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LWN Podcast July 19th 9am Central. Download the Podbean app for free.

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Our vaccine series contains a vast wealth of data and research to allow you to make an informed decision on vaccines and treatments for COVID 19.

Before we get into the Vaccine news and data it is important that every American prepare for uncertain economic times. Inflation is real and impacting every American. Our hope is to share valid path to prepare to prosper and survive these times of uncertainty.

As the World shifts from fiat debt currency, owning physical silver is an absolute store of wealth. Gold and Silver have always created wealth in times of economic uncertainty. Investments in physical metals is a solid hedge during times of inflation. Silver is an affordable asset that everyone can own. I have owned silver and gold for decades. While other asset, investments have eroded at times. I have never lost a penny in silver or gold.

Inflation is the pumping of dollars into the system. The extreme volume of dollars pumped into the World and U.S. economy has devalued the money supply. As the World BRICS leaves the fiat currency for asset backed money nation banks are flooding the U.S. with dollars. Gold, silver, Oil, Gas, rare earth minerals will back currency giving it real value. The BRICS nations will not sell or trade with the United States for worthless paper. Central Bankers designed and allowed the military war machine the U.S.A. to print and distribute debt across the planet. Central Bankers had no fear because they would allow inflation to grip the World. The USA could then use worthless dollars for debt, goods and service without consequence of massive spending. The redistribution of wealth would advance all nations to development status versus 3rd World. Equality would be achieved by reducing the wealth of the American middle class to equal status to the World. Their estimated Human income would be 17500 per year with all receiving and depending on government for all aspects of Life.

Pay close attention to Saudi Arabia talks with China. If Saudi Arabia joins BRICS there will be a valid shift from the U.S.Dollar Reserve Currency.

Silver and Gold will become the only true store of wealth during the designed Great Reset.

LWN Podcast LINKS July 19th 2022.

Midterm election variants coming soon. This is a link to last weeks blog post. Enjoy the read and shift your minds and souls to the positive energy that is Natural Law.

Weekly VAERS Analysis. Americans being injured and dying at the highest rate of all Vaccines combined. This will not end until we force the TRUTH to light.

World Health Organization Weekly COVID data.

“The World Together”: the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body to draft and negotiate a WHO convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. July 18-22

WHO Recommends Masks Again, Preps World for Another Global Lockdown in Fall

Doctor Issues Warning About Giving COVID-19 Vaccines to Babies -

NIH, FDA & CDC Employees Quitting In Droves Over Infant Covid Vaccines

New COVID Vaccines Will Be Ready This Fall. America Won’t Be

And just how much of an immunity boost the updated shot will offer is still unclear. When the FDA recommended including BA.4/5’s spike, it had limited data on the proposed recipe, collected in mice by Pfizer’s scientists. And Pfizer and Moderna won’t have time to generate rock-solid efficacy data in humans before the shots are authorized, then roll out in the fall.

“So when we get these vaccines cranking off the assembly line, the case public-health officials may be able to make will be tempered,

Dr. Brian Ardis warns America approaching ONE MILLION DEATHS from remdesivir and ventilator homicide

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