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LWN Podcast Links for Tuesday April 26, 2022

Live cast 9am Central on Podbean Podcast App. Podbean is a Free Download and Live uncensored speech.

Our goal is to always define WORDS.

Hypothesis: COVID Vaccine Magnetism

UK Dr T. outlines the potential hypothesis of COVID Vaccine nanoparticle / hydrogel magnetism. PLUS potential PCR Swabs impregnated with magnetic Hydrogel these are issues we have addressed. Large volumes of evidence are available. We have valid concerns and must demand answers from Governments.

Genetically targeted magnetic control of the nervous system

NIH Pub Med Our effort is to find and provide information from Government sources when possible.

Please understand Americans have died and been used as lab rats. Evidence from their sites destroys the Conspiracy Narrative.

Magnetic bead-based semi-automated phage display panning strategy for the directed evolution of antibodies

Superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine

Magnetic Nanoparticles as a Tool for Remote DNA Manipulations at a Single-Molecule Level

A Single Immunization with Spike-Functionalized Ferritin Vaccines Elicits Neutralizing Antibody Responses against SARS-CoV-2 in Mice

Google patent

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.

NIH links to all things.

3 technologies that will shape the future of the metaverse – and the human experience. Key point number 2. Who controls the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM?

  • The metaverse will be shaped by the technology we use to access it, which could include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and brain-computer interfaces (BCI).

From polyamorous relationships with more love, more sex, and many more possibilities in the emerging technological singularity (or simulation singularity) to a convergence of optogenetics, nanotechnology, and immersive computing and exponential trend in miniaturization, at some point in the 2030s, Cloud-connected, blood-cell-sized nanobots might be able to create artificial realities from within our nervous systems — no need to wear a VR headset..

Alex Vikoulov Quote and link below.

In the not-so-distant future, when we get to spend more time in virtual environments, when we will have phased out some or most of our biology, when we share our digitized experiences with each other, our love life will be transformed beyond recognition, it will be polyamorous rather than monogamous: There will be all sorts of relationships between humans, humans and androids, virtual entities and other conscious AI. We will be able to share part of our minds, which humans currently can’t, unless they dedicate a lot of time to each other. There will be fusions of the mind that don’t exist among biological organisms.

Next we provide two must watch videos and share with every elected Human. #1 Evil speaks for its self. #2 Trusted Doctors speak and share our reality.

Speaking Truth versus Conspiracy

As a Lawful free man deriving all rights granted by our creator I must deliver to my fellow children of God Truth. Men and Women of earthly power are killing children of the most high Lord our God. Man designed Genocide is not of God. Evil men have advanced science in technology to destroy God’s creation. Capture of the body, mind and soul of humanity is possible.

Leaders of the World are advancing pure evil and deception on Humanity. Humanity daily is subjected to mind control lies of your Media systems. Children are targets of indoctrination to accept the whip of their master. Human trafficking and bondage is accepted policy of your evil. Wars created to hide a designed economic collapse of worthless paper. Drugs created by your evil medical tyrants are killing humans everyday. You as leaders are advancing starvation and abject poverty. Your murder in the womb plays out before God each day. Elderly humans are targets of your evil pandemic for murder in your health care systems. Children being injected with your designed gene therapy that alters their God given DNA with the knowledge they will die and be controlled.


Congress knows the Truth yet fails to act. Congress for political narrative control accepts genocide.

Corporate controlled media advances fear while hiding all your evil. Your control of free speech to deceive the poor and weak will pour out the vengeance of the Lord our God. You know that bio-weapons of evil were unleashed on all humanity yet you do nothing.

Seeking power and votes you allow genocide on the people of God. I offer no judgment of any man for I fear the Lord. The children of God are revealing all lies and deeds of evil. I pray that peace be with you. You have robbed mankind of health. You created a deception of health care while feeding poison that creates profitable diseases. You have allowed forced labor of humanity for your love of money. You created medical tyranny and forced the children of God to fund their death at the alters of evil Doctors. Your evil knows no bounds. You advance war for profit without regard for God’s creation. You censor Truth allowing only agreement to your evil. You are masters of deception working for evil. You fail to realize the power of our God. You are in service to Satan when you allow murder for profit.

Men and Women of God forced by criminal mandate to vaccinate with evil gene therapy. Americans lost Lives, Jobs and Homes at the demand of Tyrants of evil.

Children of God forced without proof of science to wear harmful mask. School Boards bribed by a tyrannical federal government to force the harm of children. Evil men and women elected to serve the People allowed and accepted the harm and death.

Americans listen the RNC tell us wait till 2022 midterms. Americans accepted the dumbing down of children in your captured public schools. Democrat and Republican Communist created government agencies that control every aspect of human existence.

Bio-Weapons of death and a coming mass genocide and Congress allowed it for political and financial gain.

You are witness to the advance of Social tracking, tracing and control of humanity. Technocrats are advancing the capture of body, mind and soul of all humanity. Digital wallets, digital currency, facial recognition, magnetic connection to the Internet of things, altering of God’s created immune system, DNA altering gene therapy, contamination of water and food with nanoparticle metals and mind altering circuits allowing frequency control. You accept your master while allowing the murder, sterilization, starvation and destruction of America.

No greater evil by any tyrant has ever taken place. Waiting on elections to advance political party victory allows weekly and daily murder of Americans.


The Congress of the United States has allowed the use of A Bio-weapon on People of America. Congress funded DOD (DARPA) bio-labs that created COVID 19.

COVID 19 was created by Dr. Fauci and many Coconspirators and you have done nothing. Dr. Fauci ensured American Tax Payer funding and advanced Creation of COVID. China and Ukraine Bio-Labs received funding from DOD to advance gain of function of Cov-1. 6 million humans have been murdered by a bio-weapon. Congress has done nothing to hold evil accountable.

The Congress of the United States allowed the mandate of dangerous and extremely harmful Gene Therapy injected into the People of America.

COVID 19 vaccines have killed and done permanent disabilities at the highest rate of all other vaccines combined. Read the last sentence aloud. COVID 19 Gene Therapy (vaccines) have killed and done permanent disability at the highest rate of all other vaccines combined in recorded history. COVID 19 vaccines are more deadly then COVID in children. Increase rates of Cancer, Heart attack, stroke, and diabetes and lung issues after injection data are all realities.

Congress and the Senate know that Dr. Fauci lied and have done nothing.

Dr. Fauci and his coconspirators had full knowledge of early highly effective treatments that would have saved hundreds of thousands of American Lives.

Dr. Fauci worked with his coconspirators to prohibit early treatment drugs that they knew worked. Withholding early treatment and advancing death rates is murder and genocide. CDC, Cares Act and CMS forced treatment has killed 26% of every human they inject with Remdesivir. Vaccines are not Vaccines they are DNA altering gene therapy. Vaccines have killed an average of 400 Americans per week. Deaths, Permanent disabilities and birth defects totals 83411 Americans. Untold miscarriages and not reported injuries is in the millions World Wide.

Two Bio-Weapons created by a conspiracy of evil government agencies and governments Leaders are doing nothing. Americans are dying and injecting children survive at 99.8 %.

When the People have lived under a Coup d’état for decades they grow weary. When Leaders offer only continuous lies of Hope and Change and reveal only evil men grow weary. When a Nation has no men of Honor and only weak self promoted puppet Politian’s evil prevails. When evil is advanced that robs the will of the People Tyranny becomes normalized. When the Voice of Free Speech is silence the end of our Free Republic grows near. When the Coup d’état carries out war across the World for profit in gain only God can save the people. We the People hold only our prayers that these are the end of days of Evil slave masters opposed to our God.

I pray you will demand that this conspiracy ends. We the People of the United States have a strong faith and complete trust not in men but in God. GOD WINS!

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