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LWN Podcast Links Jan. 26th 2022 2 pm Central

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Find us on the Podbean app @ LWN Podcast. Links provided below.

Liberty Warrior Nation seeks only to share the censored side of all issue. United to Save America seeks to educate and provide information to unite the American People to resist tyranny.

Tyrannical governments use censorship. Since WWII, censorship has been used to control the accepted political narrative. Propaganda is a weapon employed by government controlled Media outlets. Creating control of the written and spoken word allows only one acceptable side to any issue. Our United States founders understood for a free republic to exist the people must be allowed to read and speak openly all sides of every issue. Freedom of the press is a protected freedom.

First Amendment freedoms have been under a continuous attack for decades in America. Leftist organizations fought and forced their agenda into the mainstream. Their agenda was to attack and disassemble first the American held core principles of God created freedoms. Americas moral decline was created by design to open the door to communism as an accepted why of life. Indoctrination of three generations is complete. Over half of America accepts government rule of their lives.

Now let us move from history to COVID 19 and Vaccine Awareness. It takes a couple of paragraphs of history to defeat FB fact checkers.

People of the World are defeating tyrannical government mandates and the criminal lies of the COVID conspiracy. Americans are fighting and winning using the most powerful document for freedom ever written.

Only two states, Montana and Texas, have a private employer vaccine mandate ban in place as of October 8.

Eight states, Montana, Utah, Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia, have a state worker vaccine mandate ban in place. The same eight also ban school mandates, NASHP states. Many States are advancing legislation that will ban all vaccine mandates. They will use the Texas legislation as a guide.

And a total of 21 states ban 'vaccine passports' to some extent according to NASHP, though the extent to which this is enforced will vary. These states are Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Alaska, Mississippi, Indiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.

Make no mistake We the People now have a Constitutional path to end all mandates. Each day we will see court cases decided using the Supreme Court ruling as lawful precedent.

You now have a simple action to take in your State. Call your State Senator and State Representative to demand they legislated removal of emergency powers of your Governor. Demand they legislate the end to all mandates. Mail to them Two documents the Fauci Dossier and VAERS ANALYSIS.

COVID 19 Vaccines have killed or permanently damaged more Americans than any Vaccine in recorded history of vaccines. FACTS that they cannot run from. STOP THIS MURDER! Governments know this is murder!

Senator Ron Johnson hearing on Monday was over 5 hours of TRUTH. It is a must watch and share video. Please share this video with anyone you love. We have a duty to stop this madness. Injecting any child is a crime. Insanity is repeating the same harmful act repeatedly. If you have been vaccinated I pray you will stop!

Nether Liberty Warrior Nation or United to Save America are doctors or medical professionals. We offer the World both sides of all issues. We stand firmly on our Constitutional right of free speech. We stand firmly that every American has the Lawful Right to decide their medical care without any force of government. We offer a large body of evidence that COVID vaccines are killing a larger number of Americans than any vaccine in recorded history. Death from vaccination does not allow recovery. While COVID is real and it does kill humans aged 65 and older at a higher rate. Early treatment offers a greater survival and recovery rate.

Dr.Fauci, CDC and the FDA from Americans withheld highly effective early treatments. This criminal act allowed emergency use of dangerous drug treatments. This also allowed approval of the emergency use of deadly Vaccines. Those crimes are against all humanity and will be prosecuted.

It is important to understand the CARES Act offers 100 thousand dollars in bonuses to Hospital administrators for COVID 19.

Great resource guide to home based COVID Treatment. The link below will allow you to download a free PDF doc. This is the most complete guide we have used and shared. You can easily print and share this valuable guide. Remember early treatment is a key to avoiding being admitted to the hospital. Your recovery and wellness is important during these days of mixed and censored truth.

Why is it important to avoiding Hospital admission if you are on Medicare or Medicaid. Link below is fact based and verified.

Freedom requires all humans to recognize your choices based on truth. United to Save America was created to reveal your rights, freedom and both sides of all things. My mission is never become a victim. Please consider buying my book A Victim no More- My Breaking the Victim Mentality by Milton John Estabrooks.

As always please consider joining a great group of Patriotic Americans standing on the Core Principles of God and our Founding Documents. Your Rights and Freedoms are yours to claim. Liberty Warrior Nation is a vast group of Americans united by love of liberty. Freedom faces many test these days. We have deep concerns that America is witness to Government failures.

Election fraud, a president that is in clear mental decline, economic decline, inflation, COVID over reach, Media Lies, Censorship by Big Tech, War, Medical tyranny leading to the death of Americans, Big Pharma involved in a criminal conspiracy, Crimes against Humanity and a two Party political system not serving we the people. Have your voice heard. Learn simple action steps to restoring power to We the People.

God is our only master. In God We Trust!

Join Liberty Warrior Nation at the links provided.

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American Main Stream Media is an enemy of the People!

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