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LWN Podcast Links for 1 pm central Jan.20th

Download the Podbean APP on your device and enter LWN Podcast. Podbean allows us to speak freely without censorship. The podcast format allows you to download and listen at your convenience.

If you join the live LWN Podcast please share the show and hit those hearts. LWN Podcast ranks in the Top 10 of all Podcast. Liberty Warrior seeks to deliver News to the People of the United States and World who are searching for Truth in Media.

United to Save America blog post are offers links to all things we share. Our mission is free open honest conversation that unites the American People. The body politic is broken and does not serve We the People. Breaking the chains of enslavement by Governments requires each of us to simply say NO MORE! I WILL NOT COMPLY!

The LWN Podcast on Uncovering Vaccine Awareness shares weekly updates that advance the truth of the Criminal Plandemic. Our content seeks the hidden censored truth. Today after months, a small portion of truth is being shared across some mainstream outlets. Power rest with People breaking out of the matrix of control. Crimes against all of Humanity continue to be advanced and must be stopped. The Criminals must arrested and punishment handed down!

This evil plandemic is a depopulation effort by evil World Controllers. Vaccines are not safe and are being tested to determine the correct mix for a sustainable death rate.


We will start you on a deep dive into what the FDA and CDC know they are doing.

Based on the CDC data and VAERS, children under the age of twelve are 188 times more likely to die from the Covid-19 jab than from the Covid-19 disease, assuming that VAERS has an underreporting factor of 40 (ie. 2.4% of all adverse events are reported to VAERS). Furthermore, if we actually assume that VAERS does not underreport adverse events at all (which is not true), children under the age of twelve are still almost 5 times more likely to die from the Covid-19 jab than from the Covid-19 disease.

Good understanding from our weak failing FDA. What does could mean? What does should mean? Where is the amended Pfizer EUA?

Dr. Kory shared what we have been revealing for some time now. He has a great understanding of the early use of the Ivermectin protocols.

Dr. Mercola always shares a wealth of evidence and great health facts.

Every huge shared data on Omicron and Boosters.

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