cancer. They have kept some 6000 life healing treatments from us. Prepare to be shocked. We are about to enter days of pain! The reveal must take place so that this evil is never allowed to grip this world again! Stay in prayer! I seek forgiveness each day for any and all sins!

I pray for the strength and courage to never deny GOD or Jesus. NO MASK, NO FORCED VACCINE!

Prepare your food stores, water and fuel. Lot’s of proof says they are planning these shortages. Remember Mao starved and murdered 50 million Chinese. Watch the Water China is being flooded shipping will come to a stop of many things! How many food items come from China? Are you prepared to feed your self and family? You need to help yourself now! Know your community. What can you provide for yourself? What are your natural resources. Think of a time of war not seen on our soil. What happens when large urban centers run short of food? What is the mind set of large urban centers? We will see military in our streets! May be wise to plant a family garden. Wal-Mart will suffer! Truckers say they are withholding fuel. Why fuel? Limit movement. This ride is going to get ruff! TRUST IN GOD!

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