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LWN Podcast Live November 15th, 2022 9am

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Corporate Selection not Election

Americans must educate themselves to defeat the single greatest lie ever told. Time does not allow our ignorance. Knowledge, Truth and Unity is the mission. Patriots must clearly define how we reached a point that would allow selection of men with clear mental, physical and moral defects.

Our Federal Government does not represent the People. Our Federal Government exists based on a great Lie. Washington D.C. is a purchased controlled Nation State Corporation. Our Federal Corporation is a bankrupt entity of the Bank of London and the Vatican.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA established a Nation State of 10 square miles. Our Nation State Corporation operates as directed by the Corporate seat of power the Bank of London.

The United States is a corporation

Youarehere: US is a Corp. Supreme Court confirms Federal Zone (zip codes) District of Columbia, corporation possession of the Queen of England

1788 Original Constitution for the united states, original organic, of the people government. 1871 Amended version CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, US is a private corporation.

The UNITED STATES was formed in 1871, which controls only the District of Columbia and the territories it purchases or acquires; Puerto Rico, Guam, Virginia Islands. Many think that income taxes, and some laws do not effect people in the sovereign states of the union as they are outside of the control / jurisdiction of the United States corporation. The United States for America is different from the "United States" [corporation].

Corporations of the United States of America established a capture legal system using Words and Grammar. Men designed a system to capture the living People across the World. Until you learn to operate and use a powerful fact based living system you are a captured slave.

Bankers designed a system built on lies for the control of the People. Understanding this control is criminal to all living Humans. The power of Corporations exist and operates on Laws of the Sea. All power within this system requires Living humans remain ignorant and accepting of the LIE!

Let us verify the power of Corporations and how they seized control of living humans.

The national political parties are not-for-profit corporations, exempt from taxes under the IRS code as 527 organizations. 527s can also be independent political action committees, but the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee have been sheltered under those rules for a long time.

Remember, the national parties in the US are actually umbrella groups, with member parties from the 50 states, DC and the territories. How any local party may be structured can be different, based on state laws.

There are also often separately registered structures, such as the national campaign committees to elect party members to the Senate and to the House of Representatives.

Americans must understand we do not have power over these Corporations. These Corporations are not accountable to the People. The only path forward is to defund them. Would defunding them stop them NO! They will continue to fund selection processes using protected Dark Money from their controlled Corporations.

Think Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street Corporations that control 90% of the Corporations we fund daily with our purchase of their products. We buy a car we fund them. We buy a home we fund them. The Corporations own our political system. America and the World are slaves to a Corporatocray merged with an advancing Technocracy! Every aspect of human existence is controlled by our Corporate masters.

Elections are scams designed to have We the People believe we have choice. The election process was captured decades ago. Both Political Corporations work together to maintain power and control. In 2016 We the People broke the machine algorithm. Electing Donald Trump totally freaked them out. Both Parties hated the people and Trump.

Both Parties working with their Foreign masters developed a plan and altered the system to ensure they would maintain control of the selection process.

MEDIA Corporations are all controlled by master corporations that fund World Governance of the New World Order.

FOX NEWS CORP top share holder #1 Vanguard #3 Blackrock #5 State Street

COMCAST CORPORATION top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #4 State Street

AT&T COPORATION (CNN) top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Walt Disney Company (ABC) top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Netflix #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #4 State Street

Who Owns Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street?

Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street are each Global Banker owned and created.

Why has our Military failure to defend the People from Foreign Capture? Who Controls our Military? Who really employs our all branch of the U.S. Military?

Let’s look at the top 5 government Contractors. Get ready for a SHOCK!

Lockheed Martin Corp top share holders #1 State Street #2 Vanguard #3 Blackrock #4 Capital World Investors

Raytheon Technologies top share holders #1 State Street #2 Vanguard #3 Blackrock #4 Capital World Investors

General Dynamics top share holders #1 Longview Asset Management LLC #2 Vanguard #3 Newport Trust #4 Blackrock #7 State Street

Let’s take a look at Who is Longview Asset Management President CEO. Interesting Bio of Doug McCutcheon. Prior to joining Longview, Doug was an investment banker for 25 years, primarily based in London, England. Most recently, Doug was Managing Director and Head of Healthcare Investment Banking in Europe, the Middle East and Asia at UBS, having started his career at S.G. Warburg & Co. Ltd., a predecessor firm of UBS. London England banker who worked for Warburg, LOOK up Paul Warburg and the Creature from Jekyll Island. The birth place of the evil we confront.

Boeing Company top share holders # 1 Newport Trust Co. #2 Vanguard # 3 Blackrock #4 State Street.

Northrup Grumman Corp. top share holders #1 State Street #2 Capital World Investors #3 Vanguard #4 Black Rock.

KBR same ole story!

Who owns Big Oil?

EXXON MOBIL Corp. top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

BP is very interesting Blackrock and State Street are #2 #4 but guess who owns millions of shares.

All the top banks are heavily invested in Oil. WOW!

Shell Oil is private owned and shows no results.

Phillips 66 top share holders now we are back to normal #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street and yep bankers #4 Wells Fargo #9 Bank of America.

Who Controls Food Supply Chain?

Walmart top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Kroger top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 Berkshire #4 State Street

Tyson Foods top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Smithfield Foods no longer makes financial information available.

Home Building Supplies?

Lowe’s top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Home Depot top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street


Pfizer top share holders #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Moderna top share holders #2 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street

Online Stores?

Amazon and eBay are both the same #1 Vanguard #2 Blackrock #3 State Street.

The entire World is Owned by a rigged scam system who dictates all human life. Corporations control all governments and each other.

These Corporations are the planners of the Pandemic. Governments are the tools of Control needed to force injection of the control systems called vaccines. Human Death is a calculated risk for advancing mind control.

While the People suffered job loss during the forced lock downs; Corporations made profits. Pandemic Planners suffered only paper loss of prosperity. Americans confront the harsh reality that lock downs created price increases of 13.5% and our cost went up $8739 over the year of the lockdown. Our Corporate Government cranked up the print press and America’s debt to GDP increased rapidly. All to create a false image.

Good understanding of FTX money laundering scheme.

As our Government and Corporate leaders prosper VAERS Analysis confirms ever growing deaths and injuries from COVID Vaccines.

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