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LWN Podcast 02.23.2022 on Podbean 2 pm Central

Download the Podbean App to your phone or device and join us. Podbean offers us to speak freely without the censorship of FB and YouTube. Show 10 of the Liberty Warrior Nation Series.

When Tyrannical Government allows its unelected agents to LIE Humans die. Our Two Party system has allowed and empowered the Lies. Crimes against Humanity are now a daily event.

Our Vaccine Awareness Series has lead the way for listeners to share both sides of COVID 19. Truth and enlightenment is remains the mission.

Trusting the Profit Center CDC for any real data is revealed as risky.

Weekly VAERS analysis and World Health Organization Links also great articles as always from the Lancet.

Power up your Natural Immune system to survive COVID 19 and remain healthy. Massive volume of peer reviewed evidence has been captured on the importance of maintaining a strong natural immune system. Links below cover proven supplements and actions you can take that will power up your natural immunity.

Understanding the massive success of early treatment within 48- 72 hours of COVID symptoms should empower you to have on hand treatment meds. Know your risk level and discuss your health concerns with your Doctor. Share your desire to have early treatment meds on hand.

Join Liberty Warrior Nation on YouTube 7 pm Central. Check out and sign up on the LWN Webpage. All show schedules can be found at the site.

Down the Rabbit hole seeking truth of just what is hidden in the COVID 19 Vaccine. Each day valued scientist are seeking truth. What they reveal is shocking. If you have followed our series we have addressed the very real Transhuman nano particles hidden from humanity. Mind Control seems to be a massive attempt by the criminals.

Please Consider my book A VICTIM NO MORE. To break the victim mentality you need to take a journey of self reflection. Learn to use some simple tools that will create a shift in your thinking.

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