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Federal Reserve Foreign Bankers Representatives (U.S. Congress) has just legislated massive taxation on every American. Build Back Better, Green New Deal and Inflation Reduction Act will increase inflation and take full control of energy production. Increased taxation on all fossil fuels will eliminate Oil, Gas and Coal production. Increased taxation will be on to the consumer. High electric and home heating cost are inflationary. High gasoline costs created by this increased taxation will affect every American. .

The World Economic Forum, United Nations agenda 2030 and the World Health Organization fingerprints for control of humanity are captured on every page of this economic destruction. You will own nothing and be happy is now a coming reality. Your Government will select your health care and drugs. Your travel will be limited to electric car, truck, buses, rails and planes. Only accepted Government fuel will be allowed by 2029. Farmers and Truckers will face increased cost that will have a huge impact.

Over 80 Billion dollars to expand the IRS will create total control of income. Within a few short years, your filing of tax forms will end. Government will track every dollar earned and spent. Government will determine your tax liability and acceptable deductions. Every American will be totally controlled. Equality of all Americans is the mission; the IRS enforcement regime will ensure no American earns more than the other slaves. Build Back Better is implementing communist order with only two classes Corporate Government Controllers and the slave class.

Understanding the Corporate Government will remove the wealth of every American.

Read the text below and recognize they describe the exact powers over you.

2) $1,000,000,000 to award grants to Tribal, State, or local governments or the government of the District of Columbia, regional organizations, special districts, or nonprofit organizations to implement community wildfire

Just who is the government of the District of Columbia? Who owns the government of the District of Columbia? You see this verbiage in many pieces of legislation. Wake up you are being ruled not by the United States of America Constitution; you are ruled by the CORPORATE NATION STATE THE UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA where you have no constitutional rights.

Once November comes and goes it will be time for every American to claim their lawful status. Why wait until November? Once you change your status to a Lawful Free man, you will not be allowed to vote in the criminal legal maritime system. We must be willing to play this game for one last time. Voting inside the criminal system and electing only America first or Rhino’s is the last hope. If Democrats hold power it is a must to exit the system. Many of our fellow Americans have changed their status and are advancing toward restoration of the Republic. Every American should educate and join that movement. Be prepared to file a massive walk away status change. Start the conversations now and fill out the forms now.

Now who really legislates and who writes and formulates law in the Corporation UNITED STATES FOR AMERICA?

Using a single Senators total staff numbers 46. Below is the annual salary of Senate staff members by title. 435 Elected Representatives being coached by 20010 young political warriors seeking to keep their jobs every single day. The Staff has a driving mission. That mission is to have their Representative re-elected every two years for Congress and 6 years for the Senate.

Congressional Staff

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