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LWN Podcast July 26th 2022 9am Central Download Free Podbean app or listen on Frank Speech

Reality Deceptive Media Verifies they are a captive Den of Lairs.

Humanity across the earth is suffering oppression and murder by Bio-Weapons. Depopulation is the agenda of Controllers. Humanity confronts a ruling class that has hidden truth. They keep secrets about our God given power. Humanity deceived by false narratives of Media creates ignorance and fear. Humanity by design of controlled Media lives in confusion. Humanity sees ruling classes control all governments, money, food, knowledge and power. Human life confronts once again a designed and created war to end all wars. There is nothing new under the sun. The WORD of God reveals all things. Satan deceives and feeds fear and ignorance.

2 Corinthians 11:13-14

13 For such false apostles are deceitful workmen, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.

14 And no wonder: for Satan himself transformed himself into an angel of light.

Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ seek the solace of our Father’s Word. The Word of God is being fulfilled. When reality appears based on deception only the truth will allow you God’s discernment. When the World turns its back on you remember God hears and witnesses your truth. When family says you are a conspiracy theorist stand firm. It is difficult to listen the mindless conversations of Americans who are ignorant. When you speak truth and people walk away from you, do not feel dejected. Satan requires ignorance and control of minds and souls.

Seek always the TRUTH for it will set you free. Knowledge and truth are the weapons of God against all evil. Patriots are being vindicated daily.

Listed Truths every Patriot must understand and research. America has started multiple wars based on lies and Media driven propaganda. America’s Federal Government is made up of criminal profiteers and traitors. Senators and Congressmen are not working for the American People. Americans are going to suffer a painful depression and collapse of their economy. Americans have knowledge of coming food shortages. This pain and suffering is the result of Federal Traitors. Foreign Cabalist own our Federal Government (IMF, WEF, Federal Reserve). Many American States and Local governments are captive to the same Cabalist.

CABALISTS drive Communist control of humanity. CABALISTS have starved and murdered hundreds of millions of humans. CABALISTS fully control the Communist Propaganda of Worldwide Media. CABALISTS will force a Great Reset that will usher in the Antichrist society. CABALISTS advance ignorance, fear, violence, satanic morality, drug addiction, child and human trafficking all protected by the military complex. CABALISTS have unleashed across the World every bio-weapon of the last 100 years. American Traitors have sold the sovereignty of our nation to the NEW WORLD ORDER. CABALISTS now hold the United States of America captive.

Only you the American Patriot can slow our defeat. You must ask yourself, “What can I do?” I simply ask you what would God have you do. We must fight everyday to reveal TRUTH.

We must share the Love of our God daily. We must DEFEAT ignorance with Knowledge. We must stand as sovereign children of the Living God. We will not allow propaganda to confuse us.

Acceptance of Love, Truth and Knowledge is your Freedom. God creates each of us with liberty stamped within our DNA. Never accept control. Demand Justice for the traitors of God and Mankind. Restore God’s Natural Law and Order to our beloved nation.

Liberty Warrior Nation has armed you with Truth and Knowledge. Your task is to share links and shows. You are equipped digital Warriors. Drop links to your public servants and family. READ, WRITE and Speak the Truth. Never accept Main Stream Media narratives. MSM IS CAPTURED and Controlled.

LWN reported immune system damage on Jan. 5 2022.

Listen to MSM (FOX) three stories from Jesse and Tucker. 1. Dr. Deborah Birx lied about 15 days to stop the spread, that mask on children would work, vaccines would not stop or protect against infection and changed data from CDC to move the narrative for long term lockdowns. 2. Vaccines weaken immune systems of children. Vaccines pose health risk when given to children who have NO Health Risk. 3. Vaccines are injuring people and destructive to our immune systems.

Once again the science and data verify LWN Vaccine

Awareness reporting.

What they don’t say is reported above. Wanes after 90 days Vaccinated have a negative effectiveness. What this means is the vaccinated and boosted are far more likely to catch and spread COVID!

Pure Blood Humans once infected have a massive immunity that out last all vaccines.

Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated PROTECTION from COVID - Qatari Cohort | New Studies

VAERS Weekly analysis 7/15/ 2022

WHO COVID 19 weekly reports

WHO Monkey pox –outbreak and statement by the honorary Doctor.

“Big take away of from the Director Generals Statement. At June 30thmeeting, while differing views were expressed, the committee resolved by consensus that the outbreak did not represent a public health emergency of international concern.

At the time, 3040 cases of monkey pox had been reported to WHO, from 47 countries. Since then, the outbreak has continued to grow, and there are now more than 16 thousand reported cases from 75 countries and territories, and five deaths.

In light of the evolving outbreak, (July 23rd) I reconvened the committee on Thursday of this week to review the latest data and advise me accordingly. I thank the committee for its careful consideration of the evidence, and issues.

On this occasion, the committee was unable to reach a consensus on whether the outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern. “

Symbolism will be their downfall

FDA approves NOVAVAX. Knowledge would have me exercise caution. Emergency Use Authorization, lack of Human Trails and Investors. Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street. Difficult to trust the CDC, FDA or the White House.

“Old People live to long and this is a risk for the Global Economy” Christine Lagarde- The International Monetary Fund- Head of the EU Central Bank.

Did they reveal things to come? Could they have their mind control in place? Watch Control Factor from 2003.

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