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LWN Podcast Live November 1st, 2022 9am

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Time for Reality Red October has come and gone and the White Hats are again a Fairytale

I received this Text message 10/29/22 from

Milton, it's Greg and I need to hear back from you. I just got off the phone with our Republican leadership team, and they told me to ask you an important question - What is the #1 thing you want Republicans to do when they take back the House next week?

My Text

I would like Congress to tell Americans the Truth! Republicans have the chance to tell America the Corporation is bankrupt. I would like to hear Congress tell Americans they have been injected with a deadly Vaccine. Number 1. STOP THE FREAKIN LIES! Number 2. Grow some balls and take down the Corporate Complex! TREASON rules D.C. not working People like Me. The Lies and games don’t serve Americans.

When I sent the text they unsubscribed me. I really hold a great distain for our political class and the Chinese captured Congress. America is Bankrupt and sinking fast. America has a Military Complex made up of Traitors.

Americans have been injected; with a Vaccine (Gene altering therapy of Death and Control). Americans seeking Hope have been LIED to by many fraudsters. There are no White Hats coming to save our nation. No Republican or Democrat will be elected who will tell you the truth.

I am going to have a open honest conversation. It may offend some. You have the right to be offended. I have the right to offend in the persuit of truth. I am willing to risk my freedom to speak. Freedom of Speech is often offensive. This is the space of learning that the system seeks to censor.

Take a deep breath~ Breath In 1-2-3, Out 1-2-3 In 1-2-3 Out.

Do you want the TRUTH! You see it everyday. You see it in your towns. We have all felt the pain of death and suffering of COVID 19. We have witnessed two-tiered Justice that allows criminals of wealth and connection to walk free. We have witnessed the effects of drugs within our communities. We have all seen the violence of cultural decline and moral decay. American children are not educated; they are victims of indoctrination.

Parents fighting to provide a home, food and clothing work and trust schools to care for their children. Parents now know schools are government centers of moral and cultural decay. Public education degrades parents as the problem and the system as the master of the Child. Americans are the captured military arm of evil that seeks death and control.

America THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION is bankrupt and has been for over thirty years. Our nation has lived a long running terrible lie. If you are listening to this podcast, you are most likely a captive of a criminal machine. Your currency is worthless paper because your masters can print additional NOTES any time they wish. Fiat currency holds value only when the World accepts it for the exchange of goods and services. The World is rejecting the New World Order single governance of the WEF. America will suffer the consequence of limitless money printing. Last week not a single nation purchased U.S. Dollars. Russia, China, Brazil, India, South Africa are all using sound commodity currency and selling off U.S. Dollars; the BRICS Nations seek the end to a forced exchange of worthless paper controlled by the Vatican Bank and the Bank of London.

The scam is over! Below is a very simple conversation on Money.

When Congress or Media says the Word Budget Spending it means print more worthless paper.

The WEF is your enemy.

Central Bankers are lairs and seek a One World Order they are your enemy.

The United Nations is your enemy.

The Federal Reserve is your enemy.

The Federal Government is your enemy. Washington D.C. is a ten square mile nation state opposed to a free Republic.

The Russians are Communist and they are your enemy.

The Communist Red Chinese are your enemy.

The President of the United States is your Enemy.

Joe Biden and the Democrats/RINOS are shipping our Defense weapons out of America.

Joe Biden is draining our reserve Oil supply.

Joe Biden and his Controllers (China or WEF) have destroyed the Energy Supply Chain and humans will freeze and suffer.

Joe Biden and his Controllers (China or WEF) have destroyed the food supply chain by design humans will starve.

Joe Biden, Democrats and RINOS have imported 5 million military age men into America in 2 years.

That is 200 divisions. Russia has a 2 million-man reserve. How many times do they openly tell you “WE have an invasion on our Southern Border”?

The Chinese worked with DARPA and Bio Pharmaceutical CEO’s to develop the weak virus and the Bio-Weapon Vaccines. China and Russia know the Kill rate and the kill switch.

China and Russia took no vaccine from big pharma.

Joe Biden force vaccinated our Military and Congress allowed it.

Elections are rigged and voting is a joke. Your masters give you the illusion of choice.

Your choice is the selection of two criminal parties working to control every aspect of human existence.

Every Patriot must vote in this election and make it your last election as a slave.

The system is your enemy and openly kills or controls all humans.

Remember Washington D.C. is a Nation State bankrupt Corporation.

Anyone elected to serve the Nation State does not serve We the People.

Americans must on November 10th start the process to reclaim your live status and destroy their criminal system.

Americans can then create Grand Juries and Lawful Courts to restore order.

Americans lack knowledge of lawful order and the rule of law. MEDIA is the totally controlled propaganda arm of the enemy of the people (European Central Bankers). Central Bankers desire total full control of the World. Communist are willing to murder and enslave humans to accomplish that design. NEW WORLD ORDER or COMMUNIST WORLD ORDER, which do you, prefer?

Knowledge and facts will assist you with understanding. Your Constitution holds no power within the Corporation ruling you.

Every American has witnessed Jan. 6th protesters held in Washington D.C. without due process. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DUE PROCESS WHEN CAPTURED BY AND WITHIN A FOREIGN NATION STATE. MEDIA does not hide your capture from you. LOOK; open your eyes to the truth they SHOW you! Every MEDIA outlet is pumping DEMOCRACY 2022. Americans accepted Democracy as a form of Government without a single vote or debate. Americans simply do not care enough demand the rights and freedoms. Americans have been turned into ignorant slaves.

Repeat after me.

I am a captive slave of democracy and communist!

I am ignorant of my rights!

I have allowed Two Communist infiltrated Parties to Sell America to the highest bidder!

I have no plan to restore our Republic!

I trust Government will do the right thing!

I don’t know how Americans can stop their capture and murder!

I don’t see how anything can be done!

I know many Traitors are working to defeat me!

I am going to wait on the White Hats until November 10th.

I am going to Learn the process to claim my freedom!

I love God! I love my Family! I love America! I will not die a Slave living within a Criminal System of Treason!

Show links of more proof Vaccines are not Vaccines but injection of a Bio-Weapon. What is great is all evidence verifies Americans are funding genocide. Congress allows and supports death and injury by injection. Be sure to contribute to the Party working for you? Which Party is that?

VAERS Weekly Analysis 10/21/2022

Verify your harm and battle like hell to get paid for injury and death. Good luck my dear friends. These evil bastards know your battle will net more profit for lawyers and never see a single criminal charge on the guilty.


UNCENSORED: Karen Kingston - People Now Connected to the Demonic Realm Through COVID-19 Injections, Nanotech. REALITY and Truth

Uncensored: Dr. Ana - The Science EXPLAINED - Nanotech in Injections & Quantum Physics, Detoxing. Harsh reality and Truth.

Photoactivated peptide – Wikipedia

Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal 'Synthetic Organisms,' Molecular Kill-Switch Included | WIRED. DARPA research over the last two decades has advanced control of humanity. Funded by Congress who oversees the funding and results.

Who is Elon Musk? White Hat or Black Hat?

You decide! This is a Telegram Link.

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