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LWN Podcast Live August 23, 2022 9am

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Weekly Testament of Truth

Americans are captured slaves of a Tyrannical Foreign Corporation. UNITED STATES INC. is bankrupt by design. Until Americans self determine to claim their living status, Satan rules America. Seeking established Justice, living in peace, restoring Liberty and Property ownership requires each American to claim his or her American State National Living Status. Americans endowed by our Creator God must claim our unalienable Rights. America’s form of corporate government is more destructive to our rights then King George of 1776.

Treason and tyranny are facts to be verified and offered to every American.

United to Save America offers links to TRUTH! Americans must educate themselves and all fellow PEOPLE. We the PEOPLE have been lied to by the ruling falsely elected WASHINGTON Representatives.

Understanding how you were captured is extremely important to restoring our Republic. Americans require only education and knowledge of process to claim your Living Status. Affidavits, Notices, legal filings and established Court of Records require education and assistance from American State Nationals. Three videos that offer nothing more then clear understanding. While David Stright offers great education and understanding Anna Von Reitz has established working groups within the States that are claiming the Republic. Everyone seeking Truth should check out Anna Von Reitz web site link provided.

Our weekly mission of sharing Vaccine and COVID Tyranny as always verifies only Truth. Your mission is to share Truth of the Medical Tyrants seeking Control of Humanity.

VAERS Weekly data 8/12/2022 they are altering data.

WHO data continues to reveal declining cases and death from COVID across the World. When will the true election variant take place?

Info released in the latest Pfizer document dump verifies once more time their criminal actions. Miscarriage rates among women vaccinated during early study reveal a huge increase of miscarriage. Note also the efforts of Google and big tech to cover up the Pfizer facts.

Will this be the election variant?

Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality – Doctors for COVID Ethics

The Truth Shall Set YOU FREE! Revised & Updated!

Lawsuits from insurance companies due to massive increase in Death Rates.

Healthcare Workers win case over forced vaccine mandate. This opens the door for 1000’s of lawsuits moving forward.

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