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Knowledge serves No One without Action.

Let us establish context for this post. United to Save America was created out of a deep love of the United States of America. Holding faith in God as a guiding core principle motivates every action we take. Love of family forces us to take a stand against any evil that would harm a family member.

Love of God, Family and Country drives our unrelenting pursuit of Truth. Teaming with Liberty Warrior Nation allowed us a platform to share Love, Truth, Knowledge, Sovereignty and Freedom.

America and the World are at war against Satanic Evil that advances Fear, Ignorance, Confusion and Control without Justice.

Decades of evidence of a designed decline within the USA demanded a search for who, why, when and what was their mission. The Bank of London captured our Constitutional Republic in 1871. Formation of THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION allowed and seized the U.S. Treasury. The birth of the Corporation is important and forced change of our entire Lawful Courts into the maritime legal system. Our legal system created a two-tiered justice.

What compelled the rapid decline to Communism that we see today?

Many believe the Supreme Court ruling on prayer in school (1962) was the starting point. There is good foundation for that belief.

Our Republic founded by Devine Providence as per the majority of our founders written words. God’s Natural Law is the basis for any Republican form of government. Removal of God from the public school system was the opening shot.

America in late 1950’s and 1960’s saw the expansion of the Military Complex to battle the Communism. While leftist cried about McCarthyism many government agencies did identify and prosecute Communist infiltration.

Communist were forced underground and required a name change. Democrat Progressives were born with the Anti-War College campuses. President Eisenhower warned the nation of the power grab of the Military Complex. Eisenhower understood America was building a war machine to advance the war agenda of the Central Bank Controllers.

Central Banker European Coup D’état was underway. The murder of President John Kennedy was the take over of the Executive Branch. This is a logical staring point for government control. Social Justice required codifying government agency control of every aspect of our existence. Study the creation of agencies from 1960 to 1975.

Murdering JFK handed power to LBJ who unleashed the massive Great Society Legislation.

Great Society Legislation created Welfare, Medicare and Medicaid. Every Social program receives funding from Social Security. Social Security by design was forced into bankruptcy, destroying the USA Social Safety net.

LBJ advanced Civil Rights to capture and control our Black brothers and sisters. LBJ was a racist. Planned Parenthood first clinic was opened in 1971. Abortion of black babies was by design. Destruction of the Black Family unit was by design. Destruction of strong Black Conservative values was a target. Understand Communist take baby steps that allow a slow decline. Once their urban social constructs were in place they turned their attention to the White Suburbs and Conservative Family units.

Radical Feminism advanced in the late 1960’s removing mom from the home and into the work place. Feminist portrayed a stay at home Mom as ignorant and oppressed ripped mothers from the home.

The intentional dumbing down of the public education system. Creation of the DEA (1971) assured federal control of school funding and advanced toward control of curriculum.

Introduction of the Drug culture across all sectors of society in the early 1960’s advance destruction of young minds. Sex Drugs and Rock’in Roll was the cry of the 60’s. Drug running funded by the military complex.

Look the Start dates of the DEA, EPA, OSHA, Welfare expansion, Medicaid and Medicare, Vietnam, SDS, Weather Underground, Murder of Dr. King and Robert Kennedy

Removal of God from public schools,

Creation of the Welfare State, Destruction of the Family Unit, Dumbing down of the education system, Drugs, free sex all parts of the Communist plan to control the USA.

Now we are done with History Lessons. Let us move onto today’s battlefield of America, death by voluntary injection. You have been captured without firing a shot.

Americans are being murdered daily by use of a Bio-Weapon you funded.

Our Government is advancing the use of a Bio-Weapon on Humanity. Military designed and created.

VAERS Weekly Analysis 7-22-22

WHO weekly data

WHO Director General remarks regarding Monkey Pox and COVID

There is no greater mission confronting you as a Human. Will you accept the continued injection of your families? Elections are political and do have impacts on each of us.

Destruction of the Human Genome holds a far more dire consequence than any election.

COVID and COVID Gene Therapies are injecting the S-Spike protein into your cells each time. When your innate God given immune system is weakened and ultimately permanently destroyed NO ONE knows the outcome.

Those of us using critical thinking realize this is why no vaccine should be injected without long term human testing. Our Government is killing the lab rats daily. As a Human when would you demand this stops?

Understanding the Bio-Weapon and use of Gene Therapy, How it works video from 2012. NIH, DARPA, CDC, FDA, Presidents have failed to protect Americans.

Allowing a Bio-Weapon Gene therapy is the greatest crime against Humanity ever carried out World Wide.

Blue TRUTH a documentary about the vaccines and how they interact with Blue tooth technology.

Vaccine shedding from vaccinated to unvaccinated is it possible. Our mission is to verify with multiple doctors and sources. Below is a link that is very interesting.

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