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Loss of Our Constitutional Republican Form of Government

Our Constitutional Republican form of government has never faced a greater risk than today. America today is often stated to be a Democracy; nothing is further from the truth. One of the single greatest efforts of our founders was to create a Republican form government. To ensure our form of government it was guaranteed in our Constitution. Article 4, section 4 The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.

Democrat Progressive ideology hates citizen rule, free markets, critical thinking, free speech, religious freedom, gun ownership and property rights. America has suffered the continuous attack on our Republic for over 100 years. Today you are confronted with the failing results of Democracy. Many Americans hold that the formation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation our Republic was lost.

Witness the two-tiered justice system. Politicians openly commit acts of treason with no threat of the gallows. A failing justice system has allowed and assisted with multiple Coup’s against every American. America’s political elite class places itself above citizens. America’s political elite class feeds on the criminal taxation system they created to expand only their wealth. Our laws do not apply to the wealthy and connected class.

Democrats created the welfare state that captures citizens as indentured servants. The feeding of corporate greed and needs has demanded an impoverished citizenry, which in turn has created a politically impotent ignorant citizenry.

America has suffered decades of the dumbing down of its children. Democrat policies create and expand the indentured servants of their criminal socialist agenda.

Who profits from the American welfare state policies?

Democrat run urban centers of the welfare state allow corrupt corporations marching lock step with Democrat run cities. Failing schools, failed sad healthcare systems, failing transportation systems, failed criminal justice system and housing systems that are breeding grounds for drugs and high crimes and failed food distribution systems.

Facts say that public school systems of cities receive less funding with failing results. Facts say large city welfare hospitals provide substandard care. Facts say that large city public transportation systems are under funded and mismanaged. Facts say that failing public schools, food insecurity and housing lead to crime ever expanding criminal justice systems. Facts say drug abuse rates are increased within the welfare state run cities. Welfare corporations operate and profit from under performing government run programs. Where Democrats control these cities citizens suffer at a higher rate. These facts have been studied for decades. These facts are known and accepted by Democrats. These cities have a single common bond they are Democrat run and operated. Democrats have committed crimes of abuse for decades with little if any accountability. Control the dumbed down masses and promise reform every election cycle.

Americans see the failures of Democrat policies, yet only the citizens controlled by Democrats can make or force change. Drain the swamp of corporate funded failures.

Democrat Politicians operate and control the corporate partners in crime. Our nation has two very different visions of the American dream. One is the lie that government provides all the needs of citizens. Two says you as a citizen have the right and freedom to decide your life and you are free to pursue your vision.

Election 2020 has a clear choice. Democrats are offering the expansion of the welfare state and government control. President Trump is offering expanded citizen freedom and liberty. Creating jobs, offering school choice to every American parent, advancing healthcare choice not failed government healthcare, advancing criminal justice reform, creating affordable housing for those willing to work and holding the crooked politicians accountable.

Democrats and Republicans who have sold their office for power and millions are known. Trump will bring these crooks to justice. Every coup, every foreign deal that takes our job, every deal for millions of profit on the suffering of Americans is coming to light. We must turn out the vote. Keep the Trump train running down the swamp. Justice is coming! Americans see the created divide of socialist and Democrats. Americans see the Republican criminals they will be dealt justice. Americans not Trump will restore order to this great nation.

America on November 3rd 2020 has only two choices Socialism or the American Dream of freedom and liberty. Americans are witness to the crimes of China collusion, Media collusion, Technocrat collusion, Russian collusion are all working to defeat YOU! American workers take a stand against these criminals. We must demand accountability and handcuffs! Acts of treason have been and are being carried out each day! Our job is to re-elect Donald Trump. Always remember it is not Trump they hate it is you and I. Remember American children deserve the American Dream; not a socialist nightmare!


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